Teen Wolf

Developed by Jeff Davis for MTV, and based on the 1985 film of the same name, Teen Wolf follow the life of Scott McCall after he gets bitten by a werewolf, which also turns him into one himself.



UK Premiere Date Information

Latest UK Premiere Date

UK Channel: 5star

Latest/Next UK Season: 2

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: 24 March 2016

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

Technically not a UK premiere, but people keep on mentioning it, so it’s back in the list. Teen Wolf is continuing on ‘normal’ TV with season 2 on 5*.  Hopefully the other seasons to follow (not confirmed). You can get up to Season 3 on iTunes in the UK, and also get the later seasons legally is using a DNS Switcher like Unlocator to access Netflix US if you have a Netflix account.

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 1 – Sky Living – 7th July 2011 at 8pm

Season 2 – Sky Living – 12th July 2012 at 8pm

Season 3 – iTunes – 14th April 2014

Season 1 – 5* – 27 October 2015 at 9pm

Season 2- 5star – 24th March 2016


Next Season: 6



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teen wolf

Trailer for Teen Wolf

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217 Responses to “Teen Wolf”

  1. Amy says:

    when does teen wolf season 5b air in the UK ???

    • Sophie says:

      Teen Wolf isn’t being shown on tv and it won’t be because no other channel ha picked it up since Sky Living dropped it after season 2. If you want to watch it, you have to watch it online

  2. Sarah says:

    Just saw a promo for Teen Wolf season 1 on 5* Here in England. It will start 27th October.

  3. David E says:

    ITV2, Channel 4, E4, Channel 5, Spike, Sky1, Watch, Syfy, MTV or Horror Channel should pick seasons 3-6 up. Like Spike did with Breaking Bad.

  4. Naomi C says:

    My sister got me in to Teen Wolf over Christmas, and I’m gutted to find I won’t be able to find out what happens next!

    Keep fighting for this show!!

    UK Supernatural fans were glad to see the back of Sky Living tbh and after nine months we got the show a home on E4!

    Don’t give in by watching on puny 11 and 15 inch screens, you know Teen Wolf deserves to be seen on a proper TV (also, I don’t have a computer lol)

    Find and show channels resources that illustrate the growing fanbase, the popularity ~ TWO conventions for Teen Wolf this year, by the same company!! Share the petition with the powers that be, number all the popularity contests the show has won!!

    • Jamie E says:

      Not a big fan of Supernatrual seen a few episodes I also use my 32 inch TV has a monitor for my PC, on a plus side they should be starting filming season 5 in the spring

  5. Jamie Edwards says:

    I think everyone in the UK who likes this show should illigally download season 3 and 4 after all MTV & SKY are forcing us to what is the bloody point of MTV UK channel if they WILL NOT AIR there best shows like TEEN WOLF on them and on top off that also if seson 3 or 4 don’t get aired in the UK they won’t even release them on DVD in UK either which means no region 2 so again MTV nad SKY forcing UK fans to break the law to download illigal copies.

  6. natalie harrison says:

    you can see all 3 and 4 on [redacted] its easy to find.

  7. natalie harrison says:

    i can not understand why it would be dropped by uk sky. I love it. i have watched them but even so some people wouldnt have and i watched seriers 3 and 4 in just 1 week cos its that great. i would love to watch it on sky though cos then my family can watch too. my partner doesnt like much i do but loved it. 1 and 2 anyway. it really is popular. come on uk whats wrong with ya. people dont just wanna see maze runner because of the book its because of dylan obrian. i am in shock that its not coming hear. please vote.

    • rich says:

      I also cannot believe a great show like this gets taken off UK TV. been trying to find ways to get it back on but no luck. taken of just to allow more British shows rubbish. not many seen on sky living for example. still least iTunes shown season 3. and hopefully 4 and 5 with any luck. I am very surprised even MTV UK wont show it.

  8. leanne says:

    Hi does anyone know when teen wolf season 4 comes out on tv in the UK. Thanks x

  9. ranakotigaurav says:

    You can Search Teen Wolf All Season on this website:==[deleted]

  10. MissEe says:

    If the third series has become available on itunes does that mean it wont be available on DVD later? Or will it eventually be released on in region 2?

