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UK Air Dates for US & UK Shows in 2015/2016

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UK TV Air Dates for US Imports and Cult TV Shows

UK TV Air Dates for US Imports and Cult TV Shows

UK Air Dates for US & Cult Shows in 2015

Lots and lots of UK premiere dates (and returning shows) for the first half of the year and beyond ! As always, if there’s a US or cult show you’d like to see a UK air date for, just leave it in the comments, and i’ll do my best to find it for you. :)

Shows in this colour are the latest updates! Shows in this colour are returning for part 2 of a season.

TIPS FOR POSTING It is always extremely helpful when people post dates, times and information below. It is useful in keeping the list as current as possible and makes for a great community spirit. But when posting, please remember the following: 1) Use full programme titles. As instantly recognisable as abbreviations may be to someone who watches that show, to someone who doesn’t, it is just a meangingless collection of letters that has to be looked up 2) If a bit of information is a rumour, please say so – we can list it as such, pending confirmation 3) If something comes from a reputable source, please quote that source, so we all know it is not just a rumour.

Thank you.

(TBC) = To be confirmed. If a show is listed as (TBC) this means it’s either not an official date from the channel, or is subject to change.

If you can’t find the show you’re after in the list below TRY THE A TO Z LISTINGS

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Summer 2015

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Rising like a phoenix from the flames of BBC cancellation, Ripper Street will return, premiering on Amazon Prime Instant Video, then air on the BBC1 afterwards.

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Starring Famke Jannsen, this murder mystery series is another Netflix production. As ever with Netflix, the whole series will be available on the premiere date, with no specific time.

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

New spin off from the CSI franchise, starring Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek following the Cyber Crime Division at Quantico, Virginia.

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

A nightclubbing youth falls for a spy in London. Support in the form of Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

New horror TV show from Guillermo del Toro, about a vampiric virus that breaks out in NYC. Based on the Chuck Hogan novels, and has a 13 episode first season, and has been renewed for a 13 episode 2nd season.

July 2015

No exact date/time - July 2015

A female politician hires a male nanny. First series is also available having previously been available on Netflix

Tyrant, Season 2 - FOX (UK)
No exact date/time - July 2015

We return to the dictatorship from Aberdeen for a second series

No exact date/time - July 2015

Set 16yrs after Vader loses his legs, and 5yrs before Luke whinges about not being able to pick up power converters at Tosche Station, Star Wars Rebels is a new CGI animated series from Lucasfilm about the formation of the Rebel Alliance. Season 2 will air in the Autumn, but first you have the Star Wars Rebels: Siege of Lothal movie to tide you over. :)

No exact date/time - July 2015

Prisoner Cell Block H remake is back for a third season in week 30 (18th-24th July)

Extant, Season 2 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
02 July 2015

New sci-fi starring Halle Berry as an astronaut. Had its first run on Amazon Instant, and will get a second run on Syfy.

05 July 2015 at 8:00pm

A global catastrophe wipes out most of the life on the planet, again. This time, the cast and crew of an American navy destroyer are amongst the only ones left, and with the help of Michael Bay, have to find things out.

05 July 2015 at 9:45pm

Family Guy season 13 moves from BBC Three to Two before we return to the Griffins in the autumn in their new home at ITV2 for season 14

06 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Yes, this is a TV page, so bear with me. Star Trek is core Geektown stuff, and Syfy is showing the original six movies weekly, on Mondays at 9pm, starting with 1979’s The Motion Picture.

07 July 2015 at 9:00pm

William Fichtner Stars as the token American in this European crime series set in a fictional police unit in The Hague. The team includes British, French, German, Italian and Dutch police as well as Donald Sutherland as a Dutch judge.

UnREAL, Season 1 - Lifetime
07 July 2015 at 10:00pm

Comedy about the goings on behind the scenes on an American dating show.

09 July 2015 at 9:00pm

New drama remake based on the 1987 CBS show of the same name, which was inspired by the famous fantasy tale…  Beauty in this version is Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk with ‘The Beast’ played by Jay Ryan (Terra Nova). Incredibly, and against all odds, again, it got a renewal for a 4th season… clearly someone in BatB’s production team has dirt on The CW… 😉

10 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Cancelled by CBS, then almost resurrected by TNT and Lifetime but ultimately renewed by CBS and subsequently cancelled again, then resurrected AGAIN for a fourth season on A&E.

10 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Based on the Luc Besson film starring Jason Statham. Produced by American, Canadian, French and German companies and premiered in Germany in October, but cancelled without even airing in the US!

10 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Series follows the story of a family man who finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect. This is the original Australian version!

Rookie Blue, Season 6 - Universal Channel
12 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Renewed for a 6th season (sort of). It was actually renewed for a 5th season of 22 episodes, which they then chopped in half to make seasons 5 & 6.

12 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Hayley Atwell will reprise her role from Captain America as Peggy Carter for another season, in a surprise renewal for a 2nd season for Agent Carter and now coming to FOX UK!

12 July 2015 at 10:10pm

Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington star as two tennis players whose final lasts for seven days.

13 July 2015 at 8:30pm

Yonderland follows 33-year old Mum Debbie Maddox (Howe-Douglas) who unexpectedly finds herself in an extraordinary world inhabited by a collection of eccentric (and usually idiotic) characters, some of whom happen to be puppets, with only an Elf by her side. Click to listen to our interview with the cast of Yonderland! You can also click here to listen to our 2nd interview with the cast!

14 July 2015 at 10:00pm

Pirate drama from Michael Bay. First run is on Amazon, with second run on History.

Ray Donovan, Season 3 - Sky Atlantic
15 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Liev Schreiber returns as a man who can solve all the difficult problems of Hollywood’s rich and famous.

15 July 2015 at 9:00pm

Series set 25 years after a war between angels and man has changed the world

Veep, Season 4 - Sky Atlantic
15 July 2015 at 10:10pm

Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns as VP Selina Meyer in Armando Iannucci’s fantastic comedy.

15 July 2015 at 8:00pm

Mel B, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum judge allegedly talented Americans.

15 July 2015 at 10:00pm

Still set in Montreal, this English remake of the French original series sees an urban policeman team up with a rural partner.

House of Lies, Season 4 - Sky Atlantic
15 July 2015 at 10:45pm

New comedy television starring Don Cheadle & Kristen Bell based on the book ‘House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time.’

17 July 2015 at 11:55pm

Originally projected to return earlier in 2014, but it has since been cancelled, so Sky have been kicking the 3rd season airing around the schedules. It’s now appeared at 11.55pm on a Friday night in July.

17 July 2015

Will Arnett’s voice stars in this sitcom where humans and animals live side by side

21 July 2015 at 10:00pm

Another programme about zombies, this time from the people behind Eureka. Airs on SyFy in the US, and on Sky’s Pick TV here

22 July 2015 at 10:00pm

Desperate Housewives spinoff

Necessary Roughness, Season 2 - Universal Channel
22 July 2015 at 10:00pm

A doctor becomes a therapist for an American football team. Three seasons exist.

23 July 2015 at 10:30pm

Followup to the comedy miniseries The Spoils of Babylon about a 1950s jazz pianist-turned-private eye who becomes embroiled in a murder investigation. Stars Will Ferrell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Kristen Wiig & Haley Joel Osment (and many others!)

27 July 2015 at 8:00pm

The BBC has broadcast series 1, 2 and 3, with seasons 4-7 coming to Dave.

August 2015

No exact date/time - August 2015

Irish mother and son go on adventurous trips again.

No exact date/time - August 2015

Brit Michael Sheen stars in this drama based on real research into sexual dysfunction in the latter half of the twentieth century.

No exact date/time - August 2015

Back with Simon Cowell… and some other people!

No exact date/time - August 2015

The baking competition with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

No exact date/time - August 2015

High concept US Comedy starring Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones and Mel Rodriguez. Phil is the last man on Earth after a virus wipes out the male population of the planet.

05 August 2015 at 9:00pm

American remake of the British series about a group of women and their various affairs.

10 August 2015 at 10:00pm

The clever lawyers are back on our television in August this year.

21 August 2015 at 10:00pm

An NTSB team is under threat from a powerful shadowy group that manipulates disasters in America

27 August 2015 at 9:00pm

Hard-nosed wise-cracking Detective Rizzoli teams up once again with the brilliant social misfit Dr Isles.

30 August 2015 at 8:00pm

Brit Angus MacFadyen stars as the founder of the American private security and detective agency which at one point was the largest such organisation in the world, and is still in existence today.

Autumn 2015

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3 - Universal Channel
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

The term “modern-day retelling” doesn’t always fill me with delight, especially when coupled with the resurrection of a long-dead character. However, the forces behind this particular modern-day retelling with resurrection of title character are Kutzman and Orci – the geniuses behind Fringe, so in this case delight is in abundance!

Click here to listen to our interview with the ladies of Sleepy Hollow!

