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UK Air Dates for US & UK Shows in 2015/2016

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UK TV Air Dates for US Imports and Cult TV Shows

UK TV Air Dates for US Imports and Cult TV Shows

UK Air Dates for US & Cult Shows in 2015

Lots and lots of UK premiere dates (and returning shows) for the first half of the year and beyond ! As always, if there’s a US or cult show you’d like to see a UK air date for, just leave it in the comments, and i’ll do my best to find it for you. :)

Shows in this colour are the latest updates! Shows in this colour are returning for part 2 of a season.

TIPS FOR POSTING It is always extremely helpful when people post dates, times and information below. It is useful in keeping the list as current as possible and makes for a great community spirit. But when posting, please remember the following: 1) Use full programme titles. As instantly recognisable as abbreviations may be to someone who watches that show, to someone who doesn’t, it is just a meangingless collection of letters that has to be looked up 2) If a bit of information is a rumour, please say so – we can list it as such, pending confirmation 3) If something comes from a reputable source, please quote that source, so we all know it is not just a rumour.

Thank you.

(TBC) = To be confirmed. If a show is listed as (TBC) this means it’s either not an official date from the channel, or is subject to change.

If you can’t find the show you’re after in the list below TRY THE A TO Z LISTINGS

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Early 2015 (i.e. first 3 months)

No exact date/time - Early 2015

The firefighters and medics of Engine 51 are back in the UK courtesy of Sky Living… Previously it aired in Oct, but it’s looks like it’s moving for the 3rd season. My guess is it’ll shift to Early 2015, so I’ve moved it for now. Still TBC until we get some official word from Sky.

No exact date/time - Early 2015

With familiar faces having graduated, the show shifts so we follow the graduates and the school’s new recruits! Now renewed up to season 6 and final season, likely to to air in Early 2015.

No exact date/time - Early 2015

Bomb disposal comedy set in Afghanistan

No exact date/time - Early 2015

American musical drama starring Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, Spin City) and Hayden Panettiere (Heroes). Nothing official yet, but Nashville usually runs in Feb.

No exact date/time - Early 2015

Our favourite crime-solving, crime-fighting crime writer should return to Alibi early 2015.

No exact date/time - Early 2015

Broadchurch USA, with original British star David Tennant

No exact date/time - Early 2015

Ding dong the serial killer is gone. With a completely new focus, the Mentalist 2.0 will return with the colour red washed out of its episode titles, and quite a surprising season 7 renewal!

No exact date/time - Early 2015

A fictionalised Royal Family drama, with Liz Hurley as the Queen.

No exact date/time - Early 2015

Lost Girl returned for season 4 in January, so we guess Early 2015 for season 5, which will be its last.

No exact date/time - Early 2015

US sitcom set in the 1980’s, based on a fictionalised version of the childhood of the writer, Adam F. Goldberg.

No exact date/time - Early 2015

Yonderland follows 33-year old Mum Debbie Maddox (Howe-Douglas) who unexpectedly finds herself in an extraordinary world inhabited by a collection of eccentric (and usually idiotic) characters, some of whom happen to be puppets, with only an Elf by her side. Click to listen to our interview with the cast of Yonderland! You can also click here to listen to our 2nd interview with the cast!

Sleepy Hollow, Season 2 part 2 - Universal Channel
No exact date/time - Early 2015

The term “modern-day retelling” doesn’t always fill me with delight, especially when coupled with the resurrection of a long-dead character. However, the forces behind this particular modern-day retelling with resurrection of title character are Kutzman and Orci – the geniuses behind Fringe, so in this case delight is in abundance!

Click here to listen to our interview with the ladies of Sleepy Hollow!

January 2015

01 January 2015 at 10:00pm

Seth McFarlane’s cartoon about the Smith family.

02 January 2015 at 9:00pm

New conspiracy series starring Gillian Anderson as a powerful corporate boss whose daughter is kidnapped.

02 January 2015 at 9:00pm

The Musketeers return for a second outing, minus new Doctor Capaldi.

Grand Hotel, Season 3 - Sky Arts 1
04 January 2015 at 8:00pm

Spanish period drama returns

05 January 2015 at 9:00pm

More dastardly scheming in the Hamptons.

05 January 2015 at 9:00pm

ITV’s new detective series performed rather well, so they confirmed a second series, due in January.

05 January 2015 at 8:00pm

BBC drama set in a British secondary school returns for the Spring Term of series 10

Halt and Catch Fire, Season 1 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
05 January 2015

In the 1980s, when British computing pioneers such as Sir Clive Sinclair and Sir Tim Berners-Lee were showing us the future, clever folks in Texas were doing similar things.

The Red Road, Season 1 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
05 January 2015

Lines will be crossed when tragedy forces two men, a mesmerizing ex-con and an embattled local cop, to face the secrets of their past. As these two men find themselves increasingly compromised by one another, the lives of both quickly unravel. Starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Stargate: Atlantis)

Air Crash Investigation, Season 14 - National Geographic
05 January 2015 at 9:00pm

It’s a hard one to guess because National Geographic seems to number some of the seasons differently to its native Canada, and previous seasons have not aired consistently. Season 14 is labelled season 13 here.

Turn: Washington’s Spies, Season 1 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
05 January 2015

Revolutionary War-era drama based on the Alexander Rose novel ‘Washington’s Spies’.

Rogue, Season 1 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
05 January 2015

Police drama television series starring Thandie Newton as Grace Travis, a San Jose police officer working undercover in Oakland to bring down Jimmy Laszlo’s (Marton Csokas) criminal enterprise.

06 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Forensic pathologists help police solve murders in Manchester

06 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Not a low-budget remake of The 4400, but a drama about a small group of youths sent back to an Earth destroyed by a nuclear war – 100 of them.

06 January 2015 at 9:30pm

The Chicago-based weight-loss sitcom returns

06 January 2015 at 10:00pm

After being dropped by Sky Living, E4 has bought the rights to season 9, and it will begin its run right after New Year 2015

The Middle, Season 6 - Comedy Central
06 January 2015 at 9:00pm

originally paired with Modern Family on Sky1, the Middle has been on Comedy Central since season 5

07 January 2015

PLL may have vanished from normal TV, but all 4 seasons are now on iTunes. From 1st Jan 2015, seasons 1-4 will also be on Netflix, with season 5 joining from the 7th

08 January 2015 at 9:00pm

More light hearted murder investigation in the Caribbean.

Scandal, Season 4 - Sky Living
08 January 2015 at 10:00pm

American political thriller. First two seasons aired on More4, with season 3 moving to Sky Living. Season 4 returns in Jan on Sky Living.

