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Fallout 4

A Few Fallout 4 Hints and Tips To Get You Started

Fallout 4 Hints & Tip
As you know if you’ve listened to this week’s Geektown Radio, here at Geektown HQ, we were EXTREMELY excited for the […]


Gambling games within video games!

As you know we’re big fans of gaming here at Geektown, but what about gaming within gaming?…
There are lots of games out there that have […]

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A world without multi-player gaming seems inconceivable today. Like macaroni without the cheese. Like Batman without Robin. Kim without Kanye. In fact it’s more likely […]

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The 3 Top Android Gaming Devices

With the release of the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, users have been able to benefit from a wide array of features. One of […]

Duck Tales... Wooo hooo!

When TV Show-To-Video Game Adaptations Work

Like any adaptation out there, be it a video game based on a movie or a film based on a book, there are a number […]

Konami Announce First Ever PES League University Championship

PES League Uni Championship
International gaming giant, Konami, announce details of the UK’s first ever PES League University Championship. The company runs an annual PES Virtual […]

Completing Your Zelda Cosplay

With London Film and Comic Con just around the corner, we though now would be a great time to give you a helping hand with […]

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UPDATE: Better Photo of Black Flag’s Edward Kenway as DC’s Constantine!

NBC’s Constantine
With all the marvellous Marvel news doing the rounds at the moment, this one quietly snuck under the radar. John Constantine, Alan Moore & DC Comic’s […]

Geektown Awards: Winner – Best Game of 2013 & Most Anticipated Game of 2014

The next 2 awards move into gaming, with the last award to look back at 2013, and the first to look forward into this new […]

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Companion Apps Looking for High Scores on Gaming

Companion Apps
In anticipation for the holidays, the release of the eagerly awaited PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One has buyers rushing to get their hands […]

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Society and Video Games

Society and Video Games
Over the past few decades, gaming has developed from an industry primarily targeting elementary, high school, and college age gamers to one […]


GTA V plans PC breakthrough – but how popular is it on console?

With it looking increasingly likely that Rockstar plan to extend the domination of their flagship title Grand Theft Auto V into PC territory following the […]

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Battlefield 4 – Raising the Bar one Round at a Time

New video games are released almost every single day, and only the die-hard fans take notice, although every once in awhile, a game will come […]

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The Text Based RPG and 3 Other Retro Game Styles Making a Comeback

The last update to CandyBox occurred on September 4th of 2013. I know this because I was busy watching my lollipops accumulate -100 per second- until I […]

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3 online games you should try

With the recent surge in popularity of online games across the globe, there’s no better time to get involved. Whether its strategy, shooters or RPGs, […]