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

The original (now that a British/French and US/Mexican remake are in the works), returns to BBC Four in the autumn

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Series based on the Walt Longmire books where the titular character, a small town sheriff, is investigating serious crimes, returning to work following his wife’s death, and battling his deputy for re-election to the job. Cancelled by it’s US network, but saved by Netflix for a 4th season – possibly coming in the Autumn.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Back to the Dog and Dart

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Gang warfare in Birmingham, 1919-style. Check out the podcast with a huge Q&A with the cast, and our video of the red carpet interviews from the the season 2 premiere event!

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

‘Historical fantasy drama’ series about Leonardo da Vinci’s early life. Co-production between BBC Worldwide and Starz networks.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

The hugely popular show returns for it’s 6th and final series.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

A special episode will slot in between the third and fourth series, with the latter filming in 2015, which suggests the special will air mid 2015 and the new series early 2016.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

After a short break, filming for the seventh series began in Spring 2015

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

More fun to come with the Winchester boys, and E4 are saying season 10 should air ‘later in the year’, so we have it in Autumn for now but very much TBC.

Gotham, Season 2 - Channel 5
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Similar to Marvel’s Agents of Shield in that it is set in the superhero world without the superheroes, this is essentially Batman without Batman. However, it does feature a young Bruce Wayne and a number of the well-known Batman characters such as the Penguin, Catwoman and the Riddler.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Sky’s popular supermarket sitcom returns for a new series

Major Crimes, Season 4 - Universal Channel
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Spinoff from The Closer, and performing well. Fourth season due shortly after the US

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

One of  five new live-action Marvel shows on Netflix. Daredevil will be first, then Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, with a 13 episode Defenders series at the end including all the characters.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

James Bolam left last year, replaced by Denis Lawson. Another two original team members Amanda Redman and Alun Armstrong, are due to leave during series 10, with Nicholas Lyndhurst and Tamzin Outhwaite joining the cast. The final original star, Dennis Waterman, will leave during series 12, which apparently will be the last.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

The cop drama with fairy tales will return for a fifth season

Cuckoo, Season 3 - BBC Three
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Cuckoo is back for a 3rd season. Stars Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale.

Fargo, Season 2 - Channel 4
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Inspired by the Coen brothers 1996 film of the same name, and returning for a 2nd season.

Peep Show, Season 9 - Channel 4
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Due in 2015, this ninth series will be the last. Filming in July for later in the year.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

NCIS in New Orleans, starring Quantum Leap and Enterprise’s Scott Bakula, American Gothic’s Lucas Black, C. C. H. Pounder from Warehouse 13, and Zoe McLellan (Dirty Sexy Money).


Homeland, Season 5 - Channel 4
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Starring Claire Danes, the American remake of Israeli “Prisoners of War”. Usually returns to the US in early October, and shortly thereafter in the UK.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Student sitcom from the writers of Peep Show returns

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

The picturesque but drug-ridden towns of Calderdale return for a second series on the BBC.

Luther, Season 4 - BBC One
No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Idris Elba’s unhinged and unconventional detective begins filiming a fourth series in 2015

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Grey’s should be back in the Autumn although it may get bumped to Early 2016. We’ll know closer to the end of Summer!

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

Set in 1930’s London, Tom Bateman (Da Vinci’s Demons) plays Robert Jekyll, grandson of Dr Jekyll on a quest to discover his real identity, his true family history and the nature of his ‘curse’. Written by Charlie Higson.

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

James May is back!

No exact date/time - Autumn 2015

New comedy about an 18-year-old music lover who’s just had his heart broken.

September 2015

No exact date/time - September 2015

The BBC’s celebtrity dancing programme usually airs in September.

The Leftovers, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - September 2015

Nothing to do with last night’s kebab, this drama follows a small community after 100 people disappear. From Damon Lindelof (Lost, Once Upon a Time, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Tom Perrotta (writer of The Leftovers novel).

No exact date/time - September 2015

The Bean Identity. Sean Bean stars as a spy who is given reason to doubt who he is. From the creator of Homeland.

No exact date/time - September 2015

Channel 5 dropped Once Upon A Time, but it’s finally back in the UK on Netflix, with new episodes airing the day after the US! Should return in September.

No exact date/time - September 2015

Companion show to the main Walking Dead series, this time set in LA. Coming to new channel AMC Global, which it looks like is a multi-year carriage deal with BT… So it may only be available on BT’s YouView platform…

No exact date/time - September 2015

Peter Capaldi returns for his second full series since becoming the Doctor, along with Jenna Coleman.

October 2015

No exact date/time - October 2015

The very long running crime drama returns to Universal

No exact date/time - October 2015

The hooded hero returns for a fourth season.

No exact date/time - October 2015

Vampire Diaries spinoff returns for a second time

No exact date/time - October 2015

Adil Ray creates and stars in this British sitcom about a Pakistani family in Birmingham

No exact date/time - October 2015

The excellent James Spader returns as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington for a 3rd season of Blacklisty goodness (or badness… yep, probably badness if Red is involved)…

No exact date/time - October 2015

From the guys behind Arrow, Grant Gustin does the speedster outfit to take on the role of Barry Allen aka The Flash.

No exact date/time - October 2015

Haven season 5 was split into 2 parts, with part 1 airing Sept 20014, and part 2 later in 2015

November 2015

No exact date/time - November 2015

Ant & Dec rekindle some careers in the insect-laden rainforest again.

No exact date/time - November 2015

Season 5: Hotel, stars Lady Gaga!

No exact date/time - November 2015

The popular stand-up showcase returns to the BbC.

Winter 2015/2016

No exact date/time - Winter 2015

In a show that might appeal to fans of Warehouse 13, Rebecca Romijn stars as one of a group of people charged with investing mysterious goings-on. Based on the film trilogy.

Early 2016

Scandal, Season 5 - Sky Living
No exact date/time - Early 2016

American political thriller. First two seasons aired on More4, then moving to Sky Living from season 3. Not easy to predict a return date with Sky Living’s ‘throw a 6 to start’ scheduling policy, but i’m suggesting Early 2016.

No exact date/time - Early 2016

Back to the Valleys with Ruth Jones.

No exact date/time - Early 2016

Syfy brings us the fourth and final season

No exact date/time - Early 2016

Follows the plot of the film to begin with – Time travel, deadly virus etc… Should be back early 2016.

No exact date/time - Early 2016

William H Macy stars in another American remake.

The Tunnel, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Early 2016

A second series called “Debris” will air early 2016.

No exact date/time - Early 2016

The creators of Family Guy take us not to Berwick-upon-Tweed, but to a fictional town on the US/Mexico border in this new animation

Not Yet Scheduled TV Shows 2015

These are shows which we've been told have a UK channel, but there is not enough info out there to predict an air date.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

New culture-clash comedy with the premise that aliens have been living amongst us for decades

Archer, Season 6 - Netflix
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

More espionage fun with everybody’s favourite animated spy.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Residents of a typical London street receive strange messages in this Beeb adaptation of the John Lanchester novel. Due later in 2015

Doomsday Preppers, Season 2 - National Geographic
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Explores the ever-growing fears of a populace that believes that a major catastrophe may end modern life… Well that sounds cheery…

Hot in Cleveland, Season 6 - Sony Entertainment Television
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

The US sitcom about four women in Ohio.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Lost Girl returned for season 4 in January, so we guess Early 2015 for season 5, which will be its last.

Nurse Jackie, Season 6 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

The Golden Globe-nominated dark comedy starring Emmy-winner Edie Falco as a drug-addicted nurse returns

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

A third series has been commissioned by BBC America. No news on UK broadcast yet

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

David Walliams takes on the James Warwick role in this remake of the Agatha Christie short stories. Humorous spy takes set in the 50s

Powers, Season 1 - Playstation
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Sharlto Copley and Michelle Forbes star in this new show about a special police division that investigates super-power cases. 10th March in US, later in Europe

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Philip Glenister takes over from John Simm as a policeman who gets involved in a series of complicated plot lines.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Stargate’s Michael Shanks (husband of Continuum’s Lexa Doig) , and Smallville’s Erica Durance star in this Canadian hospital drama where a doctor becomes a patient.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Murder mystery set in… well… guess where, starring Douglas Henshall (Primeval).

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

sean Bean stars in a version of Mary Shelley’s classic. How long will he survive? Airs on Itv Encore

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Samantha Morton stars in this Anglo-French heist series.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Karl Pilkington sets out to discover the answers to some of the hard questions in life.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

The well-rated French zombie drama returns to 4 in 2015

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

A little known cartoon… Still going strong. Part 1 airs Nov 2014, part 2 in Feb 2015.

