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Trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie

After he tackled Facebook, the brilliant Aaron Sorkin next set his sights on Apple and it’s founder Steve Jobs. Based on Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography, and directed […]

Slow West

Slow West Review

The heyday of the Western is over, but the genre has never completely gone away. Part of its continued reinvigoration is the adoption of very […]

Milano Calibre 9

Review: Milano Calibre 9

Milano Calibre 9
Fernando Di Leo’s Milano Calibro 9 (Caliber 9 in English) begins in gloriously over-the-top fashion with Rocco’s (Mario Adorf) henchmen rounding up and […]

Accidental Love

Accidental Love

Cinematic history is littered with the “could have been”s. Orson Welles’ original cut of The Magnificent Ambersons. Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. […]

Mr. Freeze

4 Pieces of TV and Movie Tech That Might Save Your Life

Science fiction has naturally given us a wealth of technological inspiration, from video calls to Roombas, though not all of our advancements are coming to […]

Christopher Lee

The World Loses A Legend – Sir Christopher Lee has Died (1922-2015).

The World Loses A Legend – Sir Christopher Lee has Died (1922-2015).
It’s rare I post my thoughts when an actor passes away, but when I heard Sir Christopher Lee […]

Review: San Andreas

San Andreas
San Andreas is a disaster film in the classic ’70s / ’90s mould, when it was perhaps easier to enjoy cinematic destruction without the […]


LIVE STREAM FROM 5.45pm 27th MAY 2015
Twentieth Century Fox are delighted to announce the theatrical release of SPY in the UK and Ireland on 5th […]


Review: DRONE

Drone investigates the murkiest of moral and legal grey areas in modern warfare. “It’s out of a bad science fiction novel,” says Brandon Bryant, a […]

Han, Chewie, Rey, Finn and BB-8.

Lots of pics & a video from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Thanks to the wonderful photographer Annie Leibovitz, and the folk over at Vanity Fair, we’ve now have an amazing new set of behind-the-scenes photos and video […]

Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice Trailer Officially Released!

#BatmanvSuperman #NotBlurry #NotPirated
— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) April 17, 2015

Small bits of the Batman v Superman popped up online earlier, before getting pulled down quickly, however it […]

Not Tatooine

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Trailer 2 & Analysis

Last night, the 2nd trailer for the J.J. Abrams highly anticipated debut into the Star Wars universe, and it’s as awesome as seeing 2 Jawas on each […]


Did Neill Blomkamp change the new Alien movie to avoid angering Ridley Scott?

Three years after esteemed director Ridley Scott produced Prometheus, District 9 writer Neill Blomkamp is now in talks to direct Alien 5, which could be […]


Review: Continuum (aka I’ll Follow You Down)

First thing I should say, is this shouldn’t be confused with the SyFy TV show Continuum… Or the Stargate movie Stargate: Continuum. In fact the movie when it […]

The Best of Nicolas Cage…

Ahh yes… Nicolas Cage… It’s fair to refer to him as a man with, shall we call it, an ‘eclectic’ career…
His work has spanning the decades […]