Sons of Anarchy

American television drama series created by Kurt Sutter about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in Charming, a fictional town in California’s Central Valley.

UK Premiere Date Information

Latest UK Premiere Date

UK Channel: Netflix

Latest/Next UK Season: 7

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: 30 June 2015

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

Not a premier as such because it’s already been available on iTunes, Blinkbox and Amazon, buts first for subscriptions. It’s also already available on BD/DVD. All 7 seasons will be on Sky On Demand from the 1st July too. Also Series 6 is on SPIKE 26/06/15 at 9pm starting with a double bill (first no one would air it, now it’s everywhere!).

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 3 – 5USA – 20th July 2011 at 10pm

Season 4 – 5USA – 18th January 2012 at 10pm

Season 5 – 5USA – 6th February 2013 at 10pm

Season 6 – July 2014 (digital purchase) / 1st September 2014 (DVD and Blu-Ray) / 30th November (DVD rental)

Season 7 – 10th September 2014 – iTunes/Blinkbox/Amazon Instant


Final Season: 7



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111 Responses to “Sons of Anarchy”

  1. Paul says:

    I have SOA on Sky’s ‘never miss’ which tells me it will be coming in 2016….. the excitement is too much…..
    Please geektown – find out more…

  2. Adam White says:

    Can anyone tell me when season 7 will be on Spike in the UK ? ?

  3. Pat Wilkins says:

    Can someone please tell why i can not find Sons of Anarchy on normal British you instead of netflex etc.
    we dont have netflex and dont want it WE JUST WANT SONS OF ARNARCHY BACK ON NORMAL PLEASE

  4. Marc says:

    26th June for the new season on Spike. I’m guessing it’s season 6, it looked like it from the clips, and it would be stupid to skip s6 and jump straight to 7.

  5. Peter says:

    Spike TV have dropped their showing of Sons of Anarchy (season 5) to one episode a week rather than double bills. This started last week and continued this morning. If this continues, and assuming season 6 commences immediately after season 5 finishes (which has happened for the first 5 seasons) then season 6 should now commence on 2nd July. Season 7 would then start on 1st October.

  6. Sharon Smith says:

    Great news everyone just received an email from channel 5 today. They state that they have acquired the broadcasting rights for series 6 of Sons of Anarchy and are planning to show it on theirs new channel Spike. The new channel starts 17th April but as yet they don’t have a start date for when sons of anarchy will be shown yet.
    We need to keep checking spike channel and sky never miss it wil show up when it start.
    Finally so very happy about this news.

  7. rosemary says:

    Will Sons of Anarchy ever be available on Sky On Demand or Boxsets?

  8. Jonathan says:

    Any word on when Season 7 will be on Netflix?

    I see the Blu-Ray/DVD is out in a couple of weeks.

  9. Chris says:

    It starts on January 1st on Netflix UK

  10. lee cattroll says:

    Anyone know if netflix uk lost the rights to season 6? I know its on other formats but im paying for netflix, watching via xbox360 so mlnot able to change the region setting to get american netflix. Thoughts?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      The easiest way by far to check what Netflix has or doesn’t have is with a Netflix subscription. As you say you’re currently paying for one, it’ll be easy to do a quick search

  11. Dave says:

    Anyone know when SOA series six will be on Netflix???

  12. Michelle says:

    I have been watching SOA season 7 on blinkbox the day after it was aired in the USA for the last 3 weeks. BUT…I tried to watch episode 4 last night and it wouldnt appear on blinkbox…..has anyone any idea why??

  13. Keith says:

    You can buy SEASON 7 on Google play in the UK for £1.89 per episode. I watched episode 1 last night and it was brilliant. Well worth £1.89 and NO ad breaks. Hope this helps

  14. maris quinn says:

    I check at lst weekly to see if SOA is going to be aired. Buti see channel 5 are not going to air it. Thi
    s was a fantastic programme ith millions of viewers now disappointed

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      No Channel 5 aren’t airing it. Unfortunately it wasn’t making them enough money back on the investment.

      However, you can now get the whole of season 6 on iTunes, Blinkbox and Amazon (and other online VoD stores), PLUS you can get season 7 the day after it airs in the USA! Yes, you have to pay for it, but it does mean you’re getting season 7 way faster than you would have if Channel 5 were still airing it.

