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Whilst his buddy Affleck had to don a Batsuit to to kick butt in the recent Batman v Superman film, Matt Damon proves he can take whatever they throw at him just as well, wearing only his jacket and jeans in this trailer for the new Jason Bourne movie.

The film sees Damon return to his most iconic role as Jason Bourne, and puts Bourne Supremacy/Bourne Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass back behind the camera.

This newest chapter of the Bourne franchise finds the CIA’s most lethal former operative who’s been off the grid since 2004, drawn out of the shadows, and resume his search for answers.

Damon is joined by Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel and Tommy Lee Jones, while Julia Stiles reprises her role in the series. Frank Marshall again produces alongside Jeffrey Weiner for Captivate Entertainment, and Greengrass, Damon, Gregory Goodman and Ben Smith also produce. Based on characters created by Robert Ludlum, the film is written by Greengrass and Christopher Rouse.

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Empire Strikes Snack As Graze Launches At Empire Cinemas

Empire Strikes Snack As Graze Launches At Empire Cinemas

I’ll be honest – the only reason I posted this story was to use that pun in the headline… Snacking at the cinema is half the fun of the flicks and while popcorn and hotdogs still remain one of the biggest drives for cinemagoers, Empire Cinemas is today announcing the launch of graze in all eighteen of their cinemas across the UK.

Empire Cinemas, the largest independently-owned cinema chain in the UK, is the first national cinema company graze has partnered with. This partnership has come about through a want to offer cinemagoers the choice of healthier snacking options, combined with portion control.

All twelve graze snack packs – including the delicious Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie, Lemon Drizzle Flapjack and Natural Energy Nuts – are now available at all Empire Cinemas. The taste experts at graze combine wholesome ingredients, taste expertise and new ideas to ensure the healthier option needn’t be the boring one. The would also seem to (just about) conform to the Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode Wittertainment Code Of Conduct, which is no bad thing!

“graze are really excited to be partnering with Empire Cinemas to bring healthier snacking options to the big screen. In an area traditionally dominated by confectionery and chocolate, graze is making good exciting with our range of healthier snacks.” said Frances Duffy, Wholesale Account Manager at graze. She continued “We know that consumers want to have a balanced choice when it comes to snacking, and our range of perfectly portioned punnets allow the cinema-goer to choose between sweet and savoury, a healthier choice or a more indulgent choice.”

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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

Long time rumoured, but finally confirmed, Ben Affleck will be directing a solo Batman movie according to the chairman of Warner Bros (and he really should know…)



Whilst we did take a few shots at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in our ‘Deconstructing BvS’ edition of Geektown Radio, one thing we both agreed on was that Affleck completely nailed it as the Bat and as Bruce Wayne.

Much as I like the visual style of Zack Snyder’s work and think he does a great job putting films that look like comic books up on screen, the script for BvS was lacking, and some of the directorial choices needed reigning in. In Affleck you have someone who is not only a huge comic book fan, but also has the screen writing and directorial chops to create something extremely special.

Affleck’s agent had already let slip that Ben had written a Batman script, so it’s entirely possible we’ll see him return as The Dark Knight sooner rather than later. The next time we see him don the cowl appears to be in Suicide Squad on the 5th Aug this year, then again in Justice League Part 1, Nov 17 2017. There are currently 2 open slots for DC movies on their slate – 5th October 2018 & 1st November 2019, so it would be a fair bet one of those will be Ben’s Batman.

As far as I can tell, this is the first time we’ve had a superhero movie directed and written by a guy who’s not only won an oscar for screen writing, but also for best picture. This could be the Batman movie comic book fans have been waiting for.

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We’ve been asked to post this, as the NSH are keen to get this message out to as many people as possible!

The Outbreak Research and Development Centre has identified a new virus that appears to be spreading across parts of the UK. The virus, which has been named the Rage Virus, has been identified as a virulent blood-borne infection that is thought to have spread from an animal host.

The government has issued an urgent call out for all citizens to report to their nearest vaccination centres for treatment. If you know of people who have not yet booked their vaccination you must urge them to get in touch with the NSH immediately.

The level and scale of this outbreak clearly would have been lessened had it not been for the epic stupidity of our current government, and their recent budgetary cuts to the National Service for Health, limiting vaccination programme. All members of public have been urged to visit NSH to book their appointments.

To confirm your appointment date and time, we require you to register HERE.

NSH Warning

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There were hints yesterday that we’d be getting our first look at ‘Rogue One : A Star Wars Story‘ today, and here it is, in all it’s Star Warsy goodness! This is the first of a series of Anthology films, designed to fill the gaps in between the scheduling of the main Star Wars Episodes.

Rogue One is set between the rise of Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith, and Luke joining the rebellion in A New Hope, and centres around a group rebel resistance fighters and their daring raid to steal the plans for the Empire’s shiny new Death Star…

The film is directed by Godzilla and Monsters Gareth Edwards, and written by Gary Whitta (writer of The Book of Eli, those excellent Telltale Walking Dead games, and ex-PC Gamer editor!), & Chris Weitz (Antz, About a Boy TV series). They put together an extremely impressive cast, with the main lead seemingly from this trailer being Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, a young rogue who joins the rebellion. Other cast includes the brilliant Forest Whitaker, the great Mads Mikkelsen, Firefly’s beloved Alan Tudyk, to name but a few!

Rogue One : A Star Wars Story‘ hits the cinema on the 16th of December 2016, and so far is looking pretty good if the footage above is anything to go by!

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If you’ve listened to any of the recent Geektown Radio shows (you should, it’s really rather good), you’ll know that here at Geektown we’re quite excited for the release of Jon Favreau’s live action take on The Jungle Book (Ross is especially excited!) One of the greatest things about the film is the voice casting is so ‘on point’. Bill Murray as Baloo, Christopher Walken as King Louie, and Kaa voiced by Scarlett Johansson, and that’s just the start. I’m not sure they give out Oscars for casting, but if they did, The Jungle Book really should take it!

If you’re unfamiliar with The Jungle Book (seriously… what rock have you been hiding under!), here’s a little background. Based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film, “The Jungle Book” is an all-new live-action epic adventure about Mowgli (newcomer Neel Sethi), a man-cub who’s been raised by a family of wolves. But Mowgli finds he is no longer welcome in the jungle when fearsome tiger Shere Khan (voice of Idris Elba), who bears the scars of Man, promises to eliminate what he sees as a threat. Urged to abandon the only home he’s ever known, Mowgli embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery, guided by panther-turned-stern mentor Bagheera (voice of Ben Kingsley), and the free-spirited bear Baloo (voice of Bill Murray). Along the way, Mowgli encounters jungle creatures who don’t exactly have his best interests at heart, including Kaa (voice of Scarlett Johansson), a python whose seductive voice and gaze hypnotizes the man-cub, and the smooth-talking King Louie (voice of Christopher Walken), who tries to coerce Mowgli into giving up the secret to the elusive and deadly red flower: fire.

The all-star cast also includes Lupita Nyong’o as the voice of the fiercely protective mother wolf Raksha, and Giancarlo Esposito as the voice of wolf pack’s alpha male Akela. “The Jungle Book” seamlessly blends live-action with photorealistic CGI animals and environments, using up-to-the-minute technology and storytelling techniques to immerse audiences in an enchanting and lush world.

“THE JUNGLE BOOK” opens in UK cinemas from April 15th 2016