The Following

Terrifying cat-and-mouse thriller The Following stars Kevin Bacon (Mystic River, Apollo 13) James Purefoy (Rome), and is executive produced by Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries, Dawson’s Creek, the Scream films) and Marcos Siega (Dexter, True Blood).

When notorious serial killer Joe Carroll (Purefoy) escapes from death row and embarks on a new killing spree, the FBI calls former agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon), a psychologically scarred veteran who captured Carroll nine years earlier, after Carroll murdered 14 female students on a college campus where he taught literature. Knowing Carroll better than anyone and close with Carroll’s ex-wife, Claire (Natalie ZeaJustified), Hardy works closely with an FBI team which includes no-nonsense agent Jennifer Mason (Jeananne GoossenThe Vow) and sharp upstart Mike Weston (Shawn AshmoreX-Men: The Last Stand), and he soon discovers that Carroll was not only communicating with a network of killers in the outside world, but has much more planned than just a prison escape…

UK Premiere Date Information

Latest UK Premiere Date

UK Channel: Sky Atlantic

Latest/Next UK Season: 3

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: 07 March 2015 at 9:00pm

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

Kevin Bacon plays an FBI agent chasing the serial killing James Purefoy. More info here. Series 3 will be it’s last…

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 22 January 2013

Season 2 – Sky Atlantic – 21 January 2014 at 10pm

Season 3 – Sky Atlantic – 7th March 2015 at 9pm


Final Season: 3



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The Following

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10 Responses to “The Following”

  1. TheYounger says:

    Big shame this has gone. I really do think FOX has not done the right thing what for lower Tv ratings. Could of pick them back up in S4. It is and will always be another great Tv Program. Imo it is up there with POI all tho saying that It did get a bit worse when Joe had his downfall. But still never the less it is a great program and well written.!! Here is hoping Netflix has the balls to pick it up cause Hulu does not.

    COME ON NETFLIX do the right think and RENEW this masterpiece!!!.

  2. Rachael says:

    Hi, any word on if there will be a series four?

  3. amy says:

    So excited for season 3 the following. Main reason I’m still with sky TV lol for sky Atlantic

  4. Blueghost says:

    The best comedy I have ever had the privilege to watch ,once upon a time series is more true and lifelike gsn this series, looking forward to series three,never laughed so much.

  5. nathan winfield says:

    The following is the best series on sky as seen the first 2 and can’t wait till series 3 kicks off. Revolution was brilliant to. But don’t know if new series is going to be shown. HOPEFULLY…

  6. Nathan says:

    has the following season 3 been confirmed to be on sky atlantic still?