Star Trek MMO Not Boldly Going?…

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16 Jan 2008 | 3 Comments | 922 views

Star Trek Online Dead?

Okay, that’s not totally true (but why ruin the chance for a perfectly good ‘it’s dead jim’ gag!) :D

It is still in development, but according to Warcry, it’s no longer under development with P2 Entertainment (aka Perpetual Entertainment). The license and the game’s content has been sold on to, if other rumours are to be believed, ex-City of Heroes/Villans Developers, Cryptic Studios.

However, the deal doesn’t include any of the code, so i guess that’s means a pretty huge delay on STO being released. That’s not nessercarily a bad thing though. There where very mixed emotions from Star Trek fans about the way the game was developing, so a fresh start is probably what’s needed. Plus, if Cryptic are the new developers, it’s certainly in good hands.

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3 Responses to “Star Trek MMO Not Boldly Going?…”

  1. [...] no great shock, but it’s at last offical! As predicted pretty much straight after P2 went to the great development house in the sky, Cryptic Studios has officially announced (to the surprise of no one), they are the new developers [...]

  2. [...] no actual confirmation who the STO developer is after Perpetual imploded, but the rumours started flying almost iimmediately that Cryptic had got the license. I guess [...]

  3. [...] When I initally posted about Perpetual losing the STO licence, Cryptic Studios where floating around as being a potential new home for the battle damaged, but still flying ‘Star Trek Online‘. Now is reporting it has ‘independently confirmed with sources’  that former City of Heroes/Villians people ‘have the bridge’ of STO. [...]