NCIS, Season 12 - FOX (UK)
09 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Has previously aired in October but season 10 was changed to January for Fox’s rebrand launch night and the pattern will continue

Spiral, Season 5 - BBC Four
10 January 2015 at 10:00pm

French police series original title “Engrenages”.

10 January 2015 at 4:00pm

Tim Allen sitcom.

11 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Western set after the United States Civil War show returned to AMC in the US Aug 2014, which should put it in Jan 2015 on TCM if they follow last year’s schedule.

11 January 2015 at 5:00pm

A group of postal workers turn detective, to try and track down the intended recipients of undelivered mail. Stars Ugly Betty’s Eric Mabius.

Major Crimes, Season 3, part 2 - Universal Channel
12 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Spinoff from The Closer, and performing well. Returns from mid season break with episode 11

12 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Long running sitcom returns, with a reduced half man, as Angus T. Jones has been booted as a series regular… That’s what you get for referring to the show that made you a star as ‘filth’… Two and a Quarter Men now maybe?

Girls, Season 4 - Sky Atlantic
12 January 2015 at 10:00pm

Comedy staring Lena Dunham following a group of friends in their 20s as they navigate life in New York City.

13 January 2015 at 10:00pm

Fourth series, called Freak Show, stars The Shield’s Michael Chiklis

13 January 2015 at 10:00pm

Dropped by the BBC and has finally resurfaced on Lifetime, although it is now also on Netflix, and you can order Damages Season 4 on DVD here.

Suspects, Season 3 - Channel 5
13 January 2015 at 10:00pm

Documentary-style police show starring Being Human’s Damian Molony.

Bones, Season 10 - Sky Living
14 January 2015 at 9:00pm

You know the drill – FBI cases consist of the weekly discovery of, well, bones, and only one person can help. previous seasons have begun in October, November and January.

15 January 2015 at 10:00pm

The clever lawyers are back on our television 15th Jan on Dave, or on Sky On Demand & UKTV Play from 9th Jan.

15 January 2015 at 8:30pm

renewed to season 10, the costly comedy returns shortly after the U.S.

15 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Another American police show. This time however, it is a comedy making fun of all the other American police shows.

15 January 2015 at 9:30pm

A complicated set of scripts lead to a couple having to postpone their proposal.

16 January 2015 at 10:00pm

San Francisco detective series. I’m hoping for some Bullit-style car chases!

16 January 2015 at 9:00pm

New scifi mini series staring Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer and Cougar Town’s Brian Van Holt set in an alternative timeline, about a group of 350 people who left earth in the 1960’s in an attempt to save the human race from the cold war aboard the USS Ascension.

18 January 2015 at 8:00pm

The popular 1950s medical drama returns to the BBC.

Psych, Season 8 - Universal Channel
18 January 2015 at 3:00am

Santa Barbara’s finest consulting detective returns for the final outing

Extant, Season 1 - Syfy UK
20 January 2015 at 9:00pm

New sci-fi starring Halle Berry as an astronaut. Had its first run on Amazon Instant, and will get a second run on Syfy.

20 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Debra Messing stars as Laura Diamond, an NYPD homicide detective trying to balance being the single mother of twin boys with her job, whilst also trying to divorce their father… who also happens to be her boss.

21 January 2015

Based on the two historical novels set in Tudor times.

21 January 2015 at 9:00pm

The greatest moustache in the world returns for a fifth outing.

22 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Eastender Grant Mitchell has reinvented himself as an extremely popular investigative journalist and his series, which visits some of the world’s roughest spots, will return a third time with filming taking place throughout summer and autumn 2014

Cucumber, Season 1 - Channel 4
22 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Former Doctor Who leader Russell T Davies explores gay life for Channel 4

24 January 2015 at 10:15pm

CSI returns in 2015, back in its old Jan slot, and will be followed by the new Cyber

25 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Jeremy Piven brings his “manic energy” from his portrayal of Entourage’s Ari Gold to this drama about the retail magnate Harry Selfridge.

25 January 2015 at 8:00pm

Three middle aged men mucking about, and some cars returns for a 22nd series, following their narrow escape over Christmas. A special launch will be transmitted via YouTube at 9pm on 18th January

Black Sails, Season 2 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
25 January 2015

Pirate drama from Michael Bay… But don’t let that put you off, it might be good. Airs on Starz in the US in Jan 2014, who have so much faith in it, the show’s already been renewed for a 2nd and 3rd season. Amazon have decided to release it weekly in Jan just 24hrs after Starz air it in the US this time around.

26 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Canadian tv cop show set in the 1890’s following William Murdoch as he solves crime in Toronto using cutting edge (for 1890!) forensic science.

28 January 2015 at 9:00pm

The cop drama with fairy tales will return for a fourth series

28 January 2015 at 10:00pm

After a delay due to some contract issues, season 3 of the Canadian sci-fi show is returning to Syfy UK in Jan 2015 finally! They’ve also announced that there will be a 4th and final season.

29 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Usually airs in Jan.

29 January 2015 at 8:30pm

Max and Caroline are usually back, this time in Jan!

29 January 2015 at 9:00pm

A genius computer type, eccentric of course, and some other young geniuses team up to save the world weekly via computers. Robert Patrick is also present

Fortitude, Season 1 - Sky Atlantic
29 January 2015 at 9:00pm

Following the events of a previously tranquil Arctic town after a murder shocks the close-knit community and sets in motion a compelling hunt for the killer. Starring Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Richard Dormer & Christopher Eccleston.

February 2015

Nurse Jackie, Season 6 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - February 2015

The Golden Globe-nominated dark comedy starring Emmy-winner Edie Falco as a drug-addicted nurse returns. Was supposed to air in July, then got bumped, and is confirmed as back Feb 2014.

No exact date/time - February 2015

A little known cartoon… Still going strong. Part 1 airs Nov 2014, part 2 in Feb 2015.

No exact date/time - February 2015

new medical drama from Jed Mercurio

No exact date/time - February 2015

NCIS in New Orleans, starring Quantum Leap and Enterprise’s Scott Bakula, American Gothic’s Lucas Black, C. C. H. Pounder from Warehouse 13, and Zoe McLellan (Dirty Sexy Money).

No exact date/time - February 2015

Jim Caviezel and his handy billionaire return for the third season

No exact date/time - February 2015

The first part of new series have appeared in October the past couple of years, with the second half airing in February in the UK. Back in the US on Oct 3rd, and a few weeks later in the UK

No exact date/time - February 2015

American legal drama about a group of law students, and their professor, Annalise DeWitt (Viola Davis), who become entangled in a murder plot… Back in the US on Jan 29th, so i’d expect it back in Feb (maybe March). No official confirmation yet though.