Trapped, Season 1 - BBC Four
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Murder thriller set in a remote Icelandic fjord.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

The Inbetweeners Blake Harrison stars in this new hallucinogen-based parallel universe comedy

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Andrew Davies presents an adaptation of one of the greatest works of literature

Westworld, Season 1 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Anthony Hopkins stars in this Jonathan Nolan remake of the Yul Brynner film

Not Yet Scheduled TV Shows 2016

These are shows which we've been told have a UK channel, but there is not enough info out there to predict an air date.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2016

the second series didn’t seem to get the same plaudits as the first, but nevertheless a third series is going to be made

No exact date/time - Unknown 2016

Sitcom by Steve Delaney and Graham Linehan about a ‘show business legend’ (or possibly a self important, elderly, out of work actor…)

No exact date/time - Unknown 2016

Lucky Man is the story of DI Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt), a cop from Central London’s notorious Murder Squad, who is given a charm that seems to confer upon the wearer the ability to control luck.

Outlander, Season 2 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
No exact date/time - Unknown 2016

Time-travel historical romantic drama from the makers of Spartacus, with the second part of season 1 not yet aired in the US, is coming to Amazon’s confusingly-titled streaming service in the UK


No exact date/time - Unknown 2016

The boys from the Dwarf are due back in 2016 with a twelfth series in 2017.

The Unknowns - TV shows not yet picked up in the UK or no exact air date info

This is a list of everything else! TV shows people have asked about, but have yet to be picked up by any UK network, or have been dropped by their UK network, or we simply have no air date info about them!

American Crime, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Anthology crime drama following the same idea as American Horror Story with some of the same cast appearing in each season, but in new roles.

American Idol, Season 14 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Talent show based on Pop Idol, one of the many TV talent shows, but with Americans. 14th season not purchased by 5.

Aquarius, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

1960’s cop show starring David Duchovny as a cop on the hunt for Charles Manson and the Manson Family before their infamous murder spree.

Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Bruce Campbell returns as the chinny zombie-fighter in ten half-hour episodes

Backstrom, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Rainn Wilson stars as the latest self-destructive detective, working on nasty crimes in Oregon

Battle Creek, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Josh Duhamel stars in this new series about a policeman and FBI agent who have to work together.

Bitten, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New werewolf show starring Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, V) as Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in existence. Canadian show, which airs on Space in Canada and SyFy in the US. Still no official UK broadcaster, however, it is on Netflix USA, which you can access using a DNS Switcher such as Unlocator.

Covert Affairs, Season 5 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Runs June/July in the US, and in UK broadcast limbo after being dropped by Really… Cancelled after 5 seasons.

Crossbones, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Starring Hugh Laurie and written by Neil Cross (Spooks, Luther) this ten episode series about the pirate Blackbeard is due in America on NBC.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Arthur Darvill and Brandon Routh star in DC’s stab at creating a TV series in support of their cinematic universe. A time traveller has to bring together forces of good and bad to fight some kind of a threat. In an interesting Prison Break reunification, Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller also star.

Deception, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

When a partying wealthy socialite dies of an overdose, her long lost best friend, who’s also a police detective suspects foul play, so goes undercover, re-inserting herself into the families life to get to the truth.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

The adventures of young Inspector Morse return to our screens

Galavant, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Fantasy/Fairy tale themed musical comedy from Dan Fogelman with songs from Alan Menken & Glenn Slater.

Gang Related, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

A drama looking at LA gangs from both sides

Graceland, Season 3 - Universal Channel
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Agents from different branches of US law enforcement all live together in a California beach house. (Big Brother: Cops?)

Hart of Dixie, Season 3 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Due back in 2014 for the third season which begins in October in the US

Heroes: Reborn, Season 5 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Off air since 2010, creator Tim Kring is bringing back the people with special powers for a “limited series” in 2015.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Yet to be bought in the UK. This one has been asked about quite a lot but doesn’t actually air in the US until April

iZombie, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New series from the creators of Veronica Mars. Airs on CW in the US this Autumn.

Killjoys, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

From producers of Orphan Black, about a trio of intergalactic bounty hunters!

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Tim Allen sitcom.

Limitless, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

This year originality seems to be pushed aside in favour of adaptations of films. This time it’s Bradley Cooper’s Limitless. A man takes a brain-enhancing special drug and helps the FBI do stuff.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Following the acclaimed second series starring Keeley Hawes, creator Jed Mercurio brings us back to the bleak world of AC-12.

Lucifer, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Tom Ellis stars in this DC adaptation as the Prince of Hell who moves to Los Angeles. Hopefully a lot better than it sounds.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

One of  five new live-action Marvel shows on Netflix. Daredevil will be first, then Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, with a 13 episode Defenders series at the end including all the characters.

Minority Report, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Based on the Tom Cruise film, this new series follows a pre-cog who teams up with a detective to punish criminals before they commit crimes.

Raising Hope, Season 3 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Dropped by Sky after 2 seasons, and now dropped by FOX in the US after 4 seasons. On the plus side, that might mean the seasons missing in the UK may show up on a UK channel or Netflix sooner now.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

I want a show called Fake Housewives In Wonderland…

Rectify, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

I’m adding this in as people have asked about it, but it’s on renewed for a 3rd season in the US, and still doesn’t have a UK pickup, so don’t hold your breath…

Reign, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

With the surname “Queen of Scots”, it was apparent young Mary was destined for greatness. This new series portrays her early years in the French Court.

Rush Hour, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Yet another one based on a film, this time the Jackie Chan buddy cop comedy. Fortunately the TV series is without the unbelievably annoying Chris Tucker.

Scream Queens, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

American horror-comedy from Glee and American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Remake of the Australian TV show of the same name about a man who discovers the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime suspect in his death. This version stars Juliette Lewis & Ryan Phillippe.

State of Affairs, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Drama staring Katherine Heigl as CIA analyst Charleston Tucker who works closely with the US President.

Supergirl, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

From the team behind Flash/Arrow comes Melissa Benoist as Supergirl.  24yr old Kara Zor-El, cousin of Superman, who was sent away from Krypton and taken in by by the Danvers family where she hides her identity as Kara Danvers.

Telemark, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

During WWII, British experts trained Norwegians to sabotage the Nazi nuclear programme

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Not a low-budget remake of The 4400, but a drama about a small group of youths sent back to an Earth destroyed by a nuclear war – 100 of them.

The Americans, Season 3 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Cold war spy espionage drama set in the 1980s. Third season not bought by ITV apparently so unless anybody else buys it, it’ll be the DVD release probably around January 2016. Seasons 1 & 2 are on Amazon Instant, so it’s possible season 3 will make it on there too.

The Crazy Ones, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Stars Robin Williams as Simon Roberts, a renowned & brilliant (but eccentric) advertising executive,  runs the Roberts and Roberts Advertising Agency with his rather more practical daughter, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who’s trying to manage the company, and her dad…

The Frankenstein Code, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

A corrupt policeman is brought back from the dead, as you do, with nods towards Mary Shelley’s classic

The Gilded Age, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New period drama from Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) set in 1880s New York, a period dubbed the “gilded age” as vast amounts of new money exchanged hands and fortunes were made.

The Messengers, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

A supernatural show from teen-skewing CW. A group of strangers wake up with unexplained superpowers.

The Muppets, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Not the Muppet Show, this new series from the creator of the Big Bang Theory takes us into the personal lives (rather than “professional” lives) of our beloved furry friends.

The X Files, Season miniseries - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Mulder and Scully return for a limited time to investigate more X-Files. Airs in January 2016 in the US. No news on a UK pick up yet.

Those Who Kill, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Demark’s turn again for the remake honours – this time of the serial killer drama.

Twisted, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New teen drama about a troubled 16 year old who becomes the prime suspect when one of his classmates is murdered. Airs on ABC Family in the US, and unfortunately, those shows to struggle for some reason in the UK, so I wouldn’t hold you breath for it turning up anytime soon…

We Are Men, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Monk’s Tony Shalhoub stars in this sitcom about divorce

Wilfred, Season 4 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Elijah Wood returns as Ryan, and his best friend… His neighbour’s weed smoking, beer drinking, and generally manipulative dog Wilfred (Jason Gann).

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

BBC programme for teenagers about the dual problems of being a teenager and also being a werewolf.

