Nintendo Wii / DS

Completing Your Zelda Cosplay

With London Film and Comic Con just around the corner, we though now would be a great time to give you a helping hand with […]

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Society and Video Games

Society and Video Games
Over the past few decades, gaming has developed from an industry primarily targeting elementary, high school, and college age gamers to one […]

Disney closes LucasArts

Some thoughts on Disney’s closure of LucasArts

LucasArts closed by Disney
It’s (almost) always a little sad to hear that a games company has shutdown. But this is a especially sad for people […]

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Crysis 3 – Coming 22nd February 2013

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In Crysis 3, it’s 2047, and Prophet has returned to New York, albeit an NYC now encased in a nanodome which has turned the […]

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Competition: Win 2 Tickets to Play Expo 2012!

Play Expo 2012
There’s a new UK gaming expo in town, and it’s called Play Expo 2012! And for once, it’s not in London, but at […]

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Nintendo Announces the Wii U Info & Showcase Tour!

Nintendo Wii U
For all you gamers out there that are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new the Wii U, the folk Nintendo are spending the next few months travelling the […]

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Telltale Tell Tales Of Monkey Island!

Telltale Games have teamed up with LucasArts to bring some new stories from the legendary Monkey Island! Telltale will be bringing Guybrush Threepwood, evil pirate […]

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Blizzard Is The World’s Most Bankable Games Studio Shocker!

I saw this article over at in which Develop 100 have announced their top 100 software development studios, and it just got me thinking… […]

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Duke Nukem For-Never…

Duke Nukem Forever
And lo, it came to pass, the fabled mythical Duke Nukem Forever was finally laid to rest on the 7th day in the […]

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Johnny Lee’s Incredible Wii Remote Hacks

Johnny Lee is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, and has been doing some pretty incredible work using a standard Wii Remote controller, a […]

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E.A. Screws UK on Rock Band!

E.A. annouced it’s European pricing for Rock Band this morning, at a price point most people must have assumed was a late April Fools joke… […]

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Halflife 2 Meets Super Mario Bros

Sorry things have been a bit quiet this week, i’ve had a few days off (and developing a Guitar Hero addiction!) 😉 Anyway, here what […]

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Portal Song “Still Alive” in Rock Band!

To announce the upcoming release of “Still Alive” as a download for Rock Band, Jonathan Coulton, the writer of the fantastic portal end theme song […]

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Geektown’s Top Ten Games of 2007!

As we start 2008, we’re going to be compiling the Geektown Top Ten’s of 2007. And first on that list, is our Top Ten Games. […]

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Halo… on a DS?!

Unfortunately (due to clashing Microsoft/Nintendo egos by the sound of it), it got canned… There is however a video of it running. Real shame, it […]

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