Chicago PD

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UK Premiere Date Information

Latest UK Premiere Date

UK Channel: 5USA

Latest/Next UK Season: 3

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: No exact date/time - Spring 2016  (TBC)

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

Police orientated Chicago Fire spinoff. Usually airs in the Spring in the UK.

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 1 – 5USA – 16th July 2014 at 9pm

Season 2 – 5USA – 8th April 2015 at 9pm


Next Season: 4



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32 Responses to “Chicago PD”

  1. Leigh says:

    If you CBA to wait till it comes on sky watch it now on [redacted – please don’t encourage illegal streaming] for Free along with any other current show you like

  2. Dannielle says:

    Any one any ideas on when series 3 is being shown in the UK

    • Nigel says:

      Season 3 of Chicago P.D Starts 4th of May at 10pm according to nbc universal

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        While the date certainly fits, PD is on 5USA not Universal so could you please provide the link with this info so we can verify. Yet to see confirmation from the broadcaster

      • Richard O says:

        Going to take this with a pinch of salt at the moment. The day 4th May falls on (and the time, bearing in mind Chicago Fire season 1 is airing on 5USA at 9 pm) fits. Is NBC Universal the rights holder?

      • Dave Elliott Dave says:

        Chicago P.D. season 3 isn’t starting on the 4th of May. That’s the US return date for the 2nd half of season 3, not the UK air date.

    • Leigh says:

      season two has justfinished on tv in the UK season three is scheduled for end of April to May 23rd in UK

  3. Charlie says:

    Season two is being shown on Saturday nights starting on the 13th of February on 5USA, it’s on from 9pm-12 so it’s in three episode installments each week, hopefully after they’ve shown Season 2 they’ll go straight into Season 3.

    • Jenna says:

      Apparently not any more as I have only series 2 episode 1 recorded this week and it was on Friday 19th at 2.50am, the next is episode 5 on Tuesday at 2.50am. What’s going on??!

      • Hales says:

        I’m struggling to understand what the hell is going on. Watched 1st 3 episodes of season 2 on Saturday and now it’s gone back to episode 1 at some random time on Fridays. Tuesdays 23rd Feb it starts with episode 5, what happened to 4. It’s frustrating when schedules are unexpectedly changed and you end up searching sky for further episodes.

  4. Stacie says:

    Any news on whether 5USA will be showing repeats of season 2. Just finished season 1 so didnt catch season 2 when it aired in april.

  5. Sharon Smith says:

    Just received an email from channel 5 regarding Chicago PD. They began airing the repeat of series 1 however after one episode they decided there wasn’t enough interest on channel 5 so they pulled it and will not be showing repeats on this channel.

    Better news is that series 3 will begin airing on 5USA on Wednesday the 8th of April 2015 which is great news
    don’t know about anyone else I’m not bothered which channel it’s on as long as we get to see it.

  6. Nick says:

    Chicago Fire/Chicago PD/ Law and Order SUV are writtern by the same wirter and they are having a three part crossover and they are on three diffent channels in the UK, Channel 5 have Chicago PD, Sky have got Chicago Fire,Universal have Law and Order SUV so they got to work out who airs what first , second and last

  7. John Wright says:

    Just watched an episode I think the first from series 2 (name of episode uncertain) aired on tuesday 3rd March (where one of Voights team Female gets shot & dies) due to his team not getting info from the other team & Voight starts a fight with the boss of the other team
    My series link is on but not showing the next episode date…on Sky search of Chicago PD it goes to every programme with ‘Chicago’ in the title

    Very odd

  8. Toby lerone says:

    Is season 1 of Chicago p.d being shown in the uk?

  9. j morrison says:

    Did Chicago fire end half way through 2nd series on 5 USA ? or was that the finale ? will series 3 be televised in uk ?

  10. Annmarie says:

    I have totally missed chicago pd .. where can I watch it !!?? Can’t wait for chicago fire to start in Ireland again. !!!

    • Rachael says:

      It’s Being repeated on channel five on Tuesday xx

      • Vic says:

        Episode 1 was on 3rd March,but it seems future episodes have been cancelled?
        Is this correct?

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          It wasn’t on 3rd March and it hasn’t been cancelled

          • Tim says:

            Funny that our Sky box recorded Chicago pd season 1 ep 1 on 3rd March from Channel 5. It’s still on series link but can’t see when the next one is on.

            • Andrew Andrew says:

              That’s season 1. There aren’t anymore episodes scheduled it would seem. Quite why there was just the one is unclear. New season on 5USA

          • dunc says:

            Yes Chicago pd was shown on channel 5 3rd march but was not shown 10th march although it appeared in published tv guides (ep 2 & 3). I’ve tried setting future recording but does not exist in ch 5 listing. Where’s it gone?

          • Sharon Smith says:

            I’m totally confused now. They started to show re-runs of Chicaco pd on Chanel 5 on the 3rd March 2015. At the end of that episode they said it will continue next Tuesday the 10 March yet the’ve not continued it and it’s been taken off sky programming. I presumed they were going to show re-runs then start new series after it. Well done for confusing us all channel 5.
            What the heck are channel 5 doing.

          • Sharon Smith says:

            Andrew it was on channel 5 on the 3rd March they were showing Series 1, I have it on my sky recorded. It stated new episode next week on 10th March but none have been shown since the 3rd. Also it’s been taken off the program menu of sky.
            Very confusing.

  11. Ann Kent says:

    Really hope this comes to the UK, love Chicago Fire! Through that had a taster of Chicago P.d. and look forward to watching a full series of it. 🙂 Please, please, please! Sky Living put it on!

  12. Mike Raymond says:

    Chicago PD has been renewed for Season 2 but hasnt been shown in the uk yet. any news on a pick up?

  13. sharon says:

    Really hoping this comes to UK TV iam looking forward to being able to watch both Chicago fire and Chicago PD running along side each other