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* Air Crash Investigation, S12Air Crash Investigation, S12

Time: 9:00 pm

National Geographic

* Two And A Half Men, S10Two And A Half Men, S10

Time: 9:00 pm

Comedy Central

* Last Man Standing, S1Last Man Standing, S1

Time: 6:00 pm


* Haven, Season 3Haven, Season 3

Time: 9:00 pm


* House Of Lies, Season 1House Of Lies, Season 1

Time: 10:00 pm

Sky Atlantic

* The Glee Project, Season 2The Glee Project, Season 2

Time: 8:00 pm

Sky 1

* Perception, Season 1Perception, Season 1

Time: 9:00 pm


* HuntedHunted

Time: 9:00 pm


* Red Dwarf XRed Dwarf X

Time: 9:00 pm


* The Middle, Season 4The Middle, Season 4

Time: 7:30 pm

Sky 1

* Modern Family, Season 4Modern Family, Season 4

Time: 8:00 pm

Sky 1

* Merlin Season 5Merlin Season 5

Time: 7:45 pm


* Homeland Season 2Homeland Season 2

Time: 9:00 pm

Channel 4

* Friday Night Dinner, Series 2Friday Night Dinner, Series 2

Time: 10:00 pm

Channel 4

* The RiverThe River

Time: 10:00 pm


* Fresh Meat, Series 2Fresh Meat, Series 2

Time: 10:00 pm

Channel 4

* Nurse Jackie, Season 4Nurse Jackie, Season 4

Time: 10:35 pm

Sky Atlantic

* Mike & Molly, Season 3Mike & Molly, Season 3

Time: 9:30 pm

Comedy Central

* Have I Got News For You, S 44Have I Got News For You, S 44


* Law & Order: SVU, S14Law & Order: SVU, S14

Time: 10:00 pm


* The Vampire Diaries, Season 4The Vampire Diaries, Season 4

Time: 9:00 pm


* SwitchSwitch

Time: 10:00 pm


* White Collar, Season 2White Collar, Season 2

Time: 10:00 pm


* Gossip Girl, Season 6Gossip Girl, Season 6

Time: 7:00 pm


* The Office US, S7bThe Office US, S7b

Time: 10:00 pm

Comedy Central

* Spy, Series 2Spy, Series 2

Time: 8:30 pm


* The Walking Dead, Season 3The Walking Dead, Season 3

Time: 10:00 pm


* ArrowArrow

Time: 8:00 pm


* Grimm, Season 2Grimm, Season 2

Time: 9:00 pm


* ElementaryElementary

Time: 9:00 pm

Sky Living

* Teen Mom, Season 4Teen Mom, Season 4

Time: 8:00 pm


* Chicago Fire, Season 1Chicago Fire, Season 1

Time: 9:00 pm

Sky Living

* Fringe, Season 5 Final SeasonFringe, Season 5 Final Season

Time: 10:00 pm


* Criminal Minds Suspect Behav.Criminal Minds Suspect Behav.

Time: 9:00 pm


* The Protector, Season 1The Protector, Season 1

Time: 10:00 pm


* American Horror Story: AsylumAmerican Horror Story: Asylum

Time: 10:00 pm



Couple of Notes on Commenting…

If your asking about an air date show, please make sure it isn’t in the list already. Easiest way to do this is to use your browser’s ‘Find’ function (‘Ctrl & F’ on a PC, ‘cmd and F’ on a Mac).

Also, if you’re asking for a returning air date, it really helps me out if you know which channel it’s airing on currently to post that in the comment.

I know a lot of the TV shows, but the more info you can leave me, the easier it is for me to check. :)


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17,379 Responses to “UK Air Dates for US & UK Shows in 2015/2016”

  1. kate says:

    Can you advise if chicago med is coming to the UK? If so any idea when?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It doesn’t have a UK buyer yet, but I’d imagine it’s only a matter of time. However, it doesn’t begin until November in the US so there’s still loads of time

  2. danny says:

    I know you have it as October, but digiguide is saying that House of Lies starts back (with a double-bill) on Wed 15/7 @ 22.45pm – the episode names match aswell

  3. Brenda G says:

    Anyone with access to Irish terrestrial TV channels.. RTÉ2 will show 8part Nordic Noir historical war drama series recently aired on BBC4.. “1864” will begin @11pm Sun 19July.. subtitled in English it concerns 2nd Schleswig War between Denmark & The German Confederation which ended in 1864 with Denmark conceding around 25% of its territory to Prussia. This outcome had profound effect on Denmark, setting country’s course for its modern development. So, if you are interested (with access) and missed it on BBC4.. 2nd chance to catch it! :)

  4. Brenda G says:

    I notice you show the new Fox TV series “Agent Carter” as just that which people may not find when they enter it in ‘Search’. You need to prefix it with “Marvel’s”.. eg “Marvel’s Agent Carter” is how it’s listed (@least on Sky Listings and indeed on Locate TV: Fox listings.

    • danny says:

      I enter “a” in the search function on sky tv guide and agent carter is the very first option, choose that and it shows the correct programme

  5. Amie says:

    Hello you gorgeous people! Does anybody know when Grantchester is coming back?

  6. L Brown says:

    is white collar coming back on in the uk i think it was on watch

    Thanks Lynne

  7. Sophie says:

    For those who have sky, the first episode of the new series of unforgettable is available to view on demand :)

    • Brenda G says:

      Yes Sophie, it’s great! They did the same with Season 2 premiere of “The Last Ship”! So it’s a good idea to keep check on “Best Pick of On Demand” but they only seen to do previews of programmes coming to the Sky channels.. SKY1, SKY2, SkyAtlantic, SkyLiving & probably SkyArts. Still it’s a nice bonus! 😉

  8. AKK says:

    it’s always sunny in Philadelphia aired on 17/5/15.

  9. MartyM says:

    ‘7 Days in Hell’ the new Andy Samberg one-off Wimbledon tennis comedy is to be shown this Sunday (12th) at 10.10pm on Sky Atlantic. The day after the HBO premiere. And, of course, the day of the real Wimbledon men’s final.

  10. Joseph says:

    Please support, sign and share my petition to give Kiefer the boost he needs to return to the role for one final time. It’s crazy but it just might work!

  11. laura says:

    Do you have any idea when Teen Mom 2 will be shown in the UK ?

  12. Martin S says:

    Looks like the Transporter series is also being shown on channel 5 on Saturday nights (TV Guide website & Virgin EPG)

  13. AKK says:

    the voice series 5 is in early 2016.
    A Call the Midwife Christmas special is coming this Christmas.
    Citizen khan season 4 is coming in October according to fb page.

  14. Kegg says:

    As of today, July 4, all of Veep season four is on SkyOnDemand.

  15. eloise says:

    Is there any news of a uk pick up for Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll starring Elizabeth Gillies? I know it’s on FX in America, and starts this month over there.

  16. Nick says:

    I message Syfy on there FB page and they said Exant season 2 will be back very early in 2016

  17. ste says:

    You said soa was on sky on demand on the 1st of July where

  18. Nicole Smith Wright says:

    Any ideas when Lego Ninjago Season 5 possession will air the the UK on Cartoon Network? It started in the US on the 29th June and you can watch clips on YouTube but I cannot find a UK start date?

  19. ricky says:

    The secrets & Lies on 5USA is the Australian version as confirmed by C5’s website and radio times. Looks like you were given bad info–lies–series-1—episode-1

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      The “bad info” is still what is showing on Virgin’s EPG, which is of course exceedingly unhelpful

      • Dave Dave says:

        Okay – There are now 2 versions in the list, clearly marked. Australian and US version! :)

        Just to be confusing, it is the Australian version showing on 5USA… Not the USA version… Presumably because if we had a 5AU channel it’d just be this plus endless re-runs of Neighbours and Home & Away… 😉

  20. ant says:

    Does anyone know if the 3rd season of agents of sheild is coming back to channel 4.

    • Dave Dave says:

      AoS doesn’t start in the US till the 29th Sept, so it’s going to be Oct at the earliest. May even be Nov, but there’s not official date yet from Channel 4.

  21. Steve says:

    Hello… Is anybody aware of any plans to show Helix Series 2 in the UK. I know Series 1 was messed around with by Channel 5 and 5* – does this mean it’s been dropped and will sink forever?

    • Dave Dave says:

      Hi Steve,

      Extremely unlikely as it’s a 2 season show, and the 1st season didn’t run well in the UK. So it’ll show up on anything other than Amazon or Netflix (it’s even not on either of those either at the moment though).


  22. sandra Logan says:

    Hi guys

    just been advertised on TV

    Secrets and Lies (U.S. TV series) starts 10th July on 5 USA

  23. Katie T says:

    American comedy Broad City starts in Monday 6th July at 10pm on 4Music

  24. Lemmy says:

    Any news on Mr Robot for the UK? I did have a quick scroll through the above but couldn’t see it….doesn’t mean it’s not there though!

    Thank you

  25. Peter says:

    Looks like Comedy Central are finally showing new episodes of Anger Management from next Wednesday (ep 67+ 68 in a double bill).

  26. danny says:

    Per digiguide Z Nation starts Tue 21/7 @ 10pm on Pick

  27. AKK says:

    also pls add/update
    Transporter: The Series will receive its UK premiere on Spike UK on Friday July 17th at 9pm, it has been announced. -
    Canadian cop drama 19-2 will receive its UK premiere on Spike UK on Wednesday July 15th at 10pm, it has been announced. -
    BBC One’s two-part adaptation of Sadie Jones’ novel The Outcast will premiere on Sunday July 12th at 9pm, it has been announced.-

  28. AKK says:

    universal officialy acquires
    how to get away with murder, season 2.(no date set yet)
    Law and order: svu season 17 is being eyed for October.
    major crimes in autumn.
    sleepy hollow in 2015.

    amazon for outlander in 2016.

    your entry for zoo is being slated in the unknowns, even though it’s this year.


