Competition: Win the ENTIRE Outlander series of novels!

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21 May 2014 | 288 Comments |

Win the entire Outlander book series

Win the entire Outlander book series

Claire Randall

Claire Randall

To celebrate the release of Written in my Own Heart’s Blood, the 8th in the bestselling Outlander series, we have a full set of the books to giveaway!

You can win them just in time to read the first one before the TV series airs in the US on Starz on the 9th August (still awaiting a UK air date.)

The series follows Claire Randall, a combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate affair is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

An international bestselling series that spans the genres from sci-fi to romance, adventure to historical, author Diana Gabaldon’s writing has been compared to George R.R. Martin’s and her fan base numbers in the millions worldwide.

For the fans, Written in my Own Heart’s Blood is out in hardback and ebook on 10th June 2014 and is available to pre-order now.

How to win a set of the bestselling Outlander novels, including the 8th book, ‘Written in my Own Heart’s Blood!’

As usual, all you have to do to win, is one (or both!) of the following:

1. Retweet the following:
Retweet to win all 8 Outlander novels, including Written in my Own Heart’s Blood released 10th Jun @Geektown

2. Leave a comment on this post saying you want to win!
You can just say you want to win, or… be a bit more creative with your answer, and tell me why I should pick you to win! 😉


The competition closes on 1st June 2014 and is open to UK residents aged 16 or over.
There will be 1 winner picked from entries on and Twitter.
By entering you are agreeing to the rules of this competition. Full rules can be read here.

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288 Responses to “Competition: Win the ENTIRE Outlander series of novels!”

  1. Lisanne Valente says:

    I need to go back and right a wrong….Jamie and Claire should really read … Jamie and Lisanne, then I can write about it as we experience our new life.

  2. Sharon Howell says:

    Would give the entire set to my daughter to get her to fall in love with Jamie and Claire. Diana’s work is sooooooo good that I want to share it around!

  3. Doreen says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the series of Outlander books! I borrowed some of these and read them – fell in love with them!

  4. Connie B says:

    My copies are so worn out from rereading them, I need a new set please.

  5. Sandy McKinney says:

    Have read, and reread and rereread. Cannot wait to get my hands on the newest.

  6. karen d says:

    I started reading these books years ago and loved them – I don’t know why I haven’t read the last few – I would really like to reacquaint myself with Jamie I always thought he sounded very hot!

  7. Sarah D says:

    I haven’t read any of these yet but really want to! I’d love to win them!

  8. jodie harvey says:

    yes please would very much love to win

  9. Helen Allan says:

    Would love to win. Always on the lookout for new reading material and these look fantastic! Thank you!

  10. Claire Butler says:

    LOVE 2 WIN

  11. Deborah Wheeler says:

    I’d love to win

  12. Emma Mees says:

    I really would like to win. Please help feed my Outlander addiction and pick me!

  13. Jeni says:

    I would love to win the Outlander series because I want to read them and fall in love with the story like to many others.

    Friends have raved about them for the past couple of years and a friend sent me the link to this give away, but I haven’t had the excess cash to buy them.

    If I am lucky enough to win them I will hug them and love them and read them.

    Thank you the giveaway and GOOD LUCK to everyone

  14. Shazz says:

    A win would be awesome

  15. Jacqueline Fawcett says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading these books yet! And as a complete book addict I feel it is your civic duty to feed my addiction 😀 Not only will you be making me very happy you’re practically on your way to becoming a saint, so technically I’m doing you a favour. 😛 xx Fingers crossed!

  16. Emma Mees says:

    I’d love to win. I’d love to have all these beautiful designs grace my book shelf. Please pick me!

  17. Marika Rajasalo says:

    I need to win 😉 cant wait for to read book 8, it comes here in Finland at the end of august…. 😀

  18. Lorna MacFadyen says:

    I’d love to win. Getting in to a new series of books is the best thing in the world 🙂

  19. Michelle Ring says:

    I’d love to win this. I haven’t read the series yet and I’d love the chance to do so from the beginning.

  20. suzanne Sendell says:

    Me please

  21. Emma Mees says:

    *Bouncing in her seat with her arm waving in the air* Pick me! Pick me! Pretty please?

