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Mass Effect Panel with Courtenay Taylor – Comic Con Birmingham (March 2014)

Courtenay Taylor
Whilst at Comic Con Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, I managed to catch the Mass Effect Panel with Courtenay Taylor, the voice of the awesome […]

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Review: Kings Road Action RPG Game

If you’ve ever played games such as Blizzard’s Diablo series, or Runic’s Torchlight, Kings Road from Rumble Entertainment should feel instantly familiar. Howeverer, unlike the […]

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Review: Everquest 2 – part 1

A review of Everquest 2? Really? Isn’t that like… a 10 year old game? Well, yes, but it is a game that’s still going strong, […]

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Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew turns videogame skills into pro poker career

Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew
Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew has always had a passion for video games. While studying Managerial Economics at UC Davis in California, Lew enjoyed playing […]

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Massive EVE Battle causes results in over £125,000 of property lost!

Massive EVE Battle
Whilst I’ve tried EVE a couple of times, I always found it really hard to climb the steep learning curve and general vastness […]


GTA V plans PC breakthrough – but how popular is it on console?

With it looking increasingly likely that Rockstar plan to extend the domination of their flagship title Grand Theft Auto V into PC territory following the […]

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The Text Based RPG and 3 Other Retro Game Styles Making a Comeback

The last update to CandyBox occurred on September 4th of 2013. I know this because I was busy watching my lollipops accumulate -100 per second- until I […]

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New Features of the Upcoming FIFA 14 Game

FIFA 14, due for release in the UK on September 27th 2013, is the much-anticipated next addition in the highly successful football-simulation gaming series. The […]

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What Do We Want From The Next Tomb Raider Game?

What’s next for Lara Croft?
When the Tomb Raider reboot emerged earlier this year, it came out to a mix of reviews, both within and without […]

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Review: Poker Night 2

Poker Night 2
With the wallet crushing Steam Summer Sale now over, I started to look back over some of the games I’d picked up but […]

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5 Iconic Cars In Video Gaming

With movies such as Fast & Furious 6 doing so well in cinemas right now, I thought it might be interesting to take a look […]


Neverwinter MMORPG Beta Impressions

Over the last weekend, I had the chance to try Cryptic’s New MMORPG – Neverwinter. If you’re thinking the name sounds familiar, that’s probably because you played the Neverwinter […]

Some thoughts on Disney’s closure of LucasArts

LucasArts closed by Disney
It’s (almost) always a little sad to hear that a games company has shutdown. But this is a especially sad for people […]

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Crysis 3 – Coming 22nd February 2013

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In Crysis 3, it’s 2047, and Prophet has returned to New York, albeit an NYC now encased in a nanodome which has turned the […]

GeekTown Award Winners : Most Anticipated TV Show, Film, and PC Game for 2013!

It’s the final set of awards for this season, and aptly, it’s the ‘Most Anticipated’ awards! Which TV shows, films and PC games are our […]