Tesco’s Victimise Jedi For Wearing a Hood

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18 Sep 2009 | One Comment |

Obi Wan - Probably won't be shopping at Tescos

Obi Wan - Probably won't be shopping at Tescos

Story from the Telegraph this morning (thanks to D for spotting it).

“The founder of the Star Wars-inspired Jedi faith has accused Tesco of religious discrimination after he was banned from wearing a hood in one of its stores.”

Staff apparently threw 23yr old Daniel Jones (a founder of the International Church of Jediism), out of the store in Bangor, North Wales after he refused to remove his hood claiming it was part of his religion. According to the handbook of the UK Jedi Church, “Jedis must wear a hood up in any public place of a large audience.” “I walked past a Muslim lady in a veil. Surely the same rules should apply to everyone.”

I have to think Daniel does kinda have a point. You may think his religion is a bit silly, but it’s fair to say there would be uproar if Tesco’s had asked the Muslim lady to remove her veil. Personally, i’m happy for anyone to follow any belief structure they like and wear whatever they like, so long as it’s not harming others.

Daniel had this parting message for Tesco – “I’ll advise worshippers to boycott Tesco if it happens again. They will feel the Force.”

Full story here.

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One Response to “Tesco’s Victimise Jedi For Wearing a Hood”

  1. harry says:

    Hes a white male religious minority……..hes ok to discriminate against as hes not really going to have much chance of having any oil in his country.
    The “lady” in a veil,we presume is a lady,so is covered by sexist legislation,also religious legislation,as well as the most important one,……..she belongs to a group of oil bearing individuals,and thus can do any thing she wants.
    Of course theres always a small chance she may suddenly,and for no apparant reason explode, making her best left alone as well.
    Jedis dont explode do they?