No exact date/time - February 2015

Spin off from the awesome Breaking Bad, starring Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as lawyer Saul Goodman. Airing on Netflix UK ‘shortly’ after the US!

No exact date/time - February 2015

Tea Leoni is the Foreign Secretary with a CIA background

No exact date/time - February 2015

A new series from the BBC has people tracking down others from their past to thank them or apologise.

01 February 2015 at 10:00pm

Another season for the California spinoff continues after it’s mid season break.

01 February 2015 at 9:00pm

We were correct, Sky 1 have said H5-0 is back in Feb, followed by NCIS:LA, from its mid season break

The Comeback, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic
05 February 2015 at 10:15pm

Former Friends favourite Lisa Kudrow stars as a one-time TV ‘it girl’ in this uncomfortably funny comedy, which returns for a second series nine years after its first.

Looking, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic
05 February 2015 at 11:10pm

HBO show which revolves around three friends in San Francisco who explore the fun and sometimes overwhelming options available to a new generation of gay men. Stars Jonathan Groff & Frankie J. Alvarez. Airing just days after the US.

06 February 2015 at 9:00pm

Back to the Valleys with Ruth Jones. New season starts in Feb 2015.

09 February 2015 at 9:00pm

The US cable ratings monster returns. UK airings so far have been quite close to the US. Fifth season within hours of US broadcast

09 February 2015 at 11:10pm

‘The Daily Show with more prep time’ returns for a 2nd hilarious and genius season!

10 February 2015

From the guys behind Arrow, Grant Gustin does the speedster outfit to take on the role of Barry Allen aka The Flash. Back 20th Jan in the US, but Sky hold it back a little to remove any scheduling breaks, so it returns in Feb 2015.

11 February 2015 at 10:00pm

Grey’s moved back to its Autumn time slot this year, which means it’ll probably be in 2 halves again.

12 February 2015

A third season of the superhero programme. Back 21st Jan in the US, but Sky hold it back a little to remove any scheduling breaks, so it’s back in Feb 2015.

Bosch, Season 1 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
13 February 2015

Another of Amazon’s pilots recently ordered to series, Bosch follows the eponymous detective from Michael Connolly’s books.

17 February 2015 at 9:00pm

Sherlock in New York.

Vikings, Season 3 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
20 February 2015

Historical drama from US channel History, first UK run courtesy of Amazon Instant, then airing on the History Channel UK.

22 February 2015 at 10:00pm

The very long running crime drama returns to Universal

24 February 2015 at 10:00pm

Vampire Diaries spinoff returns for a second outing

27 February 2015 at 9:00pm

The excellent James Spader (with shaved head) is one of the FBI’s most wanted. He inexplicably surrenders and asks to speak to a rookie agent, whereupon it is revealed he has created a list of criminals the agency doesn’t know about.

27 February 2015

Kevin Spacey’s tour de force as Francis J. Underwood continues, with more 2-faced backstabbing and political intrigue. Season 3 comes to Netflix in Feb 2015.

27 February 2015 at 9:00pm

Follows the plot of the film to begin with – Time travel, deadly virus etc… Airs in the US in Jan 2015

Spring 2015

No exact date/time - Spring 2015

Remake of the 2005 BBC Two series, this version stars Kim Cattrall as Davina as a woman going through a mid-life crisis. Would appear is due in the UK ‘soon’.

No exact date/time - Spring 2015

Similar to Marvel’s Agents of Shield in that it is set in the superhero world without the superheroes, this is essentially Batman without Batman. However, it does feature a young Bruce Wayne and a number of the well-known Batman characters such as the Penguin, Catwoman and the Riddler.

Louie, Season 5 - FOX (UK)
No exact date/time - Spring 2015

Renewed for a 5th season airing in the US in Spring 2015.

No exact date/time - Spring 2015

New spin off from the CSI franchise, starring Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek following the Cyber Crime Division at Quantico, Virginia.

No exact date/time - Spring 2015

Series 2 is being split into two parts either side of the new year. Returns in the spring for the 2nd half, which will also be the last.

March 2015

No exact date/time - March 2015

New fantasy drama starring Ioan Gruffudd, Fantastic Four as Dr Henry Morgan, a star New York City medical examiner… who happens to be immortal.

No exact date/time - March 2015

Hard-nosed wise-cracking Detective Rizzoli teams up once again with the brilliant social misfit Dr Isles.

No exact date/time - March 2015

America’s biggest comedy returns. Part 1 starts in Nov 2014. Part 2 airs March 2015.

The Following, Season 3 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - March 2015

Kevin Bacon plays an FBI agent chasing the serial killing James Purefoy. More info here. Series 3 has shifted to March in the US, so that should mean March here too.

No exact date/time - March 2015

New American series based on the book by Brit Nick Hornby, and previously made into a Hugh Grant film.

No exact date/time - March 2015

Joss Whedon’s Marvel Universe series continues after the revelations of the first season. The new year brings a LOT of breaks in the US air dates. There’s only 2 episodes in Jan, 1 in Feb, and 2 in March, so not unsurprisingly, C4 will delay it a bit to remove all the gaps. They’ve said it’ll be back in Spring, so My best guess would be late March, but as yet to be confirmed.

No exact date/time - March 2015

Former Nikita, Maggie Q stars in this programme about Los Angeles police who investigate, as the title suggests, stalkers.

No exact date/time - March 2015

Series based on the Walt Longmire books where the titular character, a small town sheriff, is investigating serious crimes, returning to work following his wife’s death, and battling his deputy for re-election to the job. Back on TCM, it should air March 2015 in the UK.

Outlander, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - March 2015

Time-travel historical romantic drama from the makers of Spartacus has been confirmed as sold to the UK market by distributor Sony and author Diana Gabladon. In the US the first season is airing with a large break in the middle so realistically it will arrive here in such time as to negate that break and give us an uninterrupted run of 16 episodes. These are business decisions and not based on any cultist politics. NOTE: At at a guess, I would say it starts here in March which would give us the finale a few weeks after the U.S. We will update the specific broadcaster once it has been made public. EXACT AIR DATE IS TBC.



02 March 2015

Chris O’Dowd’s Irish sitcom returns.