  15. Half pack says:

    To answer my own question it finally came on amazon sometime today. Not sure why it took so long as been on iTunes for a couple of days…

  16. Half pack says:

    Anyone know why episode 2 season 7 of SOA hasn’t come onto amazon instant (Lovefilm) yet? First ep came on day after it aired!

  17. Scott says:

    Hi, does anyone know if season 7 will be on the iTunes UK channel or on iTunes the app?

  18. Darren says:

    Hi every one does any one know when sons of anarchy season 6 is due to air on uk TV seem like a life time been waiting to watch but still no new of my favourite TV series please been soon

  19. Keith says:

    Channel 5 has dropped FX’s biker drama Sons of Anarchy and the show’s sixth season will now receive its UK premiere on a number of digital platforms via 20th Century Fox’s Digital HD programme ahead of the DVD and Blu-ray releases this September.

    Sons Of Anarchy has previously premiered in the UK on Channel 5?s digi-net 5USA, who aired seasons three though five between 2011 and 2013. Representatives of Channel 5 have confirmed to TVWise that they have decided not to pick up the UK rights to season six. That being the case, 20th Century Fox has decided to release the sixth season direct to consumers, just as Sony did when Breaking Bad lost its UK broadcaster.

  20. Brenda G says:

    Enlightened Season 2 ISN’T on 10September. Check TV schedules. SkyAtlantic have deferred it.. final 2episodes of series 1 (repeats) aired last night, Wed 03September. Better amend your schedule.

  21. Wendz says:

    When will sons of anarchy return to tv i n the uk and what channel and time

  22. SAFK says:

    When is season 7 on in the UK?? I just finished 6 and OMG and now I need to know 7 will be on soon

    anyone able to help?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Season 6 was only just released yesterday so you are rather jumping the gun somewhat. Season 7 hasn’t even begun in the US yet. 12 months is the usual period. I commend your enthusiasm though !

    • Darren says:

      From the official SOA UK Facebook page.

      “The final season of Sons Of Anarchy airs in the US in September, but fear not, every episode will be available to UK fans just 24 hours after via iTunes! That’s right, Season 7 is coming to the UK from September 10th!”

      Hopefully it won’t just be on iTunes.

  23. kim says:

    Absolutely gutted that season 6 not being shown on UK tv . 🙁

  24. lee says:

    Channel 5, Network FX, & Linson seem to be ran by idiots, their most popular shows are binned and they don’t tell viewers why.

    I’m done with SOA not because of some glib, childish internet reaction. I’ve waited for CH5 to announce when season 6 will be shown for a long, long time & read rumours about a DVD release but in all honesty, I’ll have forgotten about SOA and why it was worth watching before then.

    If these companies actually understood marketing they’d realise the UK lost interest in SOA because of this, instead they hope the minimal sales they’ll achieve from DVD will meet their strategy.
    I certainly won’t buy the DVD’s because it’s unfortunately a distant memory for me now

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      The uk broadcasters and the DVD distributors don’t share income.

    • Ricky says:

      Aye the new new owners of channel 5 are total nuggets! They did the same with season 4 of The Walking Dead, however because of an uproar from the viewers they decided to aquire the the rights to air season 4. Hopefully they will follow suit with SOA! Hopefully 🙂

      • Dave Elliott Dave says:

        That maybe a bit unfair to Viacom, as I think SoA (and Once Upon A Time) were ditched by Desmond prior to the sale. I was hoping the new guys might bring some of the shows that were dropped back again, but not seeing signs of that yet.

  25. Jay says:

    Heya all is it the 1st of sept on c5 USA? And anyone no the time?

  26. Marc says:

    C5 are obviously insane, they kept fans hanging on without any clue as to when they may or may not buy the rights to air a show that has such a massive following as SOA.
    Did they think everyone would just wait? September release is now irrelevant to me although I may watch it a second time, their revenue comes from advertising, they need the ratings so why wait until the ‘net is so full of spoilers that you have to surf blindfolded in order to avoid them?
    After having two VERY significant and important parts of the plot destroyed for me whilst actively trying to avoid anything to do with the show I watched it online which is something I hate doing because it is one lost viewer closer to jeopardising a renewal but was left very little choice if I didn’t want the entire thing ruined.

    September is a p*sstake frankly, it is eight months late on the previous two seasons and a full 12 months after the US release. Hopefully S7 will be aired on a channel that knows what it is doing.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      You are comparing a UK DVD release with a US broadcast of a US show. That’s apples and pears. Of course it is going to be later.