  22. Rudy Roversi says:

    I want to win! 🙂

  23. Adam Dugdale says:

    I would very much like to win this as it would mean my wife’s birthday present would be sorted out. Or, better yet, I could give them to her one at a time thus solving several birthdays. She is a massive fan of the first book.

  24. Kathleen Smith says:

    I want to win!

  25. Emma Mees says:

    I would like to win, please 🙂

    Here’s my retweet :

  26. Traci Parker says:

    I would love to win this set because I have been telling all my friends they must must MUST read this series. It’ll be a lot easier to convince them if I have a paper copy to share 😉

  27. Jessamyn Moore says:

    I want to win so I don’t have to keep borrowing my mum’s set!

  28. Emma Mees says:

    I really want to win. I mean really really. I’m on my knees, begging you please (isn’t that a line from a song?)

    It’s all been said – these books are amazing and I am a huge fan. Claire & Jamie are real people to me – I talk about them that often. Every person I meet ends up hearing about my Outlander addiction. Often they end up addicts too. I’d love a beautiful complete set to grace my shelves.

    Pretty please?

  29. Sherri Olson says:

    I most definitely want to win! I fell in love with Claire & Jamie from the first book on… I tell everyone I know how wonderful this series is and that it’s my absolute favorite! I can’t wait to get the newest book, “Written In My Own Hearts Blood” and I’m even more excited for the the series to start on Starz!. Thank you for taking me to another land and another time…. Love it!!!

  30. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    I would love to win. I’ve not read any of them so this would keep me happy for a good few weeks of reading.

  31. Anne says:

    Can not have enough copies! Have bought and shared(never returned, but who can blame) too many volumes to count! Love Outlander and sooo happy to spread the JOY!

  32. Emma Mees says:

    Please pick me! My copies are falling apart, I’ve read them that many times. I’m an avid reader, and read a lot of different styles and genres, but I always find myself gravitating back to these books. Even after the 10th time, I still laugh out loud, my heart still races with the suspense and the feel-good factor stays with me for days after. DG has done the world a massive favour by introducing us to Claire, Jamie et al. I’d love to have a complete set to grace my shelves so that I can continue my love affair.

  33. sarah hartford says:

    I’ve worn my books out TWICE! And I’ve given sets to aunts and friends. I need a complete set. Choose me, please!!


  34. Ilana Eisenhart says:

    I have read the 1st 3 books in the Outlander series (having 2 young children during these past years cut my reading time to almost nil!) But I am ready to jump back in and desparately need an escape! Thanks for hosting this contest and good luck to everyone!

  35. Diane Eck says:

    I have read all of the books so far but would love to start from the beginning,again.

  36. Jahna Berry says:

    I’d love to win.

    Truth is I can’t think of why I deserve to win more than any other. Some probably know the books better or have larger collections. Some may fly to every event or have made themselves known via Twitter or Facebook. I’m just a true diehard fan.

    Thanks to Diana Jamie and Claire and their adventures have gotten me through some pretty horrible times in my life. They’ve given me hope and sanity. Laughter when I didn’t think I had any.. and tears of joy and sadness when my heart ached with them. They are my family and I turn to them without fail whenever I know I need a visit home.

  37. Wendy Anderson says:

    pick me, oh, pick me…then I could escape into a new reality for so many hours

  38. Sandy Fraser says:

    love these books

  39. Kathi reid says:

    I want to win!

  40. Cynthia Rindone says:

    I love this series. After impatiently waiting for all of the books to become available at my local library, I think I NEED MY OWN SET! After 4 months and reading all but the first book, I am finally reading it. I cannot wait for Written In My Own Hearts Blood to hit the stands!

  41. Sandra Greene says:

    I want to win. 🙂

  42. Bert says:

    Would love to win this set. I have paperback, part of Kindle, and part of a hard back set. Can you tell this is my favorite series of books. Can’t wait for the new book and tv series.

  43. calypte says:

    Retweeted 🙂 Ace competition – TV is only my second-favourite form of story-telling, after all! 🙂

  44. Emma Mees says:

    Gosh – reading all these applications, I don’t envy your task of selecting one! I hope it will be me, but even if it isn’t, the knowledge of another fan enjoying them is reward enough. (Cheesy enough for ya?) Please please please pick me!!