06 March 2015

A woman escapes from a cult and tries to lead a normal life

09 March 2015 at 9:00pm

The worst of American criminals continue to be dramatically showcased. Far earlier this time, in October, which of course means it will be subject to the American mid season break

Powers, Season 1 - Playstation
10 March 2015

Sharlto Copley and Michelle Forbes star in this new show about a special police division that investigates super-power cases

Community, Season 6 - Yahoo Screen
17 March 2015

Rising like a phoenix, Community returns, albeit on Yahoo Screen (nope, me neither, here’s a link). Watch the strangest study group return to the meta world of Greendale Community College.

20 March 2015

New drama from the makers of Damages, starring Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini

April 2015

No exact date/time - April 2015

Paul and Ian are back with ten more episodes of the popular comedy panel show.

Bates Motel, Season 3 - Universal Channel
No exact date/time - April 2015

Yet another US show with a British lead, this time the young boy from Spiderwick. Taking its inspiration from Hitchcock’s Psycho, it is being brought to us Brits courtesy of Universal.

No exact date/time - April 2015

Stuff will get blown up once more. Delayed after Sullivan Stapleton fell out of a tuktuk in Thailand… Sky are saying Spring 2015 for the UK.

No exact date/time - April 2015

A nightclubbing youth falls for a spy in London. Support in the form of Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling

No exact date/time - April 2015

Peter Mullan, Gary Lewis, Sharon Small, Christian Cooke and Charlotte Spencer all star in two-part dramatization of acclaimed author Iain Banks’ novel. Due March/April

10 April 2015

Due May 2015, Daredevil will be the first of 5 new live-action Marvel shows on Netflix. Daredevil will be followed by shows based around Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, with a Defenders series at the end including all the characters.

13 April 2015 at 9:00pm

Airs 12th April in the US, so we’re expecting a return to Westeros on the 13th April 2015 in the UK.

Penny Dreadful, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic
28 April 2015 at 9:00pm

Set in Victorian London, this British-American series sees classic fictional horror characters causing havoc. Renewed for a 10 episode 2nd season which with air in April, just 2 days after the US. Click here to listen to our interview with Victor Frankenstein himself, Harry Treadaway.

Summer 2015

Veep, Season 4 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns as VP Selina Meyer in Armando Iannucci’s fantastic comedy.

Ray Donovan, Season 3 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Liev Schreiber returns as a man who can solve all the difficult problems of Hollywood’s rich and famous.

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Starring Famke Jannsen, this murder mystery series is another Netflix production. As ever with Netflix, the whole series will be available on the premiere date, with no specific time.

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Based on the Stephen King novel where a small town suddenly finds itself cut of from the rest of the world by an impassable barrier (the eponymous dome). Usually airs on Channel 5 in the Summer.

Hannibal, Season 3 - Sky Living
No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Television adaptation of the Thomas Harris novels, focussing on the relationship between Agent Graham and Dr Lecter. NBC has pushed the air date back to Summer because… well they’re NBC…

Silicon Valley, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Summer 2015

Described as ‘Entourage for Geeks’, and is the best half hour comedy on tv right now.

No exact date/time - Summer 2015

William Fichtner Stars as the token American in this European crime series set in a fictional police unit in The Hague. The team includes British, French, German, Italian and Dutch police as well as Donald Sutherland as a Dutch judge.

Not Yet Scheduled TV Shows 2015

These are shows which we've been told have a UK channel, but there is not enough info out there to predict an air date.

Archer, Season 5 - Netflix
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

More espionage fun with everybody’s favourite animated spy.

Badults, Season 2 - BBC Three
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Ben, Tom and Matthew are young adults who do a bad job of acting responsibly. They are effectively men behaving badly.

Banshee, Season 3 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Sky Atlantic brings satellite viewers the Cinemax drama about a former convict who assumes the identity of the sheriff in a small Amish town. Available On Demand from 24th June.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

New drama remake based on the 1987 CBS show of the same name, which was inspired by the famous fantasy tale…  Beauty in this version is Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk with ‘The Beast’ played by Jay Ryan (Terra Nova). Incredibly, and against all odds, it’s been renewed for a 3rd season!

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Police orientated Chicago Fire spinoff.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

‘Historical fantasy drama’ series about Leonardo da Vinci’s early life. Co-production between BBC Worldwide and Starz networks. First series aired on Fox UK shortly after the US broadcast. Second series due in Spring 2014

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Desperate Housewives spinoff

Doll & Em, Season 2 - Sky Living
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Real-life best friends Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) and Dolly Wells (Spy) write and star in a semi-improvised original comedy. Exploring what happens when a Hollywood actress hires her childhood friend to be her personal assistant… Renewed for a 2nd season.

Doomsday Preppers, Season 2 - National Geographic
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Explores the ever-growing fears of a populace that believes that a major catastrophe may end modern life… Well that sounds cheery…

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

We return to the Griffins in the summer.

Fargo, Season 1 - Channel 4
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Inspired by the Coen brothers 1996 film of the same name, and returning for a 2nd season.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Student sitcom from the writers of Peep Show returns

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Haven season 5 was split into 2 parts, with part 1 airing Sept 20014, and part 2 sometime in 2015.

Hot in Cleveland, Season 6 - Sony Entertainment Television
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

The US sitcom about four women in Ohio.

Humans, Season 1 - Channel 4
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Scifi drama from Kudos about a world where humans and robots are identical. It is based on the Swedish series Akta manniskor (Real Humans), and begins filming later in 2014.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Martin Shaw returns to investigate crime in the North East of England

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Available in one go on the streaming service. Season 10 air in the US in Jan 2015, so should be on Netflix after that.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Dr Jekyll’s grandson fights similar monsters to those faced by his grandad

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

A show where a group of magicians compete each week to out do each other with there illusions. The loser has to perform a ‘killer’ trick – i.e. one that has killed or injured a magician in the past!

Luther, Season 4 - BBC One
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Idris Elba’s unhinged and unconventional detective begins filiming a fourth series in 2015

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Seventh and final visit to Madison Avenue, this final season will be split in two.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

A female politician hires a male nanny. First series is also available having previously been available on Netflix

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Anna Faris stars in this sitcom about a dysfunctional mum and daughter.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Who’s that (new) girl? It’s that Zooey Deschanel (you know, the one who’s sister is in Bones!)

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

The BBC has broadcast series 1, 2 and 3. There is no broadcast date for 4 yet, but it has been available on DVD since January.

Peep Show, Season 9 - Channel 4
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Due in 2015, this ninth series will be the last

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Each week viewers will follow four different teams, each one in a different pub across the country, as they battle it out against each other, answering identical quiz questions, in the contest to be crowned that week’s pub quiz champion.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Sultry new legal show set in Charleston, South Carolina, where a gorgeous Yankee litigator and a Southern City Attorney struggle to hide their intense attraction while clashing over a police sex scandal…

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

What if your deceased loved ones suddenly turned up on your doorstep as though nothing had happened? Stars House’s Omar Epps.

