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Web Hosting Search - Hosting Review Website

Web Hosting Search - Hosting Review Website

Just wanted to drop in a quick post to tell you about the nice people over at Web Hosting Search. is a web hosting reviews website which read, rank, and give the best discounts on hosting plans for our visitors.  They help people to find their “online web home”, whether it be a small shared hosting to a motherload of a dedicated server.

They also have a decent resource of articles covering domain names, web hosting, programming, and industry news and bit.

Quite a handy site if your looking for new web hosting and don’t know who to choose!

Go visit

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15% Off All Geektown T-Shirts Sale!

As we’re getting into well into a pretty standard British summer… why not cheer yourself up from the depressing weather by purchasing a t-shirt or 2 from the GeekTown t-shirt shop. From now till the 23rd of Aug 2009, you can get a 15% discount on any product in the GeekTown tshirt store by using the code SUMMER2009 when you spend £30 or more.

We’ve got a whole bunch of different designs and are expanding all the time:

We have various designs for the ever popular ‘I’m What Willis Was Talkin’ ‘Bout’ t-shirt.

Declare you love for the genius of Whedon with a ‘Joss Whedon is My Master Now!’ t-shirt, or a ‘Firefly’ inspired t-shirt.

Show your a true gamer, with a Portal inspired ‘The Cake is a Lie’ t-shirt, or one of many World of Warcraft t-shirts.

Or you could just want a plain and simple ‘Geek’ t-shirt.

All of these and many more are available over at the GeekTown T-Shirt Shop!

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Spotted this over on College Humor. I never realised, but for the opening of Back to the Future 2 they reshot the ending of Back to the Future 1 to tie the 2 movies together. The most noticeable difference has to be the haircuts!

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.
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Spotted this over on BoingBoing, and thought it was suitably geeky to post. A pentatonic scale is a musical scale with 5 pitches per octave in contrast to a heptatonic (7 note) scale such as the standard major scale. What’s interesting about the pentatonic scale is it seems to be pretty much universally ingrained on the  brain, and is common across many many forms of music throughout the world. And Bobby McFerrin has an rather interesting way of demonstrating this to an audience.

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival.

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Scott's Walkman Trail

Scott's Walkman Trail

BBC have a great article where they took away a 13yr old boy’s iPod, and gave him a classic Sony Walkman instead.

Born in 1996 (the year i graduated… i feel so old…) this was pretty much the first time young Scott Campbell had needed to deal with old analogue technology, particularly the staple of my youth, the humble home audio tape, producing my favourite remark from the article:

“It took me three days to figure out that there was another side to the tape.”

kids today…

Clicky to the full article

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I first stumbled across the Improv Everywhere guys when they did their ‘freeze frame’ at Grand Central Station. In their latest experiments they’ve been cordinating large groups by getting them to download an mp3 file, meet in a location, and all start the mp3 at a designated time. You can find more on Improv Everywhere at

Thanks to my programming friend Rich at Satechs for sending me the link. :)