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Modern Family S6

Modern Family S6

Modern Family kicked off season 6 on Sky 1 last night, and while it wasn’t a classic it was still a solid start. The previous seasons had got better as they went on with some of the most love-able characters and funny interactions. Out of the 3 story lines last night, the Dunphy storyline was probably the most funny especially the dynamic between Luke and Hayley! While a solid start, the season should get better especially with Modern Family having some quality comedy guest stars such as Adam DeVine, Rob Riggle and Jordan Peele!

Season 6 continues Monday at 8.00pm.




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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 kicked off last night in good fashion. After last season’s mediocrity of episodes and it being quite frankly repetitive, this new season seems refreshingly better. Every character last night had at least a few lines which caused some great laughs, being the Big Bang at its best! In true Sheldon style he had managed to have all his possession’s stolen which was utterly brilliant to see and witnessing him in his underpants in the Police Station was hilarious!

The 2 stand out character’s last night were Sheldon and Stuart. Sheldon as always, had his sarcastic and condescending killer lines and Stuart was brilliant in his new “rivalry” with Howard which brings us another great story-line for the season. A great start to a hopefully fresh new season!

7/10 – Smart, Charming but lacking the huge laughs
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14 Oct 2014 | 2 Comments

The Walking Dead - S5:01

The Walking Dead – S5:01

If any viewers had any complaints about The Walking Dead being slow in season 4 then they would have no complaints about the season 5 premiere “No Sanctuary”. The first scenes before the opening credits were intense to say the least, one by one the gore of people’s throats being cut at the trough after a smack to the head made you think, how is this even allowed on the TV? Poor Sam! Carol was there to save the day, with every character showing their capability especially Tyreese whose willingness to compromise his morals on not killing to help save Judith showed that they truly were screwing with the wrong people!

The word cannibal was actually not used in the episode, but it was obvious. You have to feel sorry for Gareth & co after what happened to them through the use of flashbacks but what they’ve become is despicable. Even eating their own (Alex) shows that they are truly too far gone in this world. And guess what? Gareth is still alive! Wonder if that will come back to haunt the group.

The episode’s brutality and fast pace was topped with two reunions which brought a tear to the eyes of all fans. First Carol then Tyreese and Judith. It was heart-warming and it’s what we’d all been looking forward to for half a season and the wait payed off big time. One big surprise was afoot for the TWD fans after the credits, months after the events of the premier we saw Morgan on his way to terminus (looking at the sign Rick had edited after escaping) who had been gone for almost 2 seasons. No one was expecting that.

Final Verdict: Everything you could have asked for in a premiere, deaths, gore, shocks and seeing your favourite characters be total bad-asses! Hopefully a great season 5 to come!

The Walking Dead returns on Fox UK, Monday nights at 9pm, but you can watch below for a seek peak at Episode 2…

10/10 – Shortness of breath, lots of gore and leaves you wanting more!
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As anyone that reads this site regularly will know, we love Batman here at Geektown. Personally I’ve had an ever expanding collection of Batman trades, comics and graphic novels since the early 90s, so I’m pretty well versed in the Batman and DC universe. When I heard they were planning a show based on Gotham, but pre-batman, I did wonder if the guys at Fox could pull it off. Thankfully they have, and in spectacular fashion.

Gotham TV Show

Gotham TV Show

The show is centred around a young, idealistic, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie). Newly arrived in the cesspool that is Gotham city he soon discovers that pretty much everyone is on the take or playing sides. He’s partnered up with the grizzled old hand Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue). Not a out-and-out dirty cop, but definitely not a clean one either. Just someone who understands how Gotham works, and will do whatever it takes to not rock the boat. That becomes difficult when Gordon and Bullock get called to a double homicide. 2 people shot in an alley, and the only known witness is their son, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz)

Bullock is desperate to hand the case off to special branch cops Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) and Allen (Andrew Stewart-Jones), but Gordon insists they follow it up. This leads to a meeting with Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), a mob boss working under Gotham’s main crime lord Carmine Falcone. It’s also the first time we meet Robin Lord Taylor’s wonderfully slimy Oswald Cobblepot (nicknamed ‘Penguin’ by the rest of Fish’s crew), who’s working as a henchman for Fish. Taylor plays Cobblepot with a great mix of toadying deference to his boss, whilst ,behind his eyes, you can tell there are cogs turning about how to step over her, and climb the criminal ladder.

Oswald is not the only familiar future villain to pop up on the show, as they’re sprinkled throughout the episode if you know your Batman mythology. Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) is already out picking pockets on her way to becoming Catwoman. Eddie Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is working as the police coroner, but is already annoying people with riddles. In the course of the investigation, Gordon and Bullock also meet a young girl called Ivy Pepper, who seems to have an interest in plants… There’s also a rather bad comedian telling jokes in Fish’s club, but I believe the plan is to plant ‘possible’ Joker’s throughout the series without ever actually revealing him. Sort of a ‘How I Met Your Joker’. ;)

When Gordon goes to Wayne Manor, we get our first proper meeting with Bruce’s faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee). This version is less the worry wart, upper-class Alfred of the comics, and seems to be rather more down to earth, not afraid to put Bruce in his place when he needs it. His line when he sees young ‘Master Bruce’ standing on the edge of the manor roof is just brilliant, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how his character and relationship with the young Bruce develops.