  11. Zack says:

    The first episode of season 4 was great!!!:)I don’t miss Alison or Isaac because malia and kira are great characters which have been added to the show.hopefully stiles and malia become closer which will be good for the storyline….love this show!!!!!!:)

  12. amy fish says:

    when will the new season be out on netflix they said it would be on june 13 2014 and they lied it better be out in june because i would be really disappointed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz tell me when its out

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      I don’t think Netflix UK ever said it they would have it on 13th June. Are you perhaps mixing up the UK and the US as Amanda appears to have done?

      At any rate, no need for a panic. If you want to watch season 3 in the UK, you’ll see above it is available on iTunes.

  13. Aimee says:

    Hey there,
    So I think many people are thinking , including me, why Teen Wolf isn’t airing on TV anymore.
    Is it ever going to be airing again? And why the hale was it cancelled in the first place?!
    Can you give me answers, I’ve been wondering ever since it stopped playing.
    Aimee Stilinski.

  14. amanda says:

    It says on mtv.com that teen wolf season 3 premieres June 2014.

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      Hi Amanda,

      mtv.com is the US site. mtv.co.uk is the UK site, and I can’t find any reference to Teen Wolf on there unfortunately. You sure you didn’t read teen wolf season 4 premieres June 2014 – which it does in the US?


    • Andrew Andrew says:

      You’ll be pleased to know that it actually starts in the UK sooner than that – next week in fact, on iTunes. Although the US broadcast is on MTV, it wasn’t on MTV in the UK. It was on Sky Living, and now iTunes. Enjoy

    • Aimee says:

      Hi Amanda,
      Teen Wolf season 3 came out on January 6th in the US and it has came to an end.
      Season 4 will be starting the 24th June in the US so I think that’s the information you have been given.
      You can watch season 3 here [link removed – sorry we don’t allow links to illegal streaming sites] but please keep in mind to close ANY pop ups and ALWAYS click the cross 😉
      from one wolfie to another adios!
      p.s don’t be a sourwolf 😉

    • amy fish says:

      reply to amanda i know right those people are so rude if it is not out today

  15. Tom says:

    series three is not out yet not sure when it will be on dvd but it will be on iTunes on the 14th april, also iTunes are selling series 1 and 2 for only £4.99.

  16. rich says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone know when the dvd of season 3 will be out in the uk?

  17. Kenya says:

    sorry the link was wrong its [edit: please don’t post links to illegal download/viewing sites] and all tou have to do is type in teen wolf in the search box at the top and you’ll have all the teen wolf episodes

  18. Kenya says:

    Sorry that they don’t show teen wolf in the uk anymore. But, I live in america and I know this website where you can watch all the episodes of teen wolf. including others like pretty little liars and true blood. The website is [edit: please don’t post links to illegal download/viewing sites]

  19. Christie Henry says:

    Can’t believe teen wolf isn’t going to be broadcast here. With the rubbish that is put on tv at the moment this would make a refreshing change. I absolutely love watching it, having bought season 1and 2 I really hope I will be able to buy season3. I’ve been watching season 3 online and it’s fantastic. I am a mother of 15 year old twin girls who also love it. BRING IT BACK! !!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      You should be able to buy series 3 around Easter

    • Saira says:

      Where have you watched it I’ve been trying but no luck so far. It’s a joke how its not being aired in the uk

      • Amanda says:

        Saira – you can watch it on [edit: despite several edits in comments below, removing links to or names of illegal sharing sites, some of you still insist on putting them in your comments. For clarity- it is wrong and it is not permitted here. Please do not do it] but only seems to work on laptops or computers tried on my iphone and didn’t work

  20. Michelle says:

    Can’t believe i’ve just read that there not going to be showing Teen Wolf season3 🙁 so not fair!! i’ve been waiting ages please please show it, that programme was brilliant and would love to see derek again !!!!

  21. rich says:

    I agree dani. those figures do not add up. I have signed of course. so come on everybody lets carry on signing please. heard reports season 3 is amazing so lets get it back to the UK.