    • AKK says:

      what is
      Your comment is awaiting moderation?


      • Andrew Andrew says:

        Exactly what it sounds like. The website’s software checks all comments and if there’s anything it thinks needs to be looked at by either Dave or me, it waits until we do so before publishing. It is a bit like the spam filter on your email system.

  29. Paul B says:

    Sky 1 will be showing the new CBS show Zoo later this year
    T V WISE

  30. GSIK says:

    Does anyone know if there is a site where I can find when reruns of shows will be on? There are a few shows I’m wanting to see from the start.

  31. AKK says:

    hi Dave,
    can you add Black-ish, fresh off the boat, crazy ex-girlfriend, containment and significant mother.
    sorry if I have ever felt demanding.
    also my follow up to howard’s comment says,
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    • howard says:

      Apologies only saw your comment there akk and yes that article is the same one i was referring to sorry if it confused didn’t have time to put in all the information

  32. Steve says:

    The Star Wars Rebels movie isn’t airing this Friday, that’s when they are releasing an online preview on their Facebook page. The movie will air sometime later in the month.

  33. Howard says:

    thought people would like to know that syfy uk have confirmed that they will show the next seasons of the following shows according to tvwise:

    12 monkeys
    the librarians

    hope the spelling is up to scratch so apologises if its not

  34. Debbie says:

    Any news on Graceland, season 3? The first 2 seasons were on Universal. Thanks.

    • Charles Comiskey says:

      In response to Debbie, I asked Universal UK about Graceland Season 3 on Twitter. They said they have no plans to show it in the near future. Not sure if this means they have dropped it or not.

      • Debbie says:

        Thanks for checking…that’s a shame I really like Graceland, hope they show it at some point.

        • Brenda G says:

          I also enjoy this series and hope it’s just a matter of deferral (NOT cancellation by Universal not picking up Season 3!) Season 3 has begun airing Stateside on USA Network on 25June. Really hope it will air in September on Universal as that’s when both of previous seasons were broadcast! 😉

  35. Natalie says:

    Hi do you know if there are any plans for Sky 2 to reply Forever. I deleted 6 episodes in error. Also has it been decommissioned ?


  36. Kevin thomas says:

    When will Total Divas series 4 start in the UK? It starts in the U.S. July 5th. total divas in the UK is shown on E!. Thanks

  37. Brenda G says:

    For anyone who has access to Irish terrestrial TV channels and following “THE AMERICANS” Season 3 will air 9pm Mon 06July on RTÉ2 (13episodes) & it has also been renewed for 4th season! :)

  38. Rebecca Collinson says:

    When does season 4 of person of interest air in the uk when will it come please find out need to see it x

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Season 3 is still airing new episodes and with the serial elements in the show, you need to watch season 3 before season 4. At any rate, season 4 won’t be here before season 3 is finished

    • Bee-boppa says:

      If Channel5 pull it’s usual stunt with POI you’ll probably see season4 in March/ April 2017. Lol

  39. tracey smith says:

    Has 100 be dropped as got as not picked up yet

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      No. It has been given a third season

    • Dave Dave says:

      Should clarify that. The 100 should, I would expect, be coming back to E4, but we don’t know when. It’s expected to air mid-season in 2016 in the US, which will probably put it in Jan 2016, but as they haven’t announced the US date yet, we can’t predict the UK air date. Hence it being in the unknowns.

      Dave :)

      • tracey smith says:

        Can’t belive we gotta wait so long for season 3, what’s usa playing at lol 1 and 2 were both shown in 1 year

        • Katie T says:

          That’s because it launched in US as a mid season show and was a hit so they brought it back in Autumn and so e4 brought it back sooner as well. It’s ratings dropped a bit for s2 and Izombie launched successfully in midseason so that now gets an autumn slot like the 100 s2 did. The problem really comes from the CW renewing basically all of their shows so they have more to fit into their schedules than usual as they’ve renewed so much and also have the 3 new shows they’ve picked up to fit in

  40. Queenbea says:

    Does anybody know when season 2 of ‘Blue’ on Lifetime is going be on…Season 1 was good…thanks

  41. AKK says:

    any idea who will buy izombie and what chance there is of that happening.

  42. Sally woods says:

    Any whispers about Blindspot being picked up after its U.S. Premiere
    Same for Killjoys any word on that being shown here soon

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Well Killjoys is Canadian and has already started, but doesn’t seem to be doing too well critically. It may be that any potential buyers prefer to see how further episodes pan out.

      As for Blindspot, certainly looks interesting but doesn’t even have a US start date yet so it’s too early to tell

  43. AKK says:

    I think this should be good to add
    white collar season 5 coming to Netflix on 1 july.

  44. samm says:

    BBC’s started airing an advert for the new Family Guy season, confirming it’s starting July 5th!

  45. Jackie says:

    Anyone know when we are getting the 2nd half of Season 5 of Mike and Molly?

  46. nigelf says:

    Do you know if PICK will show any more series of Bones after showing series 1?
    I don’t have SKY but like this series very much
    I know its up to something like series 9 on sky, so there are lots of episodes to show.

    • Katie T says:

      I don’t think they ever will show the other seasons. They’ve been repeating season 1 on Pick every so often for years with no sign of them showing any more

  47. Jen says:

    When and where will Masters of Sex season 3 be aired in the UK?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Providing 4 buys it again, it’ll be on More4. Last year it was with us a few weeks after the U.S. So I’ve updated the entry for August

  48. Barbara says:

    why was Dancing with the stars cancelled from our screens surely this could have been screened on BBC3 or BBC 4, i used to love to watch this when our one wasn’t on …

  49. AKK says:

    was dates on channel 4 good?

  50. tracey smith says:

    Arrow starts us 7th so if like last time will start 8th in uk, and I’m guessing that means flash starts 5th in usa and 6th uk, iv got feeling the same with walking dead 5th us 6th uk, October been the month

    • Sarah says:

      If I remember correctly we had to wait about 3 or 4 weeks for Flash and Arrow last year so I doubt they will be on the day after sorry. We usually catch up though as they have so many breaks in the schedule.. Making us wait a bit longer means we have fewer breaks which I prefer. I just hate waiting for the new seasons to start!! :-(

      • tracey smith says:

        No uk defo got both day after us, and when us took break we took break, arrow had 2 different, breaks and flash 1 they both new seasons started this year I think same time as walking dead, arrow might of been different with the first 2 sesons but 3rd was this year and flash only had 1 season

  51. Gemma says:

    I just noticed that Channel 5 have the free to air rights to “A Deadly Adoption” starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wigg. The air date is touted as 5th July 2015

    My question is do you know if this is a mix up as Lifetime bought the Pay TV rights and are said to be showing it in August? I thought it would have been on Lifetime first

  52. Kitty says:

    Do you know when season 2 of Dracula will be shown? Thank you

    • Daryl says:

      It won’t. It was cancelled after one season.

    • Jackie says:

      Dracula was awful and I am the target demographic, I will watch anything with vampires in it lol I was so looking forward to this series, but jonathan rhys meyers just had no charisma at all :-( so I gave up after the first 2 episodes and I know friends of mine who also did for the same reason, so not at all surprised when this was cancelled.

  53. Dave says:

    Does anybody know. When
    HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER season 2 starts in uk
    It was on universal sunday nights at 10 i think

    Also sky 1. FLASH season 2 uk start date

  54. Daryl says:

    What’s the source for the Bored To Death airdate, please?

  55. Paul B says:

    Mistresses Wed Aug12th @ 9PM on TLC
    T V Wise

  56. AKK says:

    Melissa and joey is coming this july on e4 according to the on soon button

  57. AKK says:

    can you add a song for jenny which is set to air next month on bbc one.

  58. tracey smith says:

    Di u know if cedar cove now finished in uk

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Well, providing season 3 is bought for the UK, then no. As for season 2 it’s extremely confusing as someone who hasn’t been watching it. My EPG suggests that the episodes have been aired out of order, with some still to air in the UK over the coming weeks. But it looks suspiciously like a data glitch.

      Can anybody who has actually been watching, she’d any light?

      • kelly says:

        I have been watching cedar cove and didn’t suspect anything was out of order (unless I missed something!) I thought it would have been on for longer – the episodes were almost two hours long though! It ended on a few cliffhangers which I thought would carry over on to s3. So is this not the end of s2?!

        • Martin S says:

          My wife has these on our TiVo box & they appear to be in order provided the EPG data is correct. 5USA did mess about with days & times they aired them though.

  59. ASH says:

    Any clues as to when Tyrant season 2 will be starting ?

