Interview: Riva – Winner of the Fame Music Competition

Riva is a young musician who beat thousands of auditionees, to be chosen as the winning artist of the Fame Music competition to record songs […]

Geektown Awards 2013: Winner – Best Theme or Music Composition for a TV Show 2013

Happy New Year to you all! Just time to put out the last few award winners for our Geektown Awards 2013. Next up, Best Theme or […]

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Review: Barenaked Ladies (The Institute, Birmingham – 01/12/2013)

i should preface this review by saying, if you’re looking for an unbiased review, this isn’t it… I’ve been a huge fan of Barenaked Ladies for over […]

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Geektown Podcast 07 : Talking again with Revenge composer Fil Eisler!

Fil Eisler
This week, I had the chance to catch up with our old friend Fil Eisler – aka, the artist formally known as iZLER… 😉 […]

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Geektown Podcast 02 : Interview with composer iZLER!

iZLER Interview
In this new podcast, we’re chatting to iZLER, the composer of the hit US tv show Revenge (airing on E4 in the UK), and the US […]

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Possibly the geekiest thing on the internet.

Credit goes to Kevin who spotted this, and immediately thought of us.
Really, i’m not sure how you could make this more geeky.
I give you The […]

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Chartjackers for Children In Need

Chartjackers – Jimmy, Charlie, Alex and Johnny
As I mentioned in our review of Disney’s A Christmas Carol yesterday, we bumped into 2 girls from […]

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Do You Want to Date My Avatar?

Felica Day and the rest of the cast of The Guild have made this great music video as part a promo for their upcoming season […]

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Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Pentatonic Scale

Spotted this over on BoingBoing, and thought it was suitably geeky to post. A pentatonic scale is a musical scale with 5 pitches per octave […]

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Review: Sharpwire’s Johnny’s Midnight Goggles

Sharpwire's 'Johnnys Midnight Goggles'
Here in the ‘Stafford shires’, the city of Lichfield is currently in the middle of it’s annual celebration of music, dance, drama […]

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Shrunken Barenaked Ladies At Universal Studios!

Barenaked Ladies – Ed, Kevin, Tyler and Jim
For those who don’t know Barenaked Ladies, they are a Canadian band who i’ve been a massive fan […]

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Barenaked Ladies “One Week” Parody

As i’ve mentioned before on the site, i’m quite a big BNL fan, and this brilliant parody of the old BNL song ‘One Week’ popped […]

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missFlag’s Cover of Portal’s ‘Still Alive’

Spotted this on Scott Johnson’s MyExtraLife blog (great comics and podcasts, I don’t know where he finds the time!) . Thought it was worth […]

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Portal Song “Still Alive” in Rock Band!

To announce the upcoming release of “Still Alive” as a download for Rock Band, Jonathan Coulton, the writer of the fantastic portal end theme song […]

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Lolligag’s New Album – Lemonade

Had a message off an old Everquest 2 guildie yesterday, to say he’s now in a band, and they’re first album has been released!
“Lolligag was […]