    • dani says:

      Season 3 is amazing i have been watching it so much more mature and story line is fantastic cause its a longer season the story lines are better and they have long enough to show the full story if you get what i mean
      But the figures don’t match on here for the signatures etc

      • rich says:

        I think I know what u mean. Lots of dangerous terrifying situations for our young WOLF to get pulled into right? but I think I going to have to wait for the DVD unless of course a LOT more people start SIGNING. I allways thought season 1 in particular could have done with more programmes. As they can take there time and drag things out now.
        I want IN come everybody start signing this petition. Please please please!!!

        • dani says:

          Story lines are great this series so far has been about human sacrifices. That are takin place and the new alpha pack
          They have found out what lydia is…she is a banshee won’t say no more lol
          This is best series yet god knows why they got rid of it

          • rich says:

            Yes I stumbled across that bit about Lydia on a online info site. Yes it sounds amazing I need say no more. But NO more info please Dani. All left to say is Everybody sign sign sign. It sounds like that there is plenty of scope for a fourth season.

  22. dani says:

    If the amount of people who viewed this page signed the petition we may just make our point that they were wrong to cancel the series don’t you think
    There ain’t even 2000 signatures and over 50,000 have viewed this page signed

  23. Victoria says:

    I think that Fox or Viva channel should pick up Teen Wolf.

  24. Amanda says:

    If you have the Internet you can watch it in [MOD: deleted – sorry, I know it sucks it’s not been picked up, but please don’t promote illegal download services] it only seems to work from laptops and computers tried on my iphone and didn’t work I have seen the 1st 7 and there really good hope this helps some people just type in teen wolf season 3 episode 1 then it should come up then just keep changing the episodes

  25. Jacqueline King says:

    Come on Sky Living get yours asses into gear and pick up Teen Wolf Season 3 NOW.

  26. jojo says:

    total disgusted,that there showing season 3!!!!! here in theuk but they have crap like geordie shore on mtv(yes im from the north,east&still hate it and the cast)16&pregnant is constantly on whats that all about!!! i pay a smALL FORTUNE for sky tv as it is but yet my hubby gets 2watch all his boring rubbish hannabil.borgias,vegas,boardwalk empire,game of thrones,many more yet i cant watch TEENWOLF

  27. Jeaven says:

    Teen Wolf is starting again on August 7th at 5pm on PICK TV does this mean anything ??????

  28. liverpool says:

    Pick up season 3!!!!:)

  29. Naomi porter says:

    It’s replaying on sky fox channel lets hope they find it in there hearts to pick up season 3. Miss my stiles and Derek fix x

  30. dean says:

    Class series someone air it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. liverpool says:


  32. liverpool says:

    Sky living is a channel ill never be watching again:)….

  33. liverpool says:

    Teen wolf was there only good show so I dont know why they stoped it.there useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( TEENWOLF is epic!!!!

  34. dani says:

    I emailed e4 to ask if they had any plans to maybe show teen wolf or if they would consider it and my reply was that they had no plans at the moment but they have forwarded my suggestion for it to become one of their shows to the people responsible for all that stuff.not great but maybe at least they would consider it
    Still no luck in gettin hold of sky living at all grrr

  35. E says:

    Living TV fail at everything since SKY bought them out, so in a way I’m glad they’ve not picked it back up (I won’t even start on the cluster [edit: foul language] of showing Supernatural, what). But, if no one else does, then I hope it makes its way to DVD quickly.

  36. Tyler says:

    Just Please Call The Cast Now And Find Out The News Of The Date For The UK And and Call the UK Please I’m begging you I’m now in tears for this to happen

  37. Janet says:

    “Please Tell Me When Teen Wolf Is Coming Is It This Year Or Next Year So I’m begging Call the cast of teen wolf To Talk about when its coming out for the UK”

  38. Jamie says:

    Please I’m begging you

  39. Jamie says:

    Please it’s getting me really angry I need werewolves and alison

  40. Jamie says:

    Please it’s getting me really angry I need werewolves and alison come put it on a channel mot arsed which

  41. brogan says:

    come on guys sign the petition!! you can sign it multiple times and it counts them so sign it as many times as you can to boost the numbers!! WE NEED TEEN WOLF BACK IN THE UK NOW!!