  60. Brenda G says:

    Anyone with access to Irish terrestrial channels RTÉ2 will be airing the one & only 13 episode series of BATTLE CREEK (cancelled after season1) @12.10am Thurs 02July. Comedy-drama starring Josh Duhamel & Dean Winters. Duhamel plays FBI agent who becomes part of a police dept in Battle Creek Michigan where methods are a little old-fashioned. Winters is his bitter partner Detective Agnew who resents Duhamel’s perfection & popularity with ladies. With different views on the world they team up using cynicism guile & deception as they clean up streets of Battle Creek; Created by Vince Gilligan (made Emmy Award winning “Breaking Bad”) & David Shore (made highly acclaimed & award winning “House MD.”) US: aired on CBS from 01Mar-24May’15
    Trivia: Battle Creek Michigan is known as ‘Cereal City’ Headquarters to Kelloggs cereal!
    Winters also played detective on ‘Law & Order SVU.’

  61. PhilCu says:

    What are the chances of a channel picking up American Crime??

  62. AKK says:

    please add not safe for work on 30th june at 10pm.
    And you can you add the terrestrial broadcast for ahs on 5* on 27th june at 10pm.

  63. MartyM says:

    Yonderland (series 2) to start on Monday 13th July on Sky1.
    Source: Sky trailer.

  64. scott kelly says:

    Defiance, Season 3 starts 25th june

  65. Abigail says:

    5* are showing the first season of American Horror Story starting 27th June at 10pm.

  66. Martha Adam says:

    Any news on Switched at Birth season 4 being aired in the UK? I think it aired on ABC Family in the U.S. in Jan this year. Thanks!

    • Jessica Madden says:

      Amazon Prime has just added all four seasons for free with a subscription. I’ve been waiting for it for ages so I’m very happy.

  67. john broadhurst says:

    any news on wether watch will be showing season 4 of being human usa? thanks

  68. jo n says:

    Do we know if us lot in the Uk are getting the Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law and Order SVU crossover episodes.?
    I watched a Chicago pd episode lately that didn’t make sense and they are all on 3 different channels here in the UK.
    There is at least 2 crossovers with all 3 this season.
    It’s confusing me as when Chicago Med starts this will be probably crossed over too.

    • Katie T says:

      We definitely get them as I watched the crossover episode of s1 PD/s2 Fire on 5usa last year but didn’t see the Fire episode until I bought the dvds as I don’t have Sky. The problem is with all three airing at different times so they won’t match up like say the Arrow/Flash crossovers do.
      They did put the PD crossover episodes on the CF s2 dvd though so there could be a chance the SVU episodes end up on the s2 PD/s3 Fire dvds given they’re all made by the same studio

  69. Katie T says:

    4Music have started airing Coming Soon adverts for US comedy Broad City

  70. gfunk says:

    Chicago fire and Chicago pd related topic just read p.d episode and it gives away who died in Chicago fire that’s why I think fire was delayed to keep the death secret.

  71. Shane says:

    Hi guys, have you heard anything about Mr. Robot? Hope it gets picked up.

  72. tracey smith says:

    Any news on mistresses

  73. tracey smith says:

    Where’s under dome gone

  74. Chris says:

    Is there any news on when season 5 of Homeland back?

  75. Mark says:

    Anyone heard any news of a UK SyFy airing of new show Killjoys?
    Can’t see it mentioned at all anywhere

    • Dave Dave says:

      Someone mentioned that on Twitter a couple of days ago. It’s now in the ‘unknown’ list so we can track it, but no news of a UK pickup yet.

  76. April says:

    Any idea what actually happened to White Collar? Are Alibi done with it? I watched S4 on Netflix but is there any chance anywhere might get S5/6?

  77. Ian says:

    Any idea on a UK air date of MTV’s “Scream” – based on the wes craven film.?

  78. john broadhurst says:

    hi any news on teen wolf season 5 being picked up by a uk broadcaster yet or is it still just on mtv in the us?

  79. Howard says:

    lifetime uk has picked up a deadly adoption to air on the 6th of august according to tvwise if anyone is interested

  80. AKK says:

    brilliant site

  81. tracey smith says:

    Please can u recheck unforgettable as you got in July section but date says 10th June,

  82. Caroline says:

    Hi is unforgettable on the 10 of July not the 10 June?

  83. Darren says:

    anyone got any news on Lost Girl S5 for the UK?

  84. Paul B says:

    Hi Andrew/Dave,

    Now AMC have a channel in the UK will this affect The Walking Dead on Fox or Better Call Saul on Netflix, Hell On Wheels etc
    I know a lot of people me included would be disappointed if Fear The Walking Dead was on BT whatever but we do get a lot of Amercian shows in the UK all you need to do is look at the June/July schedules above many of which start really close to the U S dates.

    • Dave Dave says:

      Hi Paul,

      No. All existing AMC deals (The Walking Dead on Fox or Better Call Saul on Netflix etc…) will stay with their current channels. Similar thing happened when Sky made a deal with HBO. It does mean we’re unlikely to get any new AMC shows sold to other channels (at least not in a timely manner).


  85. Kevin says:

    I ve seen Odyssey advertised on BBC – any idea when it’s due to air?

  86. danny says:

    Digiguide showing Under the Dome starting back Mon 29/6 @ 10pm on 5

  87. alan says:

    I have just seen an announcement on TV that Chris Evans has signed a 3yr deal to be the new presenter of Top Gear on BBBC 2.

  88. alan says:

    Is Bosch only available on Amazon Prime Time? Any possibility of a TV channel getting secondary rights or even being able to buy on DVD. I don’t want Amazon Prime Time as I am already paying multiple subscriptions for Sat TV.

  89. Shane says:

    The final ever episode (in it’s current format anyway) of Top Gear will air on the 28th June at 8pm.

  90. Dave B says:

    Assuming initial reports are accurate – to say I’m not overjoyed by the news that the new AMC channel is going to be “exclusive to BT” is an understatement. I know it’s been the way in the US for years but having to fork out cash to multiple service providers in order to legally watch everything of interest is a very unwelcome development here. Sky + one streaming service at a time I can live with.

    • Dave Dave says:

      Yep… I’m kind of with you… I mean, if it had been exclusive to Sky, Netflix, or Amazon, I would have understood. But BT YouView? Really?… I’d love to know how much they forked out for that, because I can’t imagine it was cheap.

      • Shane says:

        I’ve heard AMC are also in talks with Sky and Virgin but at the moment it’s exclusive to BT. Hopefully we’ll see it sooner rather than later. If BT think this would tempt people to switch they’re bonkers. At least, for me, Sky have way to much content and HD for me to even consider switching.

    • Gemma says:

      Same here. It was pretty much a WTF reaction. If AMC think this will prevent illegal downloading, they are bonkers. I will wait for the dvd’s .

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        I’m with you. DVDs for me too. I really don’t see how this is any different for cable customers with any Sky Atlantic programmes.

        Frankly, nothing will stop illegal downloaders. Well, perhaps being chased by lawyers for a massive fine.

        People who want to steal content do so anyway, even when they have the actual channel or platform that it’s on. They “justify” it in several ways but the most common is with reference to the airdate in a foreign country, coupled with their own impatience and over-inflated sense of entitlement.

        • Dave B says:

          I did think about Sky Atlantic & its lack of availability on other platforms. If this resulted in a deal that but AMC Global on Sky & Sky Atlantic on other platforms that would be great as far as I’m concerned. I just pay less attention to what is & isn’t available on those platforms because I’ve always had Sky.

          • Andrew Andrew says:

            The proliferation of consumer platforms and exclusive commercial deals simply means that almost nobody will have “everything” as we did back when there were three analogue channels.

            It’s something we all have to get used to because the number of competing platforms and high-value exclusive deals is only going to grow.

  91. AKK says:

    I know someone already said this about cordon but here is a reference.

  92. AKK says:

    bt have issued a press release saying fear the walking dead will launch in September

  93. Steve says:

    just a few mentions we have The Player starring Philip Winchester & Wesley Snipes………Blindspot starring Sullivan Stapleton both thrillers…… Damien The Omen ……reboot of Super Clyde Starring Charlie McDermott …….finally The Adversaries starring Terry O’Quinn……. most of these now have trailers to view…….

  94. Brenda G says:

    Question for anyone with SKY cable. Recent “so-called extra” they have added (in Ireland, don’t know if also in UK) where TV series finishes, is about to/or has ended they automatically add it to Reminder/Record system simply because (I) watched prev programmes of series. If you go to delete you get prompt that if you do so, SKY “will not automatically search” for next series/episode. Big deal! Prefer to choose my own programming! All very well, if you haven’t signed up to “SKY NEVER MISS” or haven’t got ye “great guys” to tell us when such happenings are-a-comin! 😉 However, what a pain when one deletes ‘said programme’ only to find it re-added a few days later (repeatedly)
    And people, what about this.. It even re-adds shows that are ended/cancelled.. e.g. Revenge, Dallas, The Mentalist, etc!!
    Does anyone have an opinion on this “so-called Helpful Extra?? (useless intrusion I call it!)

