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Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel as John Reese. An ex-CIA officer and Green Beret he’s current living in a rundown apartment in NYC after an ‘incident’ left him presumed dead. Then along comes a billionaire computer genius Harold Finch (played by Lost’s Michael Emerson), explaining he’s built a computer that uses information gathered in today’s surveillance culture to create a prediction engine that will predict terrorist attacks and crimes. When the government ignores Finch, he decides to talk matters into his own hands, and hires Reese for his CIA/kicking ass skills to track down the crimes, and stop them before they happen. Think park Batman, part Minority Report.

Person of Interest is has taken a ‘mid-season break’ as Channel 5 isn’t happy with the slot it was airing in, so plan to bring it back in the new year with a new time slot. I’m guessing that means they weren’t happy with the viewing figures… I’m just hoping that doesn’t mean they’ll drop it after season 1… We’ll have to wait and see!

UK Premiere Date Information

Latest UK Premiere Date

UK Channel: Channel 5

Latest/Next UK Season: 3

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: 23 March 2015 at 10:00pm

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

Jim Caviezel and his handy billionaire return for the third season. Confirmed by 5 as back between 23rd-29th March.

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 1 – Channel 5 –  14th August 2012 at 10pm

Season 1b – Channel 5 – 27th January 2013 at 9pm

Season 2 - Channel 5 – 24th October 2013 at 10pm

Season 2b – Channel 5 – 27th March 2014 at 10pm

Season 3 – Channel 5 – 23rd March 2015 at 10pm


Next Season (if renewed): 5



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72 Responses to “Person Of Interest”

  1. Kellie says:

    Thanks so much for showing when person of interest is next airing in the uk. Looked everywhere !

  2. Nicky says:

    What’s the source of the C5 confirmation?

  3. scott says:

    Does this keep getting pushed back as im sure it keeps changing?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      No. Until there’s confirmation of a date range or a specific date, it’s usually a guess by us. As you’ll see above, it’s now a confirmed date range (March).

  4. Gavin Scott says:

    Confirmed for March season 3? Channel 5 are utterly pathetic, I’ve complained so many times to them I’m not doing it any more. In fact I’m not going to bother watching it when it starts cause I’ve downloaded season 3 and already watched the first episode, will be done before it even airs now!
    Sorry for the rant but Channel 5 are rubbish!

    • Don says:

      Gave up as well, bought the DVD for Season 3 off eBay U.K. months ago. Good by Channel 5

      • Gavin Scott says:

        That’s me finished season 3 and already made a start on season 4, have totally given up on Channel 5 showing Person of Interest. Thankfully (touch wood) they don’t do the same with Gotham and Under the Dome with delay after delay!

        • Pete says:

          Hi Gavin, are you getting it via Netflix or something like that?

          Really love this show just disappointing we have to wait so long for it but that’s the way C5 do their business unfortunately. No wonder so many are going to online streaming.

  5. thomas says:

    Keep checking internet to see wen my favourite person of interest is back on class show love it

  6. John Sturdy says:

    Person Of Interest is one of my fave shows. It’s just Awsome. I do think it needs just a little comic relief now & then. Which is why I think they should have that asian guy in it a bit more. I’d only have him as semi regular. He should be the shows answer to Sarmonius from Hurcules, lol.

  7. Tapan Kumar Lenka says:

    Really very interesting and suspense story line. Eagerly waiting for season 5. Please start new ASAP…..

  8. Mark says:

    CH5 are a joke. POI is half way through season 4 now in the States. CH5 continually stalling on showing this entertaining show, and showing washed up wannabes in pathetic reality shows instead. They also dropped Sons of Anarchy after season 5 which was another big mistake. Do us a favour CH5, and stop bidding on decent series, and leave them to a channel that cares about its viewers.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      I enjoy both of those shows so can understand the frustration. However, people say much the same thing every time any channel drops a favourite programme

    • Dave Albrow says:

      I couldn’t agree more, in fact I have E mailed Channel 5 in similar vein. The Channel seems obsessed with home grown rubbish such as mentioned by you. I have suggested that these should be consigned to ITV 2 or ITVBe with the rest of the junk.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Netflix put Season 2 up at the end of December last year, I’m kind of hoping that they will put up Season 3 at around the same time.

  10. Dave Parker says:

    Channel 5’s scheduling is pants! They’ve already stopped Once Upon A Time from S3 onwards, so there’s no UK broadcaster now for that. Now they’re messing about with POI, just because they prioritise Big Brother (!)