Rookie Blue, Season 6 - Universal Channel
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Renewed for a 6th season (sort of). It was actually renewed for a 5th season of 22 episodes, which they then chopped in half to make seasons 5 & 6.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Stargate’s Michael Shanks (husband of Continuum’s Lexa Doig) , and Smallville’s Erica Durance star in this Canadian hospital drama where a doctor becomes a patient.

Sense8, Season 1 - Netflix
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

New sci-fi show from The Wachowskis (Matrix, V for Vendetta) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) about 8 people around the globe who find themselves telepathically connected.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

another literary adaptation for 2015, this time based on the fantasy novel

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

David Threlfall stars as Noah in this biblical epic series

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

sean Bean stars in a version of Mary Shelley’s classic. How long will he survive? Airs on Itv Encore

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Brian Cox (the Dundee one, not the science one) stars as the head of MI5 in this spy series set in London 1972.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Samantha Morton stars in this Anglo-French heist series.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Comedy about a successful doctor with an iffy personal life.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Karl Pilkington sets out to discover the answers to some of the hard questions in life.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

The well-rated French zombie drama returns to 4 in 2015

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Another new version of Gerry Anderson’s classic, mixing live action with animation

Treme, Season 4 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Satellite viewers return to Louisiana for the last time

True Detective, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic
No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughan take the reigns from McConaughey and Harrelson in the second season of the acclaimed drama. Due in the US in summer, and possibly a few weeks later here.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Cancelled by CBS, then resurrected by TNT and Lifetime and subsequently cancelled again, the final (for now) season 3 has yet to be shown in the UK.

No exact date/time - Unknown 2015

Andrew Davies presents an adaptation of one of the greatest works of literature

The Unknowns - TV shows not yet picked up in the UK or no exact air date info

This is a list of everything else! TV shows people have asked about, but have yet to be picked up by any UK network, or have been dropped by their UK network, or we simply have no air date info about them!

Agent Carter, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Hayley Atwell will reprise her role from Captain America as Peggy Carter in the new series, Agent Carter.

American Idol, Season 14 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Talent show based on Pop Idol, one of the many TV talent shows, but with Americans. 14th season not purchased by 5.

Backstrom, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Rainn Wilson stars as the latest self-destructive detective, working on nasty crimes in Oregon

Bitten, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New werewolf show starring Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, V) as Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in existence. Canadian show, which airs on Space in Canada and SyFy in the US. Still no official UK broadcaster, however, it is on Netflix USA, which you can access using a DNS Switcher such as Unlocator.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Originally projected to return earlier in the year, but it has since been cancelled, so Sky have been kicking the 3rd season airing around the schedules and finally seemed to have settled on Oct 2014… Then it vanished again, so it’s back to being unknown…

Covert Affairs, Season 5 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Runs June/July in the US, and in UK broadcast limbo after being dropped by Really… Cancelled after 5 seasons.

Crossbones, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Starring Hugh Laurie and written by Neil Cross (Spooks, Luther) this ten episode series about the pirate Blackbeard is due in America on NBC.

Deception, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

When a partying wealthy socialite dies of an overdose, her long lost best friend, who’s also a police detective suspects foul play, so goes undercover, re-inserting herself into the families life to get to the truth.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

The adventures of young Inspector Morse return to our screens

Gang Related, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

A drama looking at LA gangs from both sides

Hart of Dixie, Season 3 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Due back in 2014 for the third season which begins in October in the US

Heroes: Reborn, Season 5 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Off air since 2010, creator Tim Kring is bringing back the people with special powers for a “limited series” in 2015.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Yet to be bought in the UK. This one has been asked about quite a lot but doesn’t actually air in the US until April

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Zombie drama set in northern England.

iZombie, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New series from the creators of Veronica Mars. Airs on CW in the US this Autumn.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Following the acclaimed second series starring Keeley Hawes, creator Jed Mercurio brings us back to the bleak world of AC-12.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

One of  five new live-action Marvel shows on Netflix. Daredevil will be first, then Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, with a 13 episode Defenders series at the end including all the characters.

Once Upon A Time, Season 3 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

In a somewhat surprising move… Channel 5 have dropped Once Upon A Time. Can only assuming the price verses the audience figures it was getting was too high this time around… Right now, your best bet is to watch via Netflix US using a DNS Switcher like Unlocator, as they have all 3 seasons on there. The Region 4 box set is available from mid-November 2014, from Australia.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

A third series has been commissioned by BBC America. No news on UK broadcast yet

Raising Hope, Season 3 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Dropped by Sky after 2 seasons, and now dropped by FOX in the US after 4 seasons. On the plus side, that might mean the seasons missing in the UK may show up on a UK channel or Netflix sooner now.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

I want a show called Fake Housewives In Wonderland…

Rectify, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

I’m adding this in as people have asked about it, but it’s on renewed for a 3rd season in the US, and still doesn’t have a UK pickup, so don’t hold your breath…

Reign, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

With the surname “Queen of Scots”, it was apparent young Mary was destined for greatness. This new series portrays her early years in the French Court.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

A special episode will slot in between the third and fourth series, with the latter filming in 2015, which suggests the special will air mid 2015 and the new series early 2016.

State of Affairs, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Drama staring Katherine Heigl as CIA analyst Charleston Tucker who works closely with the US President.

Taxi Brooklyn, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

English-language French TV series based on the film series

Telemark, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

During WWII, British experts trained Norwegians to sabotage the Nazi nuclear programme

The After, Season 1 - Amazon Prime Instant Video
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Following a successful pilot on Amazon Instant, the return to television of the X-files’ Chris Carter sees a group of strangers caught up in an unexplained panicky situation. Amazon subsequently changed its mind and the series won’t be happening

The Americans, Season 3 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Cold war spy espionage drama set in the 1980s. Third season not bought by ITV apparently so unless anybody else buys it, it’ll be the DVD release probably around January 2016

The Brink, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Comedy about three different men trying to prevent a third World War

The Crazy Ones, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Stars Robin Williams as Simon Roberts, a renowned & brilliant (but eccentric) advertising executive,  runs the Roberts and Roberts Advertising Agency with his rather more practical daughter, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who’s trying to manage the company, and her dad…

The Gilded Age, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New period drama from Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) set in 1880s New York, a period dubbed the “gilded age” as vast amounts of new money exchanged hands and fortunes were made.