  45. Rosemary says:

    I would LOVE to win these amazing books!

  46. P.S. Bartlett says:

    I’ve only discovered this magical story within the past six months. I only have the first book on my Kindle and I’m completely in love. I can’t afford to buy all of the books right now or even in the near future but if I don’t win, somehow, some way I will have to find them. Even used would be better than not being able to continue this journey with Jamie and Claire.
    I follow Diana and the STARZ series on Facebook and I cannot miss a day of checking out the page to see the latest updates.
    As a reader and a writer, it’s rare to find a story that completely wraps itself around you to the point where you too feel as if you’ve fallen through time and landed in the arms of a hero.
    I live and breathe historical fiction and to date, this story is by far my absolute favorite. I would cherish these books and be so grateful for the opportunity to be able to finish the series before the cable show begins in August. Thank you so much for having this contest. I really hope I win!

  47. Heather says:

    I would love to win the series of Outlander books!

  48. Melanie Cantrell says:

    I have read all the books my daughters and my mother and now my granddaughters are reading them I feel I need to win them so I can finally get my complete set together please please pick me

  49. Sara Hale says:

    I have already made space on my lovely big bookcase for your series 🙂 I have a great friend who put me onto your books and I enjoy them immensely. I would simply live to own a copy if all your books so I can give hers back ??
    It has been a very long time since I have found a decent series so well written – if only I could read faster, I simply can not get enough! Thank you DG

  50. carol ovens says:

    Would love to win this beautiful collection of the Outlander series.

  51. Emma Mees says:

    I really really really want to win these! Pretty please?

  52. Kate Wallace says:

    I would love to win the complete set of these books.
    Diana has created a world we can all escape to when the going gets tough in real life. Her characters are loveable and the description she uses to draw her readers in is unbelievable.

  53. Marjorie Kientz says:

    I love to have the whole set of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I am old (75) . You never know. I want to leave them for my daughter.

  54. Charlene says:

    I want to win, but I don’t tweet!

  55. Sandra cummins says:

    I would love to win this. This is a great series of books and I can hardly wait for the next novel to be avaialble!

  56. Bev McGregor says:

    I want to win I really want to then I can’t put the book down I am an avid reader and when I read the first book I knew I was hooked:-) 🙂 🙂 ???:-) 🙂 🙂

  57. Susan says:

    I want to win the Outlander series novels!!! These are my favorite novels EVER!!!

  58. Natasha Rider says:

    I’ve only have books and audio books; I want to win a full set of the Outlander series in hard copy!

  59. Denise Beeles-Johnson says:

    On June 10th I am moving to Geektown. My ticket is unique as it is hand-written in my own hearts blood!
    (I am ready. I have taken June 10th off of work!)

  60. Ann Knabe says:

    I definitely want to win! I have followed this series from the beginning and completely love this story. Every so often I have to re-read the whole series and it is like visiting an old friend!

  61. carolyn says:

    i want to win. these books are amazing

  62. Barbara Fraser says:

    I want to win because some of my copies are a bit water damaged due to reading in the bath, its the only place I can get peace and quiet with no interruptions allowing me to get lost in the world of Outlander.

  63. Sandie Russo says:

    I’ve been a Diana Gabaldon fan since 1992, and I’d LOVE to win!!! I tweeted here: Thanks!!

  64. Tami Banks says:

    I want to win! We have a household of fans, and our copies are wearing out!

  65. Karen Luxton says:

    I NEED to win because I want to reread them allagain before the TV show, and I’ve given 4 of them away to friends I want to share the experience with! They got me through my quintuple coronary artery bypass surgery recovery time and I love every word in every book. SO excited about the TV series, and I think Im going to like the casting!

  66. Lisa Flemming says:

    I’ve grown up reading these books, having been introduced to them when I was 17, almost 20 years ago. The characters feel like family to me, picking up these books is like coming home. 🙂

  67. Lorie M. Garnett says:

    I own a Celtic Store, Celtic Moon Rising. I went to an Irish show in April and one of the vendors has designed an Outlander ring. I was very excited and ordered several of them from this particular Irish Silversmith. I will be doing a tie in with your books to promote the ring. Even if I don’t win I will be purchasing a new copy of the first book to build the display. I have many followers of your series come into the store.