    Pandering to the lowest common denominator, IMHO. I see they’re reshowing OUAT S2 early mornings from 3rd Sept, but don’t hold out that it means they’ve bought S3

    You’d think as sole UK broadcaster for OUAT and POI that they’ve got a captive market, and should therefore treat their fans / viewers with a bit more respect, but no, let’s play the “trashy TV gets more numbers” game, and screw the rest!!

    • Gavin Scott says:

      To be fair Channel 5 has been messing about with Person of Interest since they got the show! The only programme they seem to do well with is Under the Dome.
      Even though Helix was dropped from Channel 5 at least it was aired a month or so after on 5*, which seemed terrible because it wasn’t on HD. But I noticed that the HD version was still up on demand so I wasn’t complaining too much.
      Will be very interesting to see how quickly they show Gotham.

      My thoughts is this, Person of Interest should be shown quicker than what it has because its a great show, its a real shame that Sky Atlantic didn’t pick this one up. At least then it would of been showing season 3 by now, maybe even finished season 3.

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        Technically not fair, really. Channel 5 began airing Person of Interest a couple of months after finalising the purchase, which is very normal and certainly not “messing about”.

        • Gavin Scott says:

          Andrew, what I was getting at was their need to put in a mid season break. Which was crazy considering the season was already long finished in America, so it wasn’t like they were needing to wait for the episodes to air in the States.
          Also season 2 started in October the following year to its debut in August and its requirement to put in a mid season break again. Now with season 3 its starting sometime in January, which is 16 months after season 2 was first aired here.
          Its really pathetic of Channel 5 in my eyes to constantly push the show back, at least in the States it remains consistent to when the seasons air.
          I’m not having a go at you, just wish Channel 5 would sort it out, I have sent several emails outlining my disappointment with their schedule to get nowhere.

          • Andrew Andrew says:

            I appreciate that Gavin. However there are two key points.

            Firstly American television “seasons” are very much more regimented than ours. With some exceptions, they start in autumn and end in spring, often with a break in the middle. Person of Interest is an American show and therefore will be broadcast there first.

            Secondly, the concept of “behind” is an artificial construct and only exists if one compares the schedules to those of a foreign country, in this case the US. That’s only partly of interest if one happened to be moving there.

            Personally, I enjoy Person of Interest and am more keen to see the positive, namely that it is still on air, despite clearly struggling with viewership and seeing other programmes in similar situations being dropped completely (such as Sons of Anarchy which I also enjoy very much).

            I prefer to enjoy my television without getting worked up too much about when or if people in other parts of the world might or might not be watching it.

    • Street fighting ninja girl says:

      I’ve resorted to streaming online. I will still buy the dvd of ever released but can’t wait around for c5. I’ve seen all of season 3 now so am hoping I can find season 4 when it airs in the US. It’s such a great show I need to know what happens!

  11. Paul says:

    Looks like it’s released on DVD in September and October on various regions. So hopefully the entire of series 3 will be on netflix not too long after. it will probably be on there before channel 5 anyway.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Regions 1 and 4. It’s unlikely to be released on UK region 2 until it has been broadcast, and if channel 5 has the first run rights, it won’t be on Netflix before that either.

  12. Kathryn says:

    Is this show being dropped? I hope not, the US are showing season 4 in September and we haven’t even got a date for when season 3 will be shown here! I love POI, it is the best show ever made!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Don’t think so. It should be back to 5 in the new year

      • Gavin says:

        That’s my thoughts exactly, it’s mental that Channel 5 have Gotham and will be showing it pretty much same time and we are screwed with one of my favourite shows, not even got a confirmed date and season 4 is about to start un the US.
        Have emailed channel 5 complaining about this but they basically said Big Brother is more important than Person if Interest!

  13. Jonny says:

    Does anyone know the UK air date for season 3 of person of interest, or have Channel 5 dropped it?

  14. Milo says:

    Anyone know when the UK are getting Season 3 of this show? I just caught up.

  15. shane says:

    what up with channel 5, were 1 year behind the US

  16. Richard says:

    Does any one know if their is a UK air date for season 3 of person of interest yet??

    Many Thanks

  17. mary says:

    I hope that the series of People of Interest stays on the air and is renewed, it is a very good show. Please keep it on. Thanks

  18. Rumpoles says:

    Person Of Interest. Channel 5 have just informed me that the move on 10th April is just for one week because of a week of crime programmes!

