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3 Apr 2008 | 9 Comments

Joker as a Nurse

This bunch of Dark Knight shots turned up on the interwebs last night. Seems Joker is into some gun wavin’ cross dressin’ action! There’s also a shot of a Jokerised Batman, and Joker as a cop… All looking very interesting! Click the images below for larger.

Joker Nurse Jokerised Batman Joker Heath Ledger as a cop

Forbidden Planet are running a bunch of very cool Dark Knight merchandise at the moment, like Joker busts, grappling launcher, and batarang replicas! Click below for more info!

The Dark Knight - The Joker Mini Bust

Also, URBAN RETRO are now selling some awesome Batman and Dark Knight t-shirts, Click below to see!

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2 Apr 2008 | Leave a Comment

As i posted a couple of days ago, the Joker’s been up to his old scavanger hunt tricks again… Empire managed to get some shots of one of the bags. It contained a purple/green bowling ball with a number on it, a mobile phone, and a note to say call the number on the ball… More info at Empire.

There’s also an update on now all the bags have been found, and a new message that ‘seems’ to be from Joker. Worth a check around the site… I’m sure you won’t get into trouble… 😉

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16 Jan 2008 | Leave a Comment

US Singer/Songwriter John Mayer arrived home recently to find a unexpected package from ‘Gotham Novelties Inc.’ on his doorstep. The package was of course promo stuff for The Dark Knight, and included this awesome looking tshirt! Very nice bit of promo work from The Dark Knight marketing team. What i want to know know is how do i get one! 😉

John Mayer  The Dark Knight

See the full packaging here.

URBAN RETRO are now selling some awesome Dark Knight t-shirts, including a version of the promo Dark Knight shirt above. Click the link below to see!

Dark Knight T-shirts

Forbidden Planet don’t have the t-shirts yet, but they have a bunch of cool Dark Knight stuff like Joker busts, grappling launcher, and batarang replicas!

The Dark Knight - The Joker Mini Bust

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5 Dec 2007 | Leave a Comment

This is pretty sweet!

Official Dark Knight Poster

Batman on Film also has some nice updates on the latest viral marketing stuff The Dark Knight guys have been up to. 🙂

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3 Dec 2007 | Leave a Comment

These cropped up recently on the ol’ internet. They really are going all out with the viral marketing on The Dark Knight. Ledger is looking superb as Joker!

Heath Ledger, Joker

Heath Ledger, Joker

Heath Ledger, Joker

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30 Nov 2007 | Leave a Comment

Heath Ledger’s Joker

Empire have got the first exclusive pic of Heath Ledger in full Joker get up. Got to say, i’m loving this look. I enjoyed the Tim Burton movies, but I much prefer the Chris Nolan Batman Begins. In the same way i love the post ‘Frank Miller’s Year One’ and current Batman world which influenced Batman Begins so much. Jack Nicholson did a good job as a pre Year One Joker, but Ledger really looks part for how Joker is currently portrayed in the comic book world, and how he was orignally concived  Really looking forward to this movie!