  42. A_PEDDIE_LOVER says:

    I want TEEN WOLF back NOW I LOVE IT TOO MUCH It is my live Derek is epic and I love styles even though I like Burkely Duffield is till need it

  43. Amazing alpha says:

    You stupid channel teen wolf is the best tv program EVER I hope u all get poisoned by wolf Spain and I hope Derek hale comes to hurt u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Awsomesause4 says:


  45. Awsomesause4 says:

    ???????????????????????????????????????????? THIS IS NOT FAIR U STUPID CHANNEL TAKE TEEN WOLF BACK

  46. A_PEDDIE_LOVER says:



  47. Awsomesause4 says:


  48. TJ says:

    Someone’s gotta pick this show up, it’s one of the best programmes on tv. If not do we at least know if it’s gonna get released on region 2 DVD?

  49. Please, please, please bring it back! :(:(:(:(

  50. Lorraine Coady says:

    This is a great show that all my family watch together please show season three, this is a fantastic supernatural program that we have been waiting for. Rethink your decision please……..

  51. TEEN WOLF says:

    You should keep one of a favorite supernatural dramas on mtv because if you don’t you’ll be making a very big mistake! SO GET IT BACK ON NOW!

  52. rich says:

    Yes been a while since I heard that they were trying to get TEEN WOLF back to the UK TV though another channel. It would be nice to hear something even if they fail. At least then we know. Had similar trouble with the TV show CHUCK. But was able to get the seasons DVD no trouble I guess same with Teen Wolf. Again guessing this time next year for that realise. Lets all keep signing petitions were up to 1134 now. With a target of 10,000 lets reach that and get our show back. ALLWAYS HOPE.

  53. Ezme says:

    Is anyone else losing hope in that there will be a broadcaster in the UK?? There’s been no new news for ages; I honestly think it might not be picked up be any channel anymore :'( :'(

    • clare says:

      Yep 🙁

      I don’t think anyone will pick it up now. Especially as Living still have the rights to the first 2 series, I don’t think another network will get series 3 without being able to show the previous 2 series too. I wont resort to watching illegally as I think that is where a lot of the problems start with US shows being dropped over here. I just hope it will get released on DVD over here.

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        The Region 1 disc is usually released the following May (so May 2014 for series 3). Not all machines are compatible of course, but the Region 2 usually follows a month or two later. If for whatever reason it isn’t released in the UK, it should still be possible to get the R2 discs from online retailers in the likes of Germany or France.

  54. Ezme says:

    Is anyone else losing hope that there wont be a broadcaster in the UK?? There’s be no new news for ages; I honestly think it might not be picked up be any channel anymore di

  55. Jamie says:

    Put it on FFS

  56. ryan says:

    bring teen wolf back to the uk been waiting for ages

  57. Ady says:

    You can watch the series in full on [edit]

  58. Louise says:

    Bring teen wolf back in uk A.S.A.P I have been waiting a year for it sky living a joke come on MTV or E4
    Teen wolf all the way

  59. Jamie says:

    Seriously ****** put it on FFA [edit: again, bad low-brow language]

  60. Jamie says:

    Seriously ***** put it on [edit: language]

  61. sid.aa says:

    Bring on season 3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont c the point in showing both season 1 and 2 not to show the rest very disappointed 🙁

  62. Jamie says:

    I need teen wolf i have watched season one and two 7mtimes between them because I need something to watch just bring effing teen wolf back on NOW

  63. Hannah Mackenzie says:

    OMG i have just finished Season 2 of Teen Wolf and i have Enjoyed it and i just found out that You r Dropping it i Really love this show Please dont Drop it it is to good and it is unfair that the USA get to Watch it and the UK dont that aint fair! So Pretty Please Put it back on in the UK

  64. John Tawn says:

    Noooooo!!!! I need TW season 3 its my fav programme dont drop plz!!!! I will pay!!!

  65. This is just sky living doing what they do best, dropping a decent series. Just ridiculous. Get a grip living. Some sad soul sat in an office unable to decide what is good and what is not. Shame on you

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Generally decisions like that will be made by more than one person and be based on something objective like commercial viability, rather than something subjective like whether or not it is “good”.

  66. suzy crean oregan says:

    hi from ireland, does anyone know when teen wolf season 3 start on the irish sky channels……

  67. sarah says:

    Not happy at all … living always do this pain in the arse …. u get into something then they cancel it !!!!!!!