      Comparing apples to apples, the region 2 DVD release is actually about a month earlier than season 5.

      Comparing British apples to American apples, the region 1 disc doesn’t actually have a release date yet.

      Sons of Anarchy is probably my favourite television programme right now. I know nothing about season 6 because I haven’t watched it and I chose not to read anything about it.

      Channel 5, as I am sure you are aware, has recently undergone a sale which, from a business point of view, will have taken precedence over individual programmes.

      You have made the choice to watch season 6 illegally thus, as you note, contributing to the chances that future UK broadcasts may not happen for those of us who have made the choice to wait the few more weeks until September and enjoy season 6 legally.

      • Marc says:

        Legalities and your judgements aside.

        I will still buy the DVD but I’ll wait for the full set, therefore in the meantime if no channel is going to air it I fail to see the harm, they will get my money for the season I watched. I already pointed out that I don’t like watching things online, as a bit of a masochist I actually like the tension brought on by waiting a week before the next one comes out, which is how I watched seasons 1-5. I also am one of those that watch all shows I can get on TV and purchase music rather than downloading it, I am not a fan of torrent and streaming sites having had a lot of my favourite shows axed I know their cost. If S6 goes straight to DVD so will S7, therefore nothing is lost from a broadcasting POV as it has already been renewed for it’s 7th (and AFAIK final) season.

        You got me on one thing though, I missed it was a straight to DVD release, I skimmed past that part having read so many times it will be on 5USA.

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          I agree with you on the weekly tension issue. When 24 switched to pay TV, I only had analogue television at the time, and like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and now Sons of Anarchy, bought the DVD when it came out. What I did was watch one episode a week (of season 3 and 4 I think, albeit bingeing on the rather excellent season 5). I also didn’t read about it on the internet.

          With television, as with life in general, it’s hard to just brush legalities aside when choosing the right thing to do.

          If you buy the DVDs, the money you pay goes to a different company to the broadcaster who had previously bought the rights, and therefore doesn’t help them in any way recover that cost. The only way (apart from BBC channels) is through advertising and authorised viewership).

          Ending on a positive note though, it still seems entirely possible that a flashback spinoff will be made and I for one would love to see the story of John Teller forming the club in the 60s.

          • Marc says:

            I didn’t read about SOA S6, I’m not quite that daft Andrew, I was trying to avoid spoilers but when you run one large international forum and are active on a few others it’s pretty hard to avoid spoilers, people talk, the American members were talking about SOA in irrelevant threads.

            I also know DVD rights are different from TV rights but nobody has bought the TV rights for the UK so it kinda makes it moot, when I buy the DVD set then the producers of the show will get their money for the season I have watched online. I think that makes it right, just like I feel no guilt downloading a digital copy of an album or track when I own the CD, as far as I am concerned I have paid my fee for the music and can listen to it wherever, whenever and however I like but this is obviously just my opinion.
            I am taking a guess that S7 rights will not be purchased by any UK channel either, so it looks like I’ll be doing the same thing again, I’d rather not but if left no choice I’m not waiting for the final season to be spoilt for me. I already know I am buying the boxset when it is released.

            I know this must read like I’m having a go at you but really I am not, I felt the need to defend myself against the tone I perceived in your original reply to me. Just differing ‘moral’ viewpoints but we really aren’t that far apart as I don’t like illegal downloads either for reasons already mentioned (ratings mainly) but I will use them if I feel I am being left with little choice (SOA S6 being a perfect example) but I will usually find a way to make it right afterwards.

            I am interested in the idea of the ‘prequel’ spinoff but also I’m a bit wary of the idea, Kurt Sutter is brilliant so he should be able to pull it off with ease but there is always the potential for these things not to go as planned and in these cases they can sully the original series as they’re so closely linked. I guess we’ll see in time.

            • Andrew Andrew says:

              Thanks Marc. I wasn’t judging you morally. As the legality is black and white so any moral judgment simply isn’t required.

              My concern in these matters is that online theft contributes to a reduction in broadcasts even though many seek to justify it by turning it around to their convenience (ie “I steal it online because XYZ nasty broadcaster hasn’t kept up with US pace etc), and secondly out of concern that such people will not be treated so calmly by lawyers acting for the rights-holders.

              The bottom line is that my opinion, yours, or anybody else’s is irrelevant. It isn’t legal to steal content online and that’s as much clarity and discussion that is required.