No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Unruly British teenagers are sent to spend a week with strict parents in other countries, in the hope that they will return with some appreciation of how awful they have been, and resolve to mend their ways. The BBC is apparently producing a new series, so if any GT readers fall into the “unruly” category, perhaps you can get in touch with BBC Three. :)

Those Who Kill, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Demark’s turn again for the remake honours – this time of the serial killer drama. Not due in the US until 2014.

Twisted, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

New teen drama about a troubled 16 year old who becomes the prime suspect when one of his classmates is murdered. Airs on ABC Family in the US, and unfortunately, those shows to struggle for some reason in the UK, so I wouldn’t hold you breath for it turning up anytime soon…

We Are Men, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Monk’s Tony Shalhoub stars in this sitcom about divorce

Z Nation, Season 1 - No UK Broadcaster
No exact date/time - Unknown Unknown

Another programme about zombies, this time from the people behind Eureka. Airs on SyFy in the US, but no word on whether it’ll air on SyFy UK, or get sold to a different channel.

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Month: Year:
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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
* Air Crash Investigation, S12Air Crash Investigation, S12

Time: 9:00 pm

National Geographic

* Two And A Half Men, S10Two And A Half Men, S10

Time: 9:00 pm

Comedy Central

* Last Man Standing, S1Last Man Standing, S1

Time: 6:00 pm


* Haven, Season 3Haven, Season 3

Time: 9:00 pm


* House Of Lies, Season 1House Of Lies, Season 1

Time: 10:00 pm

Sky Atlantic

* The Glee Project, Season 2The Glee Project, Season 2

Time: 8:00 pm

Sky 1

* Perception, Season 1Perception, Season 1

Time: 9:00 pm


* HuntedHunted

Time: 9:00 pm


* Red Dwarf XRed Dwarf X

Time: 9:00 pm


* The Middle, Season 4The Middle, Season 4

Time: 7:30 pm

Sky 1

* Modern Family, Season 4Modern Family, Season 4

Time: 8:00 pm

Sky 1

* Merlin Season 5Merlin Season 5

Time: 7:45 pm


* Homeland Season 2Homeland Season 2

Time: 9:00 pm

Channel 4

* Friday Night Dinner, Series 2Friday Night Dinner, Series 2

Time: 10:00 pm

Channel 4

* The RiverThe River

Time: 10:00 pm


* Fresh Meat, Series 2Fresh Meat, Series 2

Time: 10:00 pm

Channel 4

* Nurse Jackie, Season 4Nurse Jackie, Season 4

Time: 10:35 pm

Sky Atlantic

* Mike & Molly, Season 3Mike & Molly, Season 3

Time: 9:30 pm

Comedy Central

* Have I Got News For You, S 44Have I Got News For You, S 44


* Law & Order: SVU, S14Law & Order: SVU, S14

Time: 10:00 pm


* The Vampire Diaries, Season 4The Vampire Diaries, Season 4

Time: 9:00 pm


* SwitchSwitch

Time: 10:00 pm


* White Collar, Season 2White Collar, Season 2

Time: 10:00 pm


* Gossip Girl, Season 6Gossip Girl, Season 6

Time: 7:00 pm


* The Office US, S7bThe Office US, S7b

Time: 10:00 pm

Comedy Central

* Spy, Series 2Spy, Series 2

Time: 8:30 pm


* The Walking Dead, Season 3The Walking Dead, Season 3

Time: 10:00 pm


* ArrowArrow

Time: 8:00 pm


* Grimm, Season 2Grimm, Season 2

Time: 9:00 pm


* ElementaryElementary

Time: 9:00 pm

Sky Living

* Teen Mom, Season 4Teen Mom, Season 4

Time: 8:00 pm


* Chicago Fire, Season 1Chicago Fire, Season 1

Time: 9:00 pm

Sky Living

* Fringe, Season 5 Final SeasonFringe, Season 5 Final Season

Time: 10:00 pm


* Criminal Minds Suspect Behav.Criminal Minds Suspect Behav.

Time: 9:00 pm


* The Protector, Season 1The Protector, Season 1

Time: 10:00 pm


* American Horror Story: AsylumAmerican Horror Story: Asylum

Time: 10:00 pm



Couple of Notes on Commenting…

If your asking about an air date show, please make sure it isn’t in the list already. Easiest way to do this is to use your browser’s ‘Find’ function (‘Ctrl & F’ on a PC, ‘cmd and F’ on a Mac).

Also, if you’re asking for a returning air date, it really helps me out if you know which channel it’s airing on currently to post that in the comment.

I know a lot of the TV shows, but the more info you can leave me, the easier it is for me to check. :)


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15,560 Responses to “UK Air Dates for US & UK Shows in 2015/2016”

  1. sallywoods says:

    What’s happened to lost girl is it true that it’s taken a mid season break in Canada and isn’t returning until the autumn

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      That’s right. The final season is being made in two parts and the last eight episodes should air in Canada later this year. As a result, it may be that the UK date is held back so the whole season can be aired together

  2. Lemmy says:

    Hi, does anyone know if and or when Shameless US season 4 will be shown?

  3. jbrucem says:

    Are you sure about the return of Sleepy Hollow on 05 February? My EPG is showing re-runs of Season 2 Part 1 Ep 4 at that time which would make the restart date sometime in the week beginning 23rd March, either 25th if they stick to Wednesdays as with Part 1 or 26th if they go with the re-run day.

  4. MartyM says:

    Any UK news on Battle Creek (CBS), the other new series from Vince Gilligan? It’s been getting some positive pre-release reviews from the critics.

  5. The Kingslayer says:

    I don’t know if you’re aware but Inside Amy Schumer debuts next week on Comedy central. I think it starts Wednesday at 10:30pm.

  6. Emily says:

    Hi, do you know when The Biggest Loser USA season 14 will be aired in the UK?

    • Jackie says:

      I love to know this too, not sure why we are always so far behind the USA with this series, the last one shown in the UK was series 13 and they are finishing series 16 this month in the US!

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        We are only “behind” if you compare to the U.S. dates and given that it is a US show, that’s not especially enlightening. Compared to previous broadcasts here ( as far as I can see, season 13 only just finished) we aren’t “behind” at all. It’ll probably be back later in the year.

  7. Patricia Mathieson says:

    Any idea when Peaky Blinders is returning
    Apparently season 3 has been confirmed
    PS. This is a great site

  8. Lorraine says:

    Do you know if The Americans Season 3 will be aired on UK tv

  9. paul mclennan says:

    i have seen trailers of prison break season 5 when is this due on our screens? paul

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Prison Break ended six years ago after four seasons. There isn’t a fifth. Can I guess that you saw the “trailer” on YouTube or similar?