  68. Leeboy says:

    This is a massive shame that as a UK resident I will at this time be unable too see season 3. I have fully enjoyed the last 2seasons and feel that Sky Living have let a lot of ppl down.

    I really hope some1 takes it on so we can get to see the whole of season 3.

    Rant over.;-);-);-);-);-);-)

  69. lucy miles says:

    Me and my husbans 2 b love it we live in uk and really want to see the 3er season. Hope it comes bk on over here. 🙂

  70. rich says:

    Right let us keep going. By signing Petitions and Contacting Sky Living and Posting comments on line. With any luck we will be able to persuade another UK channel that there is a big enough Teen Wolf UK for them to show it. I know there is now lets show them!!!!

  71. dani says:

    I myself have contacted sky living and my email gets returned saying this address is not valid and i got the address from sky customer services so not a clue what that’s all about

    • Clare says:

      I’ve tweeted them so many times but they’ve just gone unanswered. Looking through their tweets they’ve had a lot of people asking about teen wolf but they keep giving the same generic reply of ‘we won’t be showing season 3’, they’re not actually saying why which is frustrating. I’ve also emailed them and had nothing back, not the best customer service really, they obviously don’t feel they need to give an explanation to the people who watch their channel.

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        I don’t think an answer to the question will placate much of the sentiment of fans, though.

        It’s fairly standard- acquisitions arrive with varying degrees of pomp and ceremony, while decommissions are quietly filed away.

        • clare says:

          Probably not although it would be nice to have a reason behind it. I don’t think its too much to ask as a viewer. If its due to low numbers watching the show then you can understand from the networks point of view why they don’t want to spend any more money on buying the rights etc, but when they don’t give an actual reason its frustrating from a viewers point of view.

          • Andrew Andrew says:

            It is almost certainly due to the programme not performing to original expectations but from a commercial point of view it isn’t desirable to publicise that.

  72. Rachel says:

    This is a fun seris that aloows the charcters to evolve and does not take itself too seriouly. Sky Living is currently repaeting season 1 and 2 back to back every night so they must think there is an adudiance out there so why show the repeats and not a new series.

    I pay a Sky subscription to get new series if I wanted repeates I buy the DVDs for 1 off cost if Sky carrys on choosing repeats over new series I will have to rethink my subscription.

  73. clare says:

    I’ve contacted Sky Living numerous times to ask for a reason as to why they’ve dropped the show (as I’m genuinely intrigued as to the reason behind it) but so far they haven’t gotten back to me. Based on how long I’ve been asking them I doubt I’ll get a response but will post here if I do.

  74. Please bring it back! We’ll have to wait ages for the boxset 🙁 + I prefer waiting the week to watch it, it builds up the suspense and I get way more excited 🙁

  75. kay says:

    why keep showing season two to get more people to watch just to find out that you wont be showing the next season?! just as the drama is building up and you have so many viewers you cancel the series? why sky living? another network needs to pick up season 3!!!! if not just buy the boxset when It comes out on amazon..

  76. Jessica thomas says:

    What the hell come on sky if I can’t see the new season of teen wolf I think I will cry my eyes out I am so in love with it
    Please do it PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  77. When? When? When? When? When?
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  78. Why repeat the others? But not put 3 on?

  79. When is it coming back? Please be soon 🙁 🙁 🙁

  80. Grant says:

    I think it’s really out of order for SKY Living to pick up a programmes, wait until fans are hooked and then drop it! Either keep showing it or give the rights to another channel so us fans don’t miss out.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      They can’t give the rights to series 3 to another channel because they are not theirs to give. Having not bought them, the ownership is with the distributor, from whom another channel would have to buy them.

  81. Jason says:

    Me and my partner are gutted they aren’t airing teen wolf season 3 in the uk. We need to get this changed!!!

  82. jake says:

    plz bring teen wolf back it is amazing !!!!!!

  83. Jessica says:

    Pleaseee bring it back !!!! The US can view it WHY CAN’T WE!!??????!!!

  84. Julie says:

    Pleaseeeeeee bring it backkk !! Me and all my family realllyyyyy want to see season 3! And hopefully manny more to comeeee!! Pleaaasseeeee!!!!!