    • MartyM says:

      Yes, I think this feature needs a bit of tweaking!
      I found last week with the new series of Murder in the First that it had added every showing of the first episode on Fox HD to my planner. A total of four recordings. Luckily I noticed and deleted the other three, but it could have caused some recording clashes if I hadn’t paid attention.

      • Brenda G says:

        My thoughts exactly, MartyM! Even if I DO want to follow returning series the time/day of previous recording could WELL clash with other programmes already set by ME! What bothers me is.. It’s not enough to delete it once as I find same re-added days/hours later. And as for the cancelled programmes.. Definitely needs sorting! I’m also raising these issues directly with SKY! 😉

    • C Beckett says:

      I am also having the same problem and I am also fed up with it, it appears that it does not matter how many times you delete the programme it is put back in there, including cancelled programmes which is ridiculous, I don’t know who thought it up but I wish it would be removed, it is unnecessary I also would prefer to choose for myself what I wish to record.

  95. Brenda G says:

    Belgian drama CORDON Season 1 starts 9pm Sat 27Jun on BBC4 10episodes.. in Flemish. With a deadly virus out of control Antwerp is closed off from the world. This seems like cross between THE STRAIN and UNDER THE DOME; US Julie Plec[Vamp Diaries & The Originals] doing remake (don’t they always!!) but changing locale to Atlanta calling it CONTAINMENT!

  96. Shane says:

    For anyone interesting in The Last Man On Earth (hilarious show btw, be it a bit cringey at times) Dave has picked it up to premiere in August.

  97. Howard says:

    the last panthers starts in november according to tvwise theres a trailer to go with it

  98. AKk says:

    Morph is on June 20th on Cbbc at 11:40 am.

  99. chris says:

    When o When is Lost Girl Season 5 going to air in the uk

    • Jackie says:

      I was just wondering the same thing :-( its been ages since Season 4 of Lost Girl, also when are we going to get the last few episodes of Haven??? Just not sure what SyFy UK are playing at with these 2 series, just get them shown and finished why dont ya!!

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        I don’t have an answer for Lost Girl I’m afraid.

        Haven is much easier. A long time ago, it was decided (by the American makers) that Haven season 5 would be split into 2×13 episodes. On that basis, here in the UK, we are completely up to date. Part 2 was always going to be in 2015 and doesn’t yet have a date. It won’t air here before it does there.

      • Linda says:

        Went on the SYFY website and it says Lost Girl will return in 2016, so do not know how true this is. It seems ages to wait for this last series maybe due to programming issues.

  100. Helen says:

    Brilliant news have just seen that Chicago Fire is back on Sky Living on the 22nd June, about time it was on

  101. AKK says:

    can you add cordon which airs in the summer on bbc four. And also can you add the U.S. remake Containment.
    Link for Cordon.

  102. AKK says:

    bordertown delayed to jan 2016 on fox, it seems as itv2 are saying they will show it soon after fox so early 2016.

  103. Pete says:

    Hi any idea wen season 2 of the last ship airs in the uk as it airs on the 21st june in usa thanks

  104. Ceri says:

    The news about Parks & Rec has just made my day! Thanks guys! ?

  105. AKK says:

    can you add tattoo fxers which starts on e4 on 23rd june @10pm.

  106. Zoe987 says:

    Hi I was just wondering if you knew when switched at birth season 4 will be coming to the UK? I have searched the Web and can’t find it. It premiered in the states in January and is currently on a summer break but that’s all I can find.

  107. anniekay says:

    I know this is a re-run (old show) but maybe new to Pick Tv – sometimes it is nice to watch something you watched back in the day to remind us how much has changed and hoe far things have come – if we watched this 20 years ago we were probably amazed at what they did but nowadays it might seem old hat but has nostalgic value?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      You might be right, Annie, but which show do you mean?

      • AKK says:

        I would like to thank dave on agreeing with me that Kate Hopkins is a horrible person and secondly annie is this what you mean.

        Hi Guys just seen an advert on sky living for Relic Hunter starting on monday @ 7 on Pick tv – it will be on daily so you might want to add to air dates listings?

        Relic Hunter
        Season 1 Episode 1: Buddha’s Bowl

        An unorthodox history professor searches for lost icons and rare treasures in exotic locations. This episode: Sydney and Nigel travel to Nepal to recover a mythical Buddha’s alms bowl.

      • anniekay says:

        Hi Andrew

        My post is below and reply by henryp

        Hi Guys just seen an advert on sky living for Relic Hunter starting on monday @ 7 on Pick tv – it will be on daily so you might want to add to air dates listings?

        Relic Hunter
        Season 1 Episode 1: Buddha’s Bowl

        An unorthodox history professor searches for lost icons and rare treasures in exotic locations. This episode: Sydney and Nigel travel to Nepal to recover a mythical Buddha’s alms bowl.

        Henryp says:
        June 11, 2015 at 9:29 pm

        I think this is a 20 year old show which used to be on Sky 1. Probably not worth putting in first run listings!

      • anniekay says:

        Hi Andrew I mean Relic Hunter which is an old show being re-shown on picktv from monday

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          Ah, right. Yes, it is. If it’s of help, if you click on “reply” at the bottom of a comment, your reply will appear just below it, effectively continuing the conversation. If you just click “post comment” then your comment, as the newest at the time, will appear at the top of the list, away from the one to which you are replying, effectively starting a new conversation. It also saves on having to copy and paste other comments. Quite useful all round!

          PickTV seems to be the television equivalent of the DVD section in Woolworths, having collected quite a decent amount of older productions, presumably at a reasonable price.

          • anniekay says:

            Hi Andrew thanks for the tip on posting I realised after I sent it it had gone in the wrong place

          • anniekay says:

            Hi Andrew , see post AKK says: June 13, 2015 at 12:27 pm

            Somehow my post re relic hnter has attached itself to AKK post on 13/6 @12.27 not as a reply but part of his post can you remove it for me?

            • Andrew Andrew says:

              I’ll happily remove it if you want, but it reads to me like AK has attached your comment to his own, rather than the other way round

              • anniekay says:

                Hi Andrew,

                No don’t remove it then – I thought I had added it in error but if AKK did then that is fine – I will get the hang of this posting malarkey now



  108. AKK says:

    the final season of breaking bad which has never beenaired on tv is coming on june 18th at 11pm on spike.

  109. Gurminder says:

    Hi does anyone no when stalker is coming back

  110. AKK says:

    what if Katie Hopkins ruled the world is on *** uk in ********
    [link removed]

  111. AKK says:

    britian’s got talent season 10 will be on itv in 2016 not tru tv in july

    • Katie T says:

      It’s not Britain’s Got Talent that’s listed, it’s America’s Got Talent. Trutv have taken over airing it from Itv2

  112. AKK says:

    the strain to return to watch for season 2 in the summer, grimm in autumn for season 5, beauty and the beast in summer 2016 for season 4.

  113. sam says:

    small update nothing major but I read in the latest issue of scifi now magazine that orphan black season 3 will air on BBC1 later this year

  114. becky says:

    Hey can someone tell me when the 100 season 3 is back on e4 please love that show

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Very hard to tell, because it doesn’t have an established pattern. But it won’t be before January, as it begins in the US early 2016

  115. Micko says:

    As my go to guys for new series broadcast dates, have you any info on when or whether Mr.Robot series is coming to our screens? It starts in the U.S. At the end of the month.

  116. anniekay says:

    Hi Guys just seen an advert on sky living for Relic Hunter starting on monday @ 7 on Pick tv – it will be on daily so you might want to add to air dates listings?

    Relic Hunter
    Season 1 Episode 1: Buddha’s Bowl

    An unorthodox history professor searches for lost icons and rare treasures in exotic locations. This episode: Sydney and Nigel travel to Nepal to recover a mythical Buddha’s alms bowl.

    • Henryp says:

      I think this is a 20 year old show which used to be on Sky 1. Probably not worth putting in first run listings!

  117. AKK says:

    Transporter:The Series is coming to Spike in 2015, also says on acquiitions scorecard.

  118. AKK says:

    you have added the x files twice and isn’t it as season 10?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Only trying to keep up with your comment repetitions! We haven’t listed it as season 10, because it’s being referred to as a revival miniseries. By all means call it season 10 if you prefer. The truth, after all, is apparently out there!

  119. Paul B says:

    Hi Andrew/Dave,

    Do you know if Sky have exclusivity to all new/future HBO programs, Wikipedia has Westworld starting on the 12th July in America, i dont know if this is correct it seems a bit soon.
    What are the chances of it showing up on Sky.


    • Dave Dave says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yes the Sky/HBO deal is till 2020. That date for Westworld is wrong. The Wiki page is the only page that mentions an actual date. The article it references only says 2015. The general consensus seems to be it’ll air in the Autumn season in the US – hopefully soon after here.


  120. AKK says:

    Link for my mad fat diary series 3, 22nd June at 10pm.