              Ultimately (with a tiny number of exceptions) there is ALWAYS a means to watch legally, usually requiring patience which a growing number of folks seem unable to employ. In this case it is simply a matter of waiting for the DVD or Blu-Ray.

  27. amanda says:

    What’s wrong with you u need to bring bak sons of anarchy in uk its truly missed I love it

  28. Paul says:

    Anybody know where I can get season 6 in Ireland on DVD? Thanks

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      The UK release is September. I don’t have information for other countries, but it’ll be the same region 2, and you could order online from any UK supplier and I’m sure most will ship across the border.

    • Yvonne says:

      You would be able to buy SOA season six in Ireland in xtra vision but it won’t be available until the same time as Britain so it’s early September. Sadly!

  29. Paul says:

    Channel 5 get your act together and get the rights to this season

  30. Steve Clark says:

    Come on channel 5 sort it out you have a massive audience waiting.

  31. Nancy says:

    So Kurt Sutter is currently in the UK & on his Twitter he’s said that he’s trying to sort out broadcasting season 6 over here, so fingers crossed…

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      That’s good news. There’s also reports Discovery & Sky are about to do a 70/30% (Discovery being the major partner) deal to buy Channel 5 off Richard Desmond, which explains the dumping of shows recently… Why would you spend money on shows if you’re going sell the channel. Hopefully the new owners will pick some of the ditched shows back up again.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      I’ve read it but didn’t see that specifically. It read rather like he wasn’t aware 5 had dropped it, to me.

      • Nancy says:

        He just said in one link “I’ll try to get some answers when SOA will air in the UK”. Then in a later tweet he asked for confirmation as to which season we are waiting on. It’s a step in the right direction at least.

  32. caz persel says:

    I am amzed this channel has a broadcasting licence they are crap!

    • lee says:

      I completely agree, CH5 seem like they don’t have a clue when they’re onto a good thing, The Walking Dead?

      Get Sons of Anarchy back on UK TV, there’s a loyal following, the same who are buying the DVD’s. Maybe we end up forgetting about it as well as the DVD market, though it’s more likely it’ll end up on SKY/BT w/e only and we’ll just do the same

  33. Harry Radford says:

    Fans of SAMCRO,
    The price is still going down.
    Currently the price for Season 6 BluRay is £26.25.

  34. Harry Radford says:

    Fans of SAMCRO,
    The price has now gone down to £32.56 🙂


  35. Harry Radford says:

    Fans Of SAMCRO,
    Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 is now available to buy on Amazon. Release date is Monday 1st Septembers.
    Current Blu Ray version is priced at £34.99 although this is subject to change.

  36. Paul says:

    I have already watched SOA 6 all you have to do is go online and find it. Check [edited out. ]

  37. Kerry says:

    Just been on there twitter page, and everyday their reply about how they havent bought the rights yet but theyll keep us updated.

  38. keith says:

    I e mailed Channel 5 and they finally gave me an answer. Its potentially bad news folks. Channel 5 / USA have not picked up the rights to SOA Season 6 “yet” but they were happy that i showed interest in the show and it would be noted. I think that means that they probably declined Season 6 on-wards due to poor ratings. Here’s hoping !

  39. Frankie says:

    How have you all not seen season 6 ?.. I live in Scotland and I have seen season 1 to 6. Just waiting on season 7 now :). Can’t wait !!

  40. Keith says:

    Any news on Season 6 UK air date on 5 USA or has any other UK Channel picked up the broadcast rights??

  41. darren daniel says:

    Hi im just wondering when season 7 of sons of anarchy is on please

  42. Bill Baily says:

    Fed up now…. trying to avoid spoilers for Season 6 is impossible!! Just had significant lumps of plot ruined by t-shirts on eBay of all places….

    How hard can it be? Walking Dead is shown in the UK the night after the US, Arrow is only a week behind… other shows/channels manage it. Guess it comes down to money/viewing figures

    Is it any wonder that people have resorted to Torrent sites these days….

    Spleen vented!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It comes down to money/ viewing figures. It’s a business. Viewing figures are hurt by stealing, reducing the money made, in turn lessening the chances of further expensive acquisitions for proper fans.

      I understand the frustration, though. It’s my favourite US programme. I haven’t yet seen or heard anything to spoil season 6.

  43. kim minter says:

    whens the new season of sons back on tv in uk..we miss it..

