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Review of Awol-72

Luke Goss is Conrad Miller, a marine who’s gone AWOL with an important piece of government intel. RZA is the LAPD detective on his trail […]

The Messenger

The Messenger Film Review

The Messenger is Jack (Robert Sheehan), a troubled man who sees ghosts, ghosts that come to him with their unfinished business. When the late Mark […]

Julia film review

Julia Film Review

Julia, an entry in the much maligned rape-revenge horror subgenre, sees the eponymous nurse (Ashley C. Williams) seeking out a therapist who promises not only […]

Barely Lethal Review

Barely Lethal, in which a teenage assassin Megan Walsh (Hailee Steinfeld) leaves behind her boss and mentor (Samuel L. Jackson) to join high school, is […]

Cate Blanchett to star in Aaron Sorkin's Lucille Ball Biopic

Cate Blanchett to star in Aaron Sorkin’s Lucille Ball Biopic

Cate Blanchett to star in Aaron Sorkin’s Lucille Ball Biopic
This is a great bit of casting. Cate Blanchett is to take on the role of […]

Helen Hunt's Ride

Helen Hunt’s Ride Film Review

There aren’t enough opportunities for actresses at Helen Hunt’s age. By Hollywood’s standard, she’s old, too old to play anyone apart from mothers, aunts and […]


Vacation Film Review

Everything that’s old is new again. The trick in Hollywood now is not the remake or sequel or even reboot. The ‘soft reboot’ allows you […]


We might be on holiday at the moment (hence the lack of posting), but sometimes, something shows up you really think needs to be shared. […]

Win Ant-Man Tickets

Win Ant-Man IMAX Tickets by finding… Ant-sized Ant-Man tickets across the UK!

As you are all very aware i’m sure, there is a new Marvel movie arriving on Friday in the form of ANT-MAN starring Paul Rudd […]

Fantastic Four 3rd and Final Trailer

I think I’ve mentioned before on the site and podcasts how i’ve never been totally sold on Fox’s new take on the Fantastic Four. It […]

Suicide Squad Trailer Officially Released in lovely HD!

After a weekend of leaks from Comic Con, WB have relented and released the full HD quality version of that Suicide Squad trailer that has […]


I know a lot of you will have seen this by now as it went up online last night, but it’s so cool I felt […]

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) – Join The World’s Longest Centipede

I come to you today with news of a… unique world record attempt – to create the World’s longest Human Centipede, to celebrate the release […]

Empire Cinemas hosts the world’s first ever film premiere for ants at London Zoo…

Empire Cinemas commissions the world’s first ever ant film premiere for the Leafcutter Exhibition at London Zoo in advance of the release of Marvel Studios’ […]

The Voices Review

At one point in The Voices, Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) sits down on his sofa with his dog and cat to watch TV. A montage of […]