  121. Stacey says:

    Channel 5 is advertising American horror story horror house as coming soon when does it start please

  122. Daniel says:

    power season 2 is already on itunes, amazon video and google play.

  123. Paul says:

    With The X Files due to air 24th Jan in the states. Is it not time to add it to the list? ?

  124. Roy says:

    Channel 4 are launching a foreign language channel in the Autumn. What’s the betting that they’ll keep The Returned until then?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Quite likely, whether or not they broadcast on the new channel. They can’t air it here before France, which doesn’t yet have a date, either

      • Roy says:

        Thanks for the update, Andrew. It feels like ages since the first season was shown – probably an indication of how good it was. Then again, haven’t we had 2 seasons of the inferior Resurrection since?

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          It is quite long but depends on your yardstick. A lot of people get used to the US productions which churn stuff out annually to a rigid schedule. A bit of French-style shoulder-shrugging and saying “bof” doesn’t go amiss once in a while.

          Plus it did have some production delays.

  125. AKK says:

    Hi can you update the requests below and also sons of anarchy season 6 is on Spike on June 26th @9 pm.

  126. Jennifer says:

    Hi, Chicago Fire series 3 starts 23 June at 9pm according to Sky Living twitter and My Mad Fat Diary is back 22 June (E4 twitter). Great site btw!

  127. Katie T says:

    Black Work starring Sheridan Smith confirmed by ITVPress on Twitter to start on Sunday 21st June on ITV

  128. Sharon smith says:

    Americas Got Talent was bought out by Trutv UK from itv2 details below

    Officially Americas Got Talent will premiere on TruTV UK on Wednesday July 15th at 8pm.

  129. Charlotte says:

    Celebrity Masterchef starts on bbc one at 9pm on 18th June.

  130. lee says:

    Hi any news on when law & order svu series 13 will be on chanel 5 or 5 usa? Thanks guys. Lee.

  131. Dannielle says:

    do u no when my mad fat dairy is coming back on e4

  132. gracie lou says:

    Love to know about Royal Pains that airs in UK on ITV2. We’ve just finished season 5 episode 13. Would yoy know when season 6 starts in UK on ITV2 please.

  133. Richard says:

    Thank you Andrew & AKK for comments.

  134. Richard says:

    Please can you tell me when season 4 Suits is on Dave. It says Season 5 is on later this year.

    • Dave Dave says:

      Sorry Richard, Season 4 aired on Dave 15th January 2015 at 10pm…

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        Richard, if you missed it, I believe it is available to stream on both Amazon Ultimate Platinum Super Plus Thingy and Netflix, or you can buy/rent the DVD or Blu-Ray. There’s no broadcast repeats scheduled at the moment.

      • AKK says:

        but they are starting to repeat it on july 5 at 2am, later available on uktv play

      • Richard says:

        Thank you Dave. I actually watch that one, I didn’t realise it was season 4.

        Do you know if there is any more news on Really showing Season 2 of Grimm.

  135. sandra says:

    Hi Guys

    Its been announced today that Tru TV UK will be showing America’s Got Talent Wednesday 15th July.


  136. Paul Dormer says:

    Is The Saboteurs (starting next week on More4) the same as Telemark in the above list? Or is the latter a US remake of the former. (Can’t find a listing for it in the IMDb.)

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      No, but I can see why you’d ask. Telemark is an American production from Brit Danny Boyle. The Saboteurs used to be called the Heavy Water War, an almost-direct translation from its Norwegian original title. Similar subject matter, different language.

      • Paul Dormer says:

        I wonder if the Boyle one is still happening. Doesn’t seem to be much said about it for the past year. Maybe they got cold feet when hearing about the Norwegian production. I mean, who’d want to watch something by Danny Boyle when you can watch something in Norwegian instead.

  137. AKK says:

    Cbbc’s supernatural drama Wolfblood has been renewed for series four.

  138. Katie T says:

    Digital Spy reporting that Dave will be airing seasons 4-7 of Parks and Recreation from July 27th

  139. Stephanie Thomson says:


    I was just wondering if scream the tv series had a UK air date yet. I know it is airing on 30 June in the U.S.


  140. AKK says:

    please add safework which comes to itv 2 in july-

    thank you

  141. AKK says:

    the 129th Wimbledon championship is on the bbc on 29th june 2015-

  142. gfunk says:

    Unfortunately that goes to the flash as its has surpassed even arrow in my opinion and Gotham ending not on par with the flash. If it were best villain Harrison wells or the penguin would be closer to guess. Both evenly matched.

    • Paul B says:

      Totally agree, now that i’ve watched the full first seasons of all the new T V shows listed i’ve enjoyed Flash the most.
      Gotham never seemed to get going.

      • Dave Dave says:

        I think Gotham got there eventually, but it took a while… I think it’s one of those shows that could dramatically improve in season 2 once they have a chance to see what worked and what didn’t. Flash was the stand out of the superhero shows this season though. Arrow got a bit mopey. Flash was just pure comic book. :)

  143. Paul B says:

    I’ve just been looking back at the Geektown awards section.
    I wonder if Gotham would win best new T V series if voting took place now.

  144. Jo says:

    Necessary Roughness is back on Universal Channel 22nd July 10pm. TVWise.

  145. Danny says:

    Has Fox given any indication as to how they are going to treat Agent Carter season 2 in terms of when they will air it. (I know this question is a bit premature, im just thinking out loud!)

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      None, but it will be after they air season 1 here, and it will be after season 2 begins in the U.S. That doesn’t have a date yet, but is likely to be January or February.

      I’m guessing what you’re asking is whether or not they will air season 2 closer to the U.S. date, and the answer is yes, I’m afraid it still is rather premature.

  146. Caroline says:

    Hi do you know when The Apprentice will be back on the BBC?

  147. Steven says:

    any idea if or when Supergirl will be shown in the UK? Hopefully it will air the same time when it does in the U.S.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It won’t air at the same time as the U.S. At best, it would be the next day. But of course it needs a buyer first, which it doesn’t yet have.

      • Steven Wilson says:

        How soon will a buyer be interested in purchasing Supergirl? Also would it go to SKY 1, E4 or even Channel 4

      • Steven Wilson says:

        Any idea on which network would be interested in purchasing it?

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          CBS is the network that has ordered it. In terms of British channels, it’s probably too early to tell. Many might be interested but there’s not a lot to go on, just yet.

  148. Lisa t says:

    Does anybody know if person of interest is going to resume once big brother ends, or if it’s on a longer break
    Many thanks in advance x

  149. Bruce Harris says:

    Has anybody know when the TV programme, “BELIEVE” is to be aired again here in the UK?

  150. Bruce Harris says:

    I’m just trying to find out if the U.S. Show, which was on UK’s SKY TV channel, WATCH. The programme “Beleive”, which was last aired before Xmas 2014? Any updates or info I’d be thankful.

    • Gary says:

      Hi bruce, WATCH showed the last two unaired episodes of the series on the 15th and 22nd March, but they were shown around 2am.. and that finished it off.

  151. Peter says:

    Any idea if E4 are going to show season 10 of Supernatural immediately after season 9 finishes this Tuesday?

    or are we going to have to wait a while?

    • Dave Dave says:

      There’s going to be a little wait as they’ve said they will air it ‘later in the year’ so I suspect it’ll be September ish.

  152. Katie T says:

    No official confirmation but looks like Ripper Street season 3 will air on bbc in late July/early August. The UK release of the dvd is on 28th September according to Amazon

  153. margaret baxter says:

    hi I have not had a reply yet I want to know when season4 is coming to I t v4. you did say it is re running old shows on I t v 4 at 2 am on wed nights not on my tv I can only get tele shopping. or repets of what has been showen early. margaret

  154. Pam says:

    Do you know if season 3 of arrow and season 1 of the flash will be repeated on sky?

  155. AKK says:

    Can you add Cordon, Crazy ex-girlfriend, fresh off the boat, significant mother and Chicago med


  156. Anne B. says:

    What has happened to Justified? Series 1-4 were shown on 5 USA. Series 5 has been shown in U.S.A last year,but not here,and I believe Series 6 is about to be broadcast soon there.

    • Dave Dave says:

      Hi Anne,

      It actually has been airing here, but it’s exclusively on Sky On Demand now, not actually airing on a normal broadcast network –

      It was dropped by Channel 5 prior to it’s acquisition by Viacom last year.


    • Andrew Andrew says:

      That, unfortunately, is no longer “news”. The series as a whole ended after season 6, which has in fact already been and gone in America. Channel 5 here decided to discontinue buying it after season 4. Seasons 5 and 6 are available here on Sky on Demand. You’ll find it if you click on “J” in the A-Z section of the menu above.

  157. Shell says:

    I’ve just a seen on trailer on TV for New Girl which says it starts on 25th June, not the 18th which is stated above

  158. AKK says:

    mock the week returns for series 14 in june and for series 14 part 2 in September. Meaning officialy renewed for series 14.