  85. Paula says:

    Pleaseeee bring it back!!!! Me and my friends has loved all the series and are watching them all again on repeat we would loovveeeee to watch the third pleased bring backkkk!!!!!!!

  86. Shorthouse says:

    Is there any word on season 3 in uk. Cos season 2 repeats again on Sunday on sky living.

  87. Andrew Andrew says:

    I understand that there are some strong feelings regarding the dropping of Teen Wolf. However, there have now been at least three people who have posted comments detailing how to view it illegally. Let me make it very clear- we do not permit that.

    In addition, those people who are able to describe in such detail exactly how to do it, have clearly done it before, and instead of thanking them for helping you, you might want to consider that they have contributed to the programme no longer being a viable prospect for the channel who was broadcasting it.

    But again, no matter what you think, DO NOT POST ANY details or links to illegal downloads. Thank you.

  88. Danny B says:

    Sky Living. If you don’t want to screen MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 3 for us in the UK then give up the rights to this program and allow another UK Broadcaster to pick it up. It seems that you pick up a program and then when you get bored with it you dump it and leave the fans in the dark. you need to realise your responsibilities to the viewers. We are your customers. MTV’s Teen Wolf has a vast UK fan following and you have neglected your responsibility to the UK fans. Very disappointed in your work ethics and the way you treat your viewers. MTV’s Teen Wolf needs a new UK Broadcaster. If it’s not going to be you then shame on you.
    From a very unhappy viewer, customer



  90. sid.aa says:

    Im so mad rite now sky living is showing seasons 1 and 2 again for wot point just to pee us fans off , not good 🙁

  91. Charlotte says:

    When is season three starting?! In desperate!!

  92. marie watts says:

    teen wolf is amazing, ill really want to watch season 3. you cant show season 1&2 and then drop season 3 it’s so not fair.
    how many more people do you need to sign the petition. ANY ONE THAT LOVE TEEN WOLF needs to sign the petition to get on the UK channels.
    plzzzz ill don’t want to miss season 3

  93. Can geektown or someone reply?
    When is it coming back?
    Please come back

    • rich says:

      While I agree with how your feeling. I fear patience has to be our word if only 530 people have signed our petition I was hoping for a lot more by now I must admit. I know there are more UK TEEN WOLF out there for sure.

  94. sharron says:

    I cant believe the uk aren’t showing Teenwolf season 3 typical for the uk they shouldn’nt have shown season 1 and 2 and got us hooked nice work uk

  95. becky says:

    hurry up and put season 3 on in the uk!!

  96. Edit: again please don’t post links to or name illegal download sites on here. Thank you

  97. Toni peters says:

    Bring teen wolf back to the UK now!!! It’s amazin and we in england would like it to stay here and watched by us thanks.

  98. dani says:

    Edit: please do not post links to illegal content.


  99. It says up the top 75% chance of season 4 being shown… what about season 3!!!!?

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      That’s a 75% of Teen Wolf being renewed for season 4 in the US, not shown in the UK sadly. Even if it’s not airing in the UK, we’re still tracking the likelihood of it’s cancellation or renewal; Which at the moment looks pretty good, because it’s quite popular… Which is what makes it more bizarre as to it being dropped over here!

  100. rich says:

    Wonder why sky livingit repeating seasons one and two makes no sense to me? It make more sense if they sold the whole works of TEEN WOLF to a new channel so the new channel can so show them for us in the UK. Plus season 3 of course.

  101. rich says:

    Well are petitions are up to 244 good but need more. Anybody heard anything more on these negotiations for TEEN WOLF back to uk its been a while since I heard any update?

  102. Jordan says:

    Can’t believe it been dropped in the uk I just started to think about teen wolf thinking when’s season 3 going to start and I see its not 🙁 I really wanted to see what happens 🙁

  103. Dave Pickering says:

    And everyone wonders why people use torrent sites when the uk pulls crap like this !!!!