There are changes from the comics, but I think that was to be expected. It’s not like the origin’s of Gotham’s villains (or heroes) is set in stone, as there have been multiple retelling of their origins over the years. Much as I love Frank Miller’s Batman Year One, I also loved Nolan’s take on the origin story, and Scott Snyder’s latest take in the more recent Zero Year Batman comics. In a multi-verse of possibilities, there’s room out there for every variation. Bruno Heller (creator of Gotham, as well as HBO’s superb ‘Rome’, and the much loved ‘The Mentalist’) has done a great job weaving the characters into a solid, engaging story, that leaves you wanting to see where it goes next.

Gotham will air on Channel 5 – 13th October at 9pm, and I urge you to tune in. If you love Batman, cop shows, or just well written drama, you will love it.

9/10 – Great, entertaining start, that leaves you wanting more.
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15 May 2014 | One Comment

Created by Mark Friedman and Alfonso Cuarón “Believe” has earned itself the moniker of a feel-good fantasy-drama series – which is maybe not quite the reputation it was hoping for…

The series features Milton Winter (Delroy Lindo), a “True Believer” who must keep Bo, a 10 year old girl with special powers, safe from dangerous forces who are trying to capture her and use her abilities for their own nefarious purposes. Along the way, Winter recruits a wrongly convicted inmate by the name of Tate (Jake McLaughlin) who must help protect Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) from the evil forces of the world.

The problem with Believe is that it is all… rather unbelievable… and the plot is a little bit absurd at times. Bo seems to literally morph into a teenager before your eyes- despite producers insisting she’s only 10 – and she veers between being rather dreamy and a tad precocious, and the other characters seem to spend an awfully long time building up their back stories.

It’s the shows executive producers who have actually drawn the most attention to the series and JJ Abrams, co- creator of the hit TV series Lost and director of numerous Star Trek Movies, and Alfonso Cuarón who recently went home with an impressive haul at the 2014 Academy Awards for his feature film Gravity, were both instrumental in bringing Believe to the small screen. Believe however, not only lacks a crashed plane, a mysterious island and Sandra Bullock, it also lacks depth, but it does make for some rather fun viewing if you don’t take your sci-fi too seriously.

The fight scenes are pretty epic and the Matrix costume designer and choreographer seem to have slipped in to create baddies in all black outfits who do spin-kicks even when the enemy is on the other side of the room.  These black-clad baddies have also paused mid fight to exclaim “not cool” which made us wonder if the editing had somehow included real-life responses from actors, rather than a punchy storyline.

The plot is pretty solid and could easily be built on, but the storyline definitely needs some work and you keep expecting something completely absurd to happen, like Bo using her powers to win the jackpot at and escaping to a desert island (probably with the cast of Lost) or Tate suddenly telling us where he learnt his ninja skills, that oddly have not been mentioned despite us being privy to his entire life story thanks to a full minute monologue in the first episode.

There’s good chemistry between Bo and Tate and they form a rather amusing double act as the dreamy little girl with infinite wisdom and special powers, and the hardened criminal with a soft side. You would think however that with all her special powers and Tate’s street wise savvy they would know to check all the closets and not leave out the one the monster is hiding in. The exchanges between Bo and Tate and the fatherly concern Winter has for Bo add the majority of the feel-good element to the series and you almost know from the start there’s going to be a happy, if somewhat predicable conclusion.

Believe isn’t dark or punchy enough to be compared to the likes of Kick-Ass, although Bo could easily have filled the role of Hit-Girls ethereal little sister ,and the amount of violence rules it out a bit for family viewing. It’s a great middle of the road series though, and it’s not without its touching moments between the oddest on-screen couples we have seen in a while, and neither does it lack hard-core action scenes. It does seem however a little bit like whoever named the series “Believe” knew that viewers would really have to stretch their imaginations…

Sadly, the show will only run for one season, and after airing nine episodes NBC pulled Believe and replaced it with a temporary slot filler. If you’d like to check out Believe, it airs on Watch in the UK.



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One of the main panels at Comic Con Birmingham this weekend was with the ladies of Sleepy Hollow! They included Nicole Beharie, who plays Lt. Abbie Mills, the police partner of Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane. Katia Winter who plays Katrina,  Ichabod’s wife, and Lyndie Greenwood who plays Jenny Mills, Abbie’s kick-ass sister.

If you have yet to catch the show, it’s from Star Trek writers and JJ Abrams alumni Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, and is a modern retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. In this version, Ichabod is part of the War of Independence, seeming slain but not before removing the head of a Hessian soldier… It’s somewhat to his surprise then, when he wakes up in a cave in the 21st century! After befriending police Lt. Abbie Mills, the pair discover they’re ‘the 2 witnesses’ see the ‘end of days’…