  44. Jason says:

    Wha a joke that season 6 is not being shown yet in the UK. Is there any way of getting in touch FX to vent our disapointment. For me the whole show is runined because we have to wait so long & trying to avoid spoilers is impossible, no wonder so many people start to use torrent sites

  45. karen hogan says:

    please can you email me when series 6 of sons of anarchy is showing in the uk thanks


  46. Alan says:

    when oh when is season 6 being shown in the uk. I think we have waited long enough now lol any chance of an e-mail to let me know release date plz

  47. Paul says:

    Season 6 /7 UK release date , thx !

  48. Kelly says:

    Could you please send me an email when sons of anarchy season 6 will be shown in the UK. thanks.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Unfortunately not, for two reasons. Firstly we don’t send out individual emails. We do however, have a very comprehensive list of UK Airdates that you are welcome to check as often as you like.

      Secondly, you’ll see from the comments section, that a degree of mystery surrounds the programme and the question of “if” is rather more pressing than “when”.

  49. Veronica says:

    Can’t wait for season 6 to arrive on TV in UK:-)

  50. Harry Radford says:

    Regarding Sons Of Anarchy Season 6, this is just a guess.
    5USA are currently showing repeats of Season 5, which are due to end at the end of March ’14.
    My guess is that Season 6 will commence in April ’14.
    Keeping my fingers crossed, with high hopes.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      I sincerely hope so too, but haven’t actually seen confirmation that they have bought it yet

      • clare says:

        They actually tweeted earlier in the week, responding to a question asking this, that they haven’t bought the rights yet. Whether they are planning on doing this or not is anyone’s guess. I have an awful feeling though that after dropping OUAT and more recently Justified, that Sons is going to go the same way.

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          I think they had bought the rights and scheduled the premiere by this time of the year on previous occasions.

          • clare says:

            I think they had too. Did they use to show it as part of a double bill almost with Justified in previous seasons? I think I remember Sons starting at 10pm followed by Justified at 11pm straight after. I know we all just have to wait and see, but it will be such a shame if they drop this show, I really do think it’s one of the best shows around.

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      I’m hoping that’s true too. I have seen the 1st episode (I was in the US at the time, so not illegally. 😉 ), and it’s a good un.

      I did have a chat with C5’s PR people, but unfortunately the C5 scheduling demons aren’t very forthcoming… (although less drunk than that the E4 scheduling demons). Clearly they aren’t sacrificing enough interns. 😉

  51. Kerry says:

    Oh come on channel 5 you know you want to show please dont drop it like Jusified and The Walking Dead!!!
    I was cursing channel 5 last year though, they brought it then showed the premiere the following week only saw the advert for it on the day it aired, so everyone keep your eyes & ears open and report back.

  52. Stepen yonug says:

    When is season 6 soa on in the uk

  53. Shane Miles says:

    SoA was confirmed for a final season, the seventh, late last year. The major decider being that most of the shows stars were only contracted to do seven seasons and as a result have signed on to other projects. Hunnam in particular has a number of major Hollywood big budget movies in his sights. Its been a fantastic ride and im looking forward to S6 hopefully in February.

  54. sean carter says:

    i was just wanting to no when season 6 of sons of anarchy is comming out on dvd ??

  55. kim minter says:

    can u tell me when sons is being broadcast in uk.the new series thanks

  56. jake says:

    braw show, love it , hope it goes on for another few seasons . Yer a good Paisley Tim Chibs !!!!!!!!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It hasn’t yet been confirmed beyond the forthcoming 6th series but rumour has it that it will have a 7th and final series before a prequel is developed.

      Chibs is a great character and unlike fellow Brit Charlie Hunnam, gets to use his own accent!

  57. RAchael says:

    When wil sons of anarchy start on sky and what channel?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Sons of Anarchy hasn’t been on any of Sky’s channels. It has been on 5USA. Providing they secure the rights, we’d expect it back early in the new year again.

  58. Gemma says:

    When is season 6 of sons of anarchy coming to uk tv?

  59. geoff says:

    pleas get sons of anarchy on tv soon

    • mark ryan says:

      you can watch SOA online at [please do not post links of illegal streaming sites] if you don’t wish to wait forever [you don’t have to, it’s availible legally 1 day after the US on most legal streaming services], they have all the Seasons including season 7 and its all free [and that’s why it’s illegal].

      • Crystal says:

        Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I was wondering if anyone would happen to know when s7 was coming to Netflix. I use a vpn so can get any region.