  104. kenya lopez says:

    well, I live in America, and if they don’t bring teen wolf back in the uk, I think you could totally watch it on hulu.com or mtv.com

  105. Please:( this is outrageous

  106. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/teen-wolf-season-3-back-in-the-uk/ Please keep singing this petition tis the only way we can get teen wolf season 3 back quicker

  107. Jasmine Marchington says:

    im 15 and i only found Teen Wolf last week, i have watched al of season 1&2 3times and i really want to know what happens next! I love it so much, PLEASE COME BACK TO THE UK

  108. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/teen-wolf-season-3-back-in-the-uk/ here is the petition if u really want teen wolf back please sign this petition to bring it back to the UK

    Im a 14yr old girl amd Teen Wolf is my life!
    Please I need it! Im crying here! Please please please
    :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
    :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It was dropped in all the other parts of the country too, and Ireland I believe. If another channel does agree a deal, it’s very likely that it too, would cover all of the UK.

  111. Ben Lowe says:

    Ok got it =

    SIGNED !

  112. Ben Lowe says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m viewing via Chrome browser on mobile & there is no link for petition under these comments as stated.

  113. Justin says:

    Oh yes! Took my daughter to Comic Con and the cast were absolutely delightful. My daughter was in tears after meeting Tyler and getting her photo take with him. Teen Wolf, Grimm, Supernatural and Game of Thrones are the best things on tv. Let’s hope this gets sorted asap.

  114. Justin says:

    Please find a channel in the UK for season 3, my teenage daughter is distraught!

  115. B says:

    TEEN WOLF please come back to the uk!!!!! Xxxx

  116. rich says:

    We seem to have ground to a halt on our petition with 88. There surely a lot more TEEN WOLF UK fans out there right?

  117. kelly burrows says:

    When I went to the London Comic Con last Saturday the producer and writer Christian Taylor that as we speak they are in negotiations for a UK channel to pick it up.

    • rich says:

      Okay that’s interesting. But these things can take time. But even with that it should be quicker then waiting on the DVD so keep fingers crossed and everyone keep signing that petition and lets hope that they negotiations prove a success.

  118. Shorthouse says:

    Hi will teen wolf be showing in uk at all and if not how would I be able to see it

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      As things stand, it will not be broadcast. The DVD has no release date yet, but will likely be available in June 2014.

      • Sophie says:

        How will the dvd be available next year of it’s not shown on TV? Wait…. We have to wait another year for Teen Wolf to shown in the UK?

    • Lyndsey Leahy says:

      No it was cancelled by sky living please sign the petition the link is under these comments were fighting to get teen wolf back

  119. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    If people really want this show back then sign the petition that way the distributors will see the signatures and put the show back on air so everyone needs to sign it

  120. Anon says:

    I love teen wolf needs to be shown in the uk! Bring it back!

    • rich says:

      We all love Teen Wolf but unless many more sign ipetitions its going to be at least June 2014 for the DVD I guess.

  121. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    Come on teen wolf fans if you really want this show back in the UK please sign this petition

  122. rich says:

    Hi. To all those that miss TEN WOLF as much as I. I am sure u are all aware by now that there is a site called ipetitions trying to get our show back so I say. Lets get on there make a really big HOWL and lets get our show back. Site has 60 signatures on it now I have no idea how many are needed? . I know we can get more. After all its what we all want right?

    • Lyndsey Leahy says:

      Well said RIch we definitely need more signatures

      • rich says:

        Thanks. Needed to be said. Still cannot believe I spelt it TEN WOLF however. Still have noticed u and me seem to think a like on this subject. I suppose my only thoughts are its a shame all we can do is try to get people to sign ipetitions. But I do know is somehow someway may take a while but will be watching season 3. But if everybody signs this petition we may get it sooner of course.

        • Lyndsey Leahy says:

          Exactly that’s why I want loads of people to sign it I know we will get it but I really want to see season 3 as soon as possible I really love the show

  123. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    Come on guys sign the petition it needs more signatures

  124. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    Here is the link for the petition can everyone sign it there’s only 20 signatures so far http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/teen-wolf-season-3-back-in-the-uk/

  125. Naomi porter says:

    Come on MTV or E4 or Watch you know you wanna pick up teen wolf season 3 show sky living who’s got the better channels x

    • Lyndsey Leahy says:

      Well no ones picked season 3 up yet which they should have by now it strarts next week !!!

      • rich says:

        even if a new channel picked it up do not think that they could realise it on time. Largely because they have no advertising time to it us know about it. But in saying that I am sure someone will pick it up before to long.