    • Dave Dave says:

      I think what you’ve seen are fan made trailers for Prison Break Season 5 as it doesn’t exist.

      • Jez says:

        There was some stuff in the news about them wanting to bring it back, because apparently TV has run out of new ideas so they’re just remaking old stuff or bringing it back now. Don’t think this was anything more than speculation though…

  10. Ian says:

    I think your return date for Sleepy Hollow may be wrong. Universal are showing repeats at present and their web site shows episode 4 repeat on Thursday 5th February. If I remember correctly new episodes were previously on a Wednesday.

  11. danny says:

    E4 have gone and done it again with Big Bang Theory, its “going on a break for a bit”

    • Dave Dave says:

      Hi Danny

      To be fair to E4, i think that was more CBS’s fault than theirs as they messed with the scheduling (although that was partly to the death of Carol Ann Susi – Howard’s Mom).


      • danny says:

        Fair enough I guess. It just seems a bit silly on their part to bring it back for only two weeks

        • Dave Dave says:

          I suspect, had they know CBS were going to shuffle the episodes around they would have held it for a little longer (although people would also have complained about them not airing it then, so they can’t win either way!) ;)

  12. Rhyle says:

    How the HELL has no one picked up Agent Carter yet?! Has anyone heard any news on likely destinations in the UK for it (her?)?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Lack of infinite funds for acquisitions; lengthy negotiations; bidding process; space in schedules; so many reasons. It’s only been out a short while in the US.

      News, no. The only news that will exist beyond the statement from 4 that they aren’t planning to get it, will be that someone else has. Anything else in between is just rumours with probably a degree of internet-amplified wishful thinking.

      That said, I’m pretty sure we WILL get it this year on some platform or another.

  13. David says:

    Hi All,

    Anyone know when Avatar Legend of Korra will be back on Nick. Heard a rumour that Book 3 would be on in January but no sign of it yet unless I missed it.


  14. Jack says:

    Any idea of when Shameless USA series 4 will air on more4?

  15. Rolin says:

    Any idea when Vikings seaon 3 will be available on Amazon?

  16. Oli Miller says:

    A change of start date for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (currently listed as 15th Feb) & should be for the following week:

  17. Paul says:

    The final season of Justified is underway in the States. Do we know whether Sky will be showing it, as they are with previous seasons, On Demand?

  18. Derry says:

    Hi I’ve never posted before but I allways use it to see when programmes are back on or starting. But you don’t have Unforgettable season 3 I know it’s the last & it’s been shown in America any info would be appreciated.

  19. Lauren says:

    Hey guys. Any idea when helix season 2 will be shown? Was on syfy then one of the 5 channels.

  20. kirsty says:

    Can you tell me when the fourth series of million dollar listing new York starts please

  21. danny says:

    Digiguide has a new episode of Stella on Fri 6/2 @ 9pm, I’m assuming its the new season starting

  22. Simon Vivian says:

    Universal is starting Boston Legal Series 3 on 2nd February.

  23. Sinead says:

    Any idea if the BBC will be showing season 4 of Episodes?

  24. Andrew Andrew says:

    To all the fans of Outlander (especially those who didn’t read the bit about March being a guess!), I’ve updated the entry with the release date of the Region 1/A DVD and BluRay. Depending on the UK air date, you may choose to import it. But bear in mind that it’s only the first part of the season.

    Oh, and this Sunday is Burn’s Night….

  25. The Kingslayer says:

    Sony’s Powers series debuts on the Playstation Network March 10th with three episodes.

  26. Amy says:

    Looking is back on Sky Atlantic on Feb 5th, with a double bill –

  27. Lou says:

    Hey, any idea whwn Shameless USA series 5 will be airing please? I know it’s currently aired in the US now.

  28. collette says:

    do u no when wentworth prison will be on uk tv?

  29. sammy says:

    Do you no if Almost Human will be coming back to watch

  30. NigelF says:

    Do you know when Ripper Street is being shown on BBC1? I know its on Amazon first.
    Is Primeval coming back at all?
    Will Heroes come back to BBC? I think its on the web (Amazon? first
    At the time it was stopped, there was talk Defying Gravity might get an lifeline via SyFy or one of the specialist channels.
    Many thanks
    Nigel Firth

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      1. At the moment, Ripper Street 3 is Amazon only. I haven’t heard that it IS coming to the BBC (yes, BBC America in America, but that has almost no bearing here).
      2. No, I don’t think so.
      3. I don’t think the new Heroes Reborn miniseries has any UK buyer yet. It’s due in the US later this year, but doesn’t have a date yet.
      4. There is nearly always talk of a lifeline somewhere when things are cancelled. In most cases, it doesn’t happen. Firefly, Eldorado. In a few cases it does. Ripper Street, Community. And in a third group, it happens, but long afterwards. Twin Peaks, Dallas, Heroes. Defying Gravity belongs in the first of these three groups.

    • Greg says:

      I believe Ripper Street will be shown on the BBC sometime in March, according to an interview with one of its stars.
      I think just after it finishes its season on Amazon

  31. Dave Dave says:

    Hi Folks. Just wanted to point you all towards a new podcast show we’ve started called Geektown Radio, which has lots of lovely info about renewals, cancellations, upcoming air dates and other general tv related info!

    You can listen to the show here:

    Or subscribe to it on iTunes (or whatever your usually podcast software is!)

    I’d love to know what you think. If you have any ideas, or things you’d like us to talk about, just let me know!

    Dave :)

  32. Emerson says:

    I like the list very much Andrew. Tbh I can’t remember if I ever used the calendar. What I usually do is adding any new dates of shows I’d like to see in my own calendar app, and it will send me a reminder when said show is due to come back. I find it very helpful.

  33. Marion says:

    i sorry I found csi

  34. Helen says:

    I loved the first season of Cedar Cove, I was wondering if anyone knows is there going to be a season 2 and when it might be aired

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Good news, Helen, sort of. There is a second season. And a third. However, there’s no information on a UK airing yet. The first season was here in February, so there’s still time for it to make an annual reappearance about the same sort of time

  35. Marion says:

    Hi can you check when csi. Vegas is back its says on the 25 jan but not on sky tv

  36. Marion says:

    Hi can you check when csi. Vegas is back its says on the 25 jan but not on sky ty

  37. Peter says:

    i use the list a lot. never look at the calendar.

  38. Wayne boddington says:

    Any news on when SHAMELESS US season 4 starts on more4 in the uk.

