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Star Wars Fanboys Trailer

This just looks awesome 😀

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Could it be…

See for yourself, go to

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Syler is Spock!

News winging its way from ComicCon, that Zachary Quinto, better know as Syler in Heroes, is now locked to play young Spock in JJ […]

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Movies of the summer… reviewed

Firstly, there is a huge amount of movies being released this summer. The summer blockbusters first kicked off with the sorely disappointing Spider-man 3, […]

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Who Watches the Watchmen?

UPDATE: See the offical Watchmen cast photos here!
This is the cast, with the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian.
In the run up to […]

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Batman Gets On His Bike.

AICN have some very cool shots of the new ‘Batpod’ from the upcoming ‘Dark Knight’ movie. Styled very much in the same vein as the […]

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Captain America Hollywood Bound

Steve Rogers might (or might not?) be pushing up daises in the comic books, but Sci-Fi Wire are reporting that the president of production for […]

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Stuff Harvey, Vote Joker!

Looks like the Joker is trying to muscle in on Harvey Dent’s election campaign…
As the Joker says “…you never know what a man is truly […]

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Vote Harvey Dent!

As the marketing machines begins turning for the new Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’, various bits have started appearing online, incluing this I believe in […]

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Now With Added Venom…

New Spiderman 3 trailer with more shots of Venom added, plus a close up of a very toothy looking Eddie Brock!

See the trailer here
See more […]

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DVD Covers v Movie Posters

Found this interesting blog post about why DVD cover art sucks so much compared to the original movie posters. e.g.

A load more here
The folks over […]

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The Watchmen… First Shot Of Rorshach!

Click for bigger version
Harry over at AICN has got one hell of a scoop… The first image of Rorshach from the Watchmen movie! It’s actually […]

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Spidey 3 in 225Mbs Worth of High Defness!

UPDATE: Sony have removed the video for the moment, but you can view it in lower res below:

A whole 7mins 31secs of Spiderman 3 in […]

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“Ghost Rider” reviewed!

Well, I’ve just come home from seeing Marvels’ latest comic-book adaption, Ghost Rider. No doubt people have seen the adverts on tv or on […]

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JJ Abrams Says Beam Me Up!

After months and months (and months and months…) of speculation, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that JJ Abrams is taking the helm and directing the […]