  126. mitchell says:

    OMG Teen Wolf better get broadcast-ed in the UK on the third of June so yous better move and tell us when the exact dates are for the 3 season 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Naomi porter says:

    You can count me in. Bring back teen wolf to the UK! I need my Derek and stiles fix! 🙂

  128. Adam Hale says:

    I might prepare to initiate a untoward riot; that is if there is know Teen Wolf in the UK, Sky living be cautious! I want Teen Wolf Season 3 in the UK!!!!!!

  129. I loves this show and I can’t stop watching it!!! So I can’t want till season 3 comes out!!!!! <3 <3 😉

  130. rich says:

    I will be interested to see what happens to shows like Elementary or Hannibal when they reach season 3. will a wider age range viewers save them? or will living just get bored with those too I wonder.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Seems to be very much the former in the case of Criminal minds or Supernatural. As things currently stand, Elementary has a higher chance than Hannibal of reaching a third series.

  131. Naomi porter says:

    I agree with ya rich. Other than chicago fire, greys anatomy and criminal minds living does not have many other decent shows so why not get rid of a crappy show and bring back a show that everyone enjoys and because like you said they showed the first two seasons have become hooked! Makes you think what will they drop next???

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Sky living also broadcasts Supernatural, Elementary as well as those mentioned, all of which arguably appeal to a broader age-range, which is possibly the core issue.

  132. rich says:

    yes I fail to see why show the first 2 seasons on prime Thursday evening. then when we get more funding and what is surely going to be the best season yet they drop it I will never understand. if any one can help explain please try.

  133. Naomi porter says:

    Please will sky pick up season 3 of teen wolf seen it advertised and it looks awesome. Really enjoy the show and the US get to see it so let us UK fans enjoy it as well 🙂

    • Lyndsey Leahy says:

      They wont their only going to repeat season one and two their not showing season 3 at all which is stupid I hate sky living

  134. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    I’ve tried to click the link to the petition but it won’t work :/

    • rich says:

      okay my mistake try iPetitions from there u should be at there home page. under where it tells u the amount of signatures they have type in the search box TEEN WOLF SEASON 3 BACK TO UK yes in caps. from there u should be able to post name and comment if u wish. I have. if the link does not work then just type in the address.

  135. rich says:

    To all missing Teen Wolf as much as I. Go to http://www.Petitions then type teen Wolf bring back to uk. Because its trying to get it back to our screens the more of us that sign we may get somewhere u never know and its free.

  136. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    I can’t watch it on virgin as I live in Ireland and we have upc and they won’t show it and I can’t get it on mtv either their website is for Americans only

  137. Robert Young says:

    Why not just watch it on MTV? its channel 311 on virgin.

  138. Lyndsey Leahy says:

    Well I know one thing I will never watch sky living again after doing this

    • bronagh mcewen says:

      You got that right waiting till the 3 of June is killing me if it’s not up on MTV in the uk I will really cry my eyes out my Steff and I have been counting the days fallowing the wolf boys on twitter and I will never go back to sky living and tell all my friends who are O’brain, Hoechlin, and posey <3 lovers wolf wolf howl

  139. aaronjoannides says:

    or i hope is that sky living does not drop criminal minds

  140. Charlotte says:


  141. lyndsey says:

    Well Sky living won’t be showing season 3 I saw it on the faceook page so I don’t know what us loyal fans from the UK and Ireland will do now.

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, you are correct… Bizarre decision on their part, but then it is Sky Living! Hopefully someone else will pick it up.

      • Turloch says:

        F**king idiots! WHY. Terra Nova, The Secret Circle now this.. They are clueless. When does Teen wolf air in us ill have to watch it online ffs

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          Language please. It is all to do with ratings. If not enough people watch, it gets cancelled.

          However, there is no “now this” about it. Terra Nova and Secret Circle were cancelled in America. Teen Wolf has been dropped here. Completely different.

          Teen Wolf wouldn’t have aired yet here anyway, and hasn’t started in America yet, and the other two are producing no new episodes.

        • linda evans says:

          U get in to a show and then they dont pick up season three I lv watchin this show they need to show it back in the uk