    Good luck with your TV series!

    Thank you!
    Lorie and Matt Garnett / Owners
    Celtic Moon Rising
    272 State Street
    Brewer, ME 04412

  68. Pam says:

    I’ve read em all and want them all!!

  69. Sue Brown says:

    I want to win I love these books, I want to share the love with my friends????????

  70. donna paul says:

    I want to win.I shared my copies with friends, dont have them back yet,I need new ones Please pick me

  71. christine sullivan says:

    Please please choose me… i have read these books since they first came out. I love them. Mine are falling apart i would love a complete new set to share with my mum who got me hooked.. ty xx

  72. Deann Roberts says:

    I want to win!

  73. Sandra Gaskell says:

    i would love to win this prize my paperbacks are beginning to fall apart. Also would share with my Brother in law mmmmm maybe my old paperbacks 😉 😛

  74. Heather says:

    I need to win!

  75. Christina Hughes says:

    I’d love to own this wonderful book collection in the original form i.e. paper and ink! Mainly because I have them on kindle form but I find staring at the screen for so long makes my eyes sore. I have muscle problems and glaucoma so I have to use eye drops and wear a permanent prism on my glasses. I’m just so grateful to be able to see to read it would just be lovely to have a nice book to hold and read. I may just get the opportunity to read in the sunshine(kindle is rubbish for this) it’s wonderful that at last we in the UK are visible now!

  76. Deisree Boettcher says:

    I just heard of this series and want to read them before the show comes on…..and I heard they are long……so I need to read them now!!!!
    By the way I am part Scottish and my Family name is Simpson they are related to the Fraser!!!
    Would Love to Win!!!!!

  77. terri whitlatch says:

    I really need to win these books because the ones I have are very raggedy looking from me reading them over and over and over!

  78. Susan Mouser says:

    I’d absolutely love to win the entire collection of the Outlander series. I have a set, but having only one of your favorite novels isn’t really enough. I mean sometimes borrowers don’t return them.

  79. Fiona Hamilton says:

    I need to win these books because I no longer have my copies of the books as I had them stolen by people who wanted to enter into the world of Jamie and Claire when they saw how obsessed I became about all things Lallybroch! Also, I named my son, Fraser, as a result of reading the books!!

  80. Jessica O'Sullivan says:

    I deserve to win this set of books because I am too nice.
    Why am I too nice? Cause I keep lending the ones I have out so that everyone I know can read about Jamie and Claire’s adventures. Then I don’t get them back!
    I don’t blame them. I would want to keep Jamie.. I mean, those books too.
    I would so love to have my collection back and that is why I want to win.
    Thanks for reading. 🙂

  81. Heather Borthwick says:

    Oh what a wonderful set of books to win. I think I would love to give this set to my Mum for her 70th Birthday as she has never had the time to sit and read these books but she is going to retire this year, hopefully she will then have the time. xxx

  82. Kari Nishikawa. says:

    How awesome would this be. All I have are kindle books. I would LOVE physical ones too!!! *sniffs books*

  83. Marie Skinner says:

    After years of my mom pestering me to read these books, I decided I must pick them up after seeing that Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie in the Starz TV series (ha ha, that’s what it took to get my attention). I’m normally an avid reader, but for some reason, that’s what it took to get me to read the first one. I am just now reading “Drums of Autumn” and I am completely in love with the books. I am reading them slowly on purpose, to luxuriate in each word. They are such fun! I’d love a new set. I might share them with my mom. Her copies of the books, which I am borrowing, are quite battered and worn.

  84. Lisa Davies says:

    I would really like to win! My daughter who is 15 wants to read the books and I am very possessive about mine! Therefore if I won I would donate them to her!!

  85. Kathy Pritchard says:

    You see, if I get these books, then I can ‘pay it forward’ the books I already have and make someone extremely happy. It’s all about sharing the dream! I’m reading Outlander for the 6th time….and there’s always an “A-ha!” moment in this and all the others I keep reading over and over and over. 🙂