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Prepare to be really REALLY excited! JJ Abrams official trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is here, and it’s rocks!

Can’t say anymore right now… Too busy jumping up and down with excitement! :D

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Science Fiction is a genre filled with futuristic settings, extraterrestrial beings, horror, thrills and so much more. Since the 1968 landmark: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Sci-Fi films have been extremely popular and respected in the film industry. Coming up, the 2014 BFI London Film Festival is showcasing 5 Sci-Fi films that represent many different creative aspects of the genre.


Directed by Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch,) this university- thriller follows the style of Scream 2 and The Dorm that Dripped Blood, proving that the college campus is still as terrifying a set as ever. Justine (Hayley Bennett) plays a girl peacefully spending the Thanksgiving Break at school with only the campus security keeping her company, until a gang of teen-thirsty outcasts threaten the halls. Bennett gives a strong performance as a girl fighting for her life in this original twist on a traditional horror style film.



In Monsters: Dark Continent, first-time feature director Tom Green has expanded Gareth Edwards’ universe from 2010’s film Monsters into the Middle East. Seven years after the alien infestation of squid-like creatures to the Earth there are quarantined infestation zones all over the world. Noah (Johnny Harris) and his fellow American military forces find themselves fighting off extra-terrestrials while also defending themselves from local insurgents. This sequel respects Monsters social comment and combines realism with spectacle.


Highly imaginative and troubled Sam (Maurice Luyten) stumbles upon a tree house during a Cub Scout camping trip that sets him on a mission to uncover the truth about the creatures surrounding them in the forest. The boys soon discover that the rumoured werewolves are the least of their concerns as their childhood nightmares become reality. Horror and Sci-Fi fans will love director Jonas Govaert’s modern-fairytale and his frequent nods to fright films from the past.

It Follows

It Follows


Following the long standing ‘sexually active teenager meets death’ theme, David Robert Mitchell’s film is a fresh and stimulating take on skewed morals slashers like Halloween. The movie follows 19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe) as she begins to experience strange visions and a sense she is being followed after having an exploratory sexual encounter. Terrified, she must find a way to put an end to her curse. The film provokes and terrifies equally.


Adapted from Christopher Barzak’s acclaimed 2007 novel One for Sorrow, Carter Smith’s coming of age tale is an unexpected and unconventional ghost story. When the naked body of Jamie Mark is found abandoned by a local river, his classmate Adam (Cameron Monaghan) becomes fascinated with the death of the high school pariah. He forges a relationship with Gracie, who discovered Jamie’s body, and becomes determined to help Jamie find peace in the afterlife. The film touches on sexual identity, loss, loneliness and isolation and is a melancholy but visually ravishing chiller.




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Joss Whedon: Geek King of the Universe - A Biography by Amy Pascale.

Joss Whedon: Geek King of the Universe – A Biography by Amy Pascale


Joss Whedon Bio

Joss Whedon Bio

We’ve got a new competition for you, which I’m sure you’re going to love! Thanks to the folk at Aurum Press, we’ve got a copy of the new Joss Whedon biography, Joss Whedon: Geek King of the Universe – A Biography by Amy Pascale for you to WIN!

Author Amy Pascale has based this revealing biography on extensive original interviews with Whedon himself, as well as many of his key collaborators and stars. As well as offering candid behind-the-scenes accounts of the making of ground-breaking shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, this biography also details Whedon’s contribution to modern cinema, as the writer, and sometimes director, of hit movies such as Speed, Toy Story, Serenity and superhero blockbuster Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.

As any regular reader to the site is aware, we’re massive, HUGE Whedon fans here at Geektown, and I know a lot of you guys are too, so we’re really looking forward to reading more about the great man himself.

If you’re not lucky enough to win, you can always buy your copy from Amazon here – Joss Whedon: Geek King of the Universe – A Biography

How to win a copy of  Joss Whedon: Geek King of the Universe – A Biography by Amy Pascale

As usual, all you have to do to win, is one (or both!) of the following:

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Gary Whitta

Gary Whitta

In the last couple of week, a few little bits have dropped regarding the first of the new Star Wars ‘spin-off’ movies, which will fill the gaps between Star Wars VII, VIII and IX releases.

The latest news is Josh Trank, director of the 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot (starring Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan) and Chronicle is to helm the 2nd of the spin offs. Last month it was announced that Godzilla and Monsters director Gareth Edwards would be directing the 1st spin off movie.

Still no news on what exactly the spin off’ will focus on, but I’d be amazed if one of the earlier ones isn’t a a Boba Fett movie, although the other 2 rumoured possibilities are a Han Solo movie, or a Yoda movie.

What most people seem to have glossed over though is that the 1st spin off is being written by the legend that is Gary Whitta… ‘Who?’ you may ask… Whitta is a former editor-in-chief of both PC Gamer US and UK, as well as screenwriter of The Book of Eli, and the writer of the truly brilliant The Walking Dead: The Game. 

I’ve been a fan of Whitta’s work since his PC Gamer days, plus I loved Edwards’s Monsters (not yet got to Godzilla), so I’m really interested to see what the pair come up with.

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Massive EVE Battle

Massive EVE Battle

Whilst I’ve tried EVE a couple of times, I always found it really hard to climb the steep learning curve and general vastness of the EVE universe. However, I do still love it when these stories come out…

EVE is one of the few MMOs that really does have a convincing, living breathing virtual world (or galaxies in this case), packed with political wrangling, intrigue, wars, revenge, deviousness and general backstabbing. It’s usually one of those things that starts off a massive rumble in the EVE universe, but not this time… This time, it was something far more simple… A missed bill payment.

Basically, the N3 Coalition forgot to make a payment on a space station they owned. Missing the payment resulted in the loss of sovereignty over the system, which left the station (and the system) vulnerable. This resulted in rival factions CFC and Russian Coalition swooping in and taking the station… Whilst this wasn’t good news for N3, it was worse news for Pandemic Legion, who were using the station to store a lot of their assets… CFC and PL have history, so what resulted from this invasion was the mother of all battles, as 70 Titan class ships worth around £1800 each (in real money – converted from EVE’s in-game currency ISK) have already been blown to bits as N3PL and CFCRUS throw down.

Last count according to Reddit was CFCRUS at 20 Titans lost, but N3PL down double that…

There’s a great gallery of the battle here.

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Bryan McClure

Bryan McClure

In this new podcast, we’re chatting to a young actor called Bryan McClure, who’s about to take on the role of Cadet Bradbury in Space Command, an epic new movie franchise from prolific screenwriter Marc Zicree (Sliders, Star Trek: TNG, DS9). Bryan got the role after beating 7000 entries in a global talent search for the movie!

McClure has also guest starred in Sky 1’s Hawaii Five-O, and worked with Colin Hanks in the film Lucky.

Space Command is a new and original science fiction franchise created by award-winning writer/director Marc Scott Zicree, which follow the bold adventures in space of the United Planet’s Space Command, a dedicated group of scientists, soldiers and adventurers exploring and taming the vast expanse of our solar system for human colonization.

You can find more about Bryan here, and more about Space Command here!

Geektown Podcast 09: Actor Bryan McClure – Space Command

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