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2015 Upfronts : Fox

It’s that time of year again. After the bloodbath of cancellations and renewals over the last week, we start to see trailers for some of […]

Comedy Central Extra UK DROPS The Daily Show...

Comedy Central Extra decides it no longer wants viewers and DROPS THE DAILY SHOW in the UK…

Comedy Central Extra UK DROPS The Daily Show…
Yes… Comedy Central Extra, the channel that was airing The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the UK has […]


Daredevil Returning To Netflix in 2016!

Only yesterday we were talking about Daredevil on Geektown Radio, and I’d said how we may have to wait a while for a 2nd season… […]

Game Of Thrones Labels

Game of Tones – Printer is coming…

Game Of Thrones Labels
I know this is a somewhat obvious promo, but I thought it was such a wonderfully silly idea, and with Game Of […]

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev Quits The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev
This is not news that is totally unexpected. Nina Dobrev, who plays one of the main leads in The Vampire Diaries has left the […]

Empire coming to E4

Empire coming to E4 in the Spring

Empire coming to E4
If you listened to Geektown Radio a couple of podcasts ago, you’ll have heard us interview Fil Eisler, the composer for the […]

James Nesbitt

Sky hoping to get lucky with Stan Lee & British superhero drama ‘Lucky Man’

James Nesbitt
For a while now I’ve been bemoaning to lack of homegrown sci-fi/superhero shows in recent years. Sure, there’s always Doctor Who and there was Misfits, but those […]

Trevor Noah Will take over from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

There were some rumours last week, but Comedy Central have today confirmed that Trevor Noah will take over The Daily Show mantle when Jon Stewart leaves… […]

Fear The Walking Dead

Tiny Teaser Trailer for Fear The Walking Dead

As you may have heard, there is a ‘spin-off’ from The Walking Dead coming in the US soon called FEAR THE WALKING DEAD… As if […]

'Downton Abbey' Returns As A Movie!

Downton Abbey closing it’s doors after the 6th Season

Downton Abbey
I don’t know… You leave one water bottle out in a photo, and they decide to stop the show…
Carnival Films, the producer of Downton […]

Spike TV UK

Spike TV Launching 15th April on Freeview & Sky with some very cool programmes!

Spike TV UK
If you listened to the Geektown Radio podcast this week (which I’m sure you did ;)), you’ll have heard us mention a new […]

Take a stroll around Silicon Valley

As you may know already, the brilliant Silicon Valley Season 1 is out now on [amazon_link id=”B00OZKI2CE” target=”_blank” ]DVD[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B00OZKI1RK” target=”_blank” ]Blu-ray[/amazon_link], and […]

Comic Con Birmingham – March 2015 – Roundup

Comic Con Birmingham – March 2015
It’s March, so Spring has sprung, the birds are singing in the trees, and that also means hordes of geeks […]

Comic Con Birmingham March 2015 – The Walking Dead Panel

The Walking Dead Panel
Probably the biggest draw at the Con this year in terms of guests was the trio that came from The Walking Dead. Laurie […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Comic Con Birmingham March 2015 – Colm Meaney Panel

For those of you who are fans of Star Trek, you’ll know him as Chief O’Brien from Next Generation and DS9. For Stargate fans, they’re know […]