  39. Carl says:

    Any idea if American Idol or Hart of Dixie will be on? Cheers

  40. Becky says:

    Do you know when The Messengers (new CW show) is coming to the UK?

  41. danny says:

    That Sky Living page that tells you when shows are back has Stalker coming back March 23rd

  42. Sophie says:

    I like the list because it’s easier to read and keep track of what’s coming back on :)

  43. Oli Miller says:

    Morning, coupe of thins, could the calendar be updated? Find it easier to see the premier dates that way rather than going through the list. Also, do you know if Bosch (due to premier on Amazon Instant) will have a second run on another channel? Thanks, Oli

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Firstly, Bosch is an Amazon production. I don’t think they’ve sold it yet and would imagine they will want a substantial exclusive window first. That certainly doesn’t preclude a second run elsewhere in due course, but I suspect you might see it on DVD before broadcast television.

      Secondly, the calendar. It’d be interesting to get some more opinions on this. The list, after all, is iin chronological order and not only do I find it far easier to read the list than the calendar, I also find it far easier to update. Let’s gather some views from our regular visitors please.

      • MartyM says:

        I don’t want to add to your workload, but I do like the calendar. It makes it easy to check what’s on that day. I also use the list, but that does meaning scrolling through a long list, which is not as quick and something I do when I have more time.

      • Helen says:

        I like list and don’t look at the calendar.

      • Jess says:

        Thank you for opening the debate Andrew.

        I believe that both have merit. However, I do see more use in the list, perhaps selfishly because spending the majority of the time on the go, my iPhone is my font of knowledge. Fact is, you cannot see the calendar until you scroll to the bottom of the screen.

        Checking via laptop, both are easy to view. As a general rule, to check what is happening in the current month, I use the calendar, but (!) if I want to look further ahead I still find myself using the list.

        P.S. I am not apologising for my use of Apple products, should the calendar appear elsewhere on Android devices!
        P.P.S. did I imagine that this site used to come up as “UK air dates for US shows” or something to that effect?

      • Oli Miller says:

        Thanks Andrew, hopefully will find a way of watching Bosch as am a fan of the books.

        No problem re the calendar if it’s too much hassle to update (at least on a regular basis). When a month has a long list (like January), just find it hard to see/find certain shows at times. Is it worth moving the calendar up (at least before the summer/unknown listings)?

        • Howard says:

          hi andrew love the site but I suppose its very difficult to please everyone regarding list or calendar, will put up my own observations though:

          personally i use the list way more, but thats more to do with the fact i use my laptop to go onto this site almost exclusively so cant comment on how it works for smartphones, tablets etc. the calendar is also very handy though if i wish to see what day of the week something is on as dates dont always tell me the day (again personal preference)

          both have their merits but andrew might be a little bit nit-picky but for the stuff thats in the list that only has a general airdate but not a confirmed e.g. the comeback or stella or nurse jackie putting them in some form of order could be an idea
          again not a criticism just something I spotted

          keep up the great work on the site though id be lost without it

      • Martin S says:

        Prefer the list. Easier to use for me plus recent additions are highlighted in colour.

        • Paula says:

          Completely agree, I never look at the calendar – I have my own spreadsheet that I keep updated from your list (sad I know) so that I notice when my sky box decides to ignore the series links

      • jbrucem says:

        With regards the list/calendar debate, personally I never even look at the calendar as the list comprehensively covers everything. Occasionally I notice it, but even then don’t really look at it.

      • kelly says:

        Hi, just to say I prefer the list and also is person of interest going to be shown soon as I am sure I have just read on Sky it is to be returning winter 2015 – hope not!

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          This is winter 2015 right now Kelly. It certainly feels like it! We have it in the list for next month, but it’s worth pointing out it’ll be Channel 5’s decision and not Sky’s.

  44. Dereka says:

    Hi, Sky Atlantic Face book page has Penny Dreadful Season 2 start date as 28th April

  45. Amy says:

    Have u got a date for under the dome?

  46. Jack says:

    HI just wondering is there any new news for the T.V show Helix which was on channel 5 but later moved to 5*. Also any new if the UK will get Dwayne the rock johnsons new show wake up call at some point?

  47. Clare says:

    Any news on Season 14 of Biggest Loser?

  48. Laura says:

    Does any one know if sky is bringing back cougar town? They have the first 3 season up on boxsets and on the never miss requests you can now have notification for when they are showing season 4. Does this mean they have picked it back up?

  49. Sarah says:

    Do you know if Finding Carter will be shown in the UK? MTV will air the second season in the USA this year.

  50. James says:

    Hi, you have any news on Million Dollar Listing New York Season 4? It airs on Sky Living in the UK and on Bravo in the USA. Bravo has it airing on April 8th but I can’t find the UK air date.


  51. Cheryl says:

    Hi I have just found out bbc 3 will not be showing a new season of in the flesh which is rather disappointing I’m not keen on zombie type things but I liked this do you think it’s possible that it will be picked up by another channel? Also do you know if there will be another season of the fades or fades I think it was called I think that was on bbc 3 also x

  52. Paula says:

    Hi, I’ve just seen the start date for CSI and it says cyber is to follow. but I can’t find it to record in my TV guide. Does it mean cyber starts when CSI finishes

  53. Alan says:

    If you can’t wait until the end of February to see episode one of 12 Monkeys you can see the full episode on the Entertainment Weeklyn website for a week after US premiere.

  54. Howard says:

    if anyone cares gotham and brooklyn nine-nine was renewed earlier by fox for another season and amy dunno for sure but id say most mid season sales are still being finalised over here so maybe we’ll hear something in the next month or two

  55. jonathan harvey says:

    Gotham has been renewed for series 2. Press release from Fox posted on

  56. Amy says:

    It’s probably too early for rumours, but what do you think the chances are of Empire getting picked up over here? It’s just been renewed for a second season after only two episodes and the ratings have been huge, but I’m not sure how well it’d do here. Then again, if a show about country music (Nashville) can get picked up in the UK, no reason why one about hip hop couldn’t…

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      No reason at all, after all we do get all these real housewives things. I haven’t seen or heard anything though, and reading the synopsis, it’s not one I’d put money on

  57. sallywoods says:

    Helix any chance we get to see it. S2 looks better

  58. Caroline says:

    hi will Chicago fire be coming back to sky living?

  59. Paul B says:


    Hannibal pushed back to the summer

  60. Joannek says:

    Any news about Biggest Loser Australia?

  61. danny says:

    For anyone has been watching it, Constantine is back on Amazon tomorrow :-)