  19. Rumpoles says:

    Channel 5 appear to have moved Person of Interest to an even later slot of 11pm from Thursday 10th April. If this is permanent is it the beginning of the end? We are way behind the USA. They are dropping dramas in place of home grown dross documentaries.

  20. rob says:

    C5 announce today that Person of interest is back on 27th march 2014 at 10pm

  21. svenja diederich says:

    Finally :) channel 5 should stop doing this is how shows get cancelled. They need to just show helix too.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      If Person of Interest gets cancelled, it will be entirely due to its ratings in the US and nothing at all to do with its scheduling in one of several foreign markets (in this case! our UK).

  22. Benzowner says:

    Come on channel 5, when are you going to restart Person of Interest

  23. Chrissy Nicholls says:

    When are we going to get person of interest back on channel 5 , we got to episode 9 of season 2 then it stopped ………….. yet you keep showing repeats of other shows

  24. Pete says:

    I’m glad Channel 5 finally got their act together and have started broadcasting season 2 of “Person of Interest”. It’s such a great show. However I’m disappointed by Channel 5’s acquisition team. They seem rather slow to pick up the newer seasons of decent US shows, for example: they’re about a year or so behind on “NCIS” (another great import, thankfully if you have Sky the channel Fox UK is up-to-date) and they’ve only recently started showing season 3 of “Castle” yet anyone who’s been watching it on Alibi will be anxiously waiting for season 6 to air there. Seems like they don’t particularly care about their viewers and would rather schedule more crappy ‘reality documentaries’ and similar. Thank god for DVD box sets!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      In fairness to 5, both Castle and NCIS are second runs. You highlight that the first runs are on Alibi and Fox, respectively. The second run rights almost certainly come with a clause that stipulates a broadcast window. In other words Channel 5 cannot broadcast them earlier, no matter how much disdain they receive!

      Fox isn’t exclusive to Sky.

  25. Jetski says:

    On season 4 now in USA episode 5 aired last night, still in the top 10 in Nielsen ratings. So very good chance that it will be renewed for season 5 as well.
    Shame that in UK Channel 56 have it and muck around with the air time and dates.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      I think you skipped a year. This American programme aired series 3, episode 5 last night. Sure it is not aired at the same pace in its international markets, such as here. Channel 5, I believe, have been changing its position in the schedule because its viewing figures have not been as high as desired. Better that that dropping it entirely, surely.

      Yes, at the moment it has a reasonable chance of renewal (series 4) but that’s unlikely to be decided until early next year.

  26. Michelle says:

    i thought they were on season 3 now? i recall seeing 2 already

  27. John Sturdy says:

    Oh crap typo The River.

  28. John Sturdy says:

    There are several shows I’m still interested in finding out about. Primeval series 6, Haven season 4, Teenwolf season 3, Person of Interest season 2, Persons Unknown season 2& the new Vampire Diaries spin off The Originals. Not to mention the next series of The Vampire Diaries it’ self. Kinda lost track of how many seasons we’ve had so far,lol. Oh & I missed The Ruver again . My recordings failed on some of the episodes, dito with Falling Skies season 3!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Is that all? :)

      Well, Teen Wolf 3 will be available on DVD. Persons Unknown won’t have a 2nd series. Primeval 6 looks unlikely.

      Person of Interest 2, Haven 4, the Vampire Diaries 5 and the Originals are all in our Airdates list.

      The River is only available on R1 DVD but might also still be on UK iTunes. Falling Skies should be available on DVD in the summer.

  29. says:

    This is my first time visit at here and i am really pleassant to read all at single place.

  30. Dom says:

    YAY :D!! its seasson 2 is coming to the UK finally!!

  31. rafeeqa says:

    Person of interest is a great series worth the time watching can’t wait for season 3!!!!!

  32. Christopher says:

    Showing a show in the uk a year after it airs in the usa is what makes pirates!!! stupid gnikcuf media managers

  33. Person of interest is a great series. Well worth watching, can’t wait to see season 2 and 3 which has just been reviewed and accepted. Mega stuff.

  34. Safreena says:


    I am already on season 2 due to a friend giving this to me and now am desperate to find the 2nd half of season 2.. anyone know when that will be on??

    hating all these mid season breaks!!!


  35. sean says:

    just found your site wow its amazing helpsme keep upto date with when and were my shows are dont suppose u could emai me when u get a date for secong half of person of interest as i dont want to mis it as ive waited bloddy ages lol thank you