UK Air Dates Archive 2012

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January 2012

Treasure Island – Sky1 – 1st January 2012 at 7pm
Looks like Sky are skipping Pratchett this year for an adaptation of Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. If your not sure if it’ll be any good, just look at the cast: Eddie Izzard, Elijah Wood, Rupert Penry Jones, Philip Glenister, Daniel Mays, Keith Allen and Donald Sutherland!

Sherlock, Season 2 – BBC1 – 1st January 2012 at 8.10pm
Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman escaped from Middle Earth to film a 2nd Sherlock series. Again it’s 3 episodes.

Hawaii Five-O, Season 2 – Sky1 – 1st January 2012 at 9pm
Airs in Sept in the US and finally back in the UK on Jan 1st.

NCIS:LA, Season 3 – Sky1 – 1st January 2012 at 10pm
Was confirmed as back in Sept, but looked like they’ve moved it till 2012, as confirmed by Sky1’s Facebook. Now confirmed as Jan.

Weeds, Season 6 – Sky Atlantic – 2nd January 2012 at 10.15pm
The Golden Globe-nominated comedy drama starring Mary-Louise Parker returns as the Botwin family go on the run again.

Funny or Die, Season 2 – Sky Atlantic – 2nd January 2012 at 10.50pm
Will Ferrell’s outrageous sketch show continues with more close-to-the-knuckle gags and silly skits.

90210, Season 4 – E4 – 3rd January 2012 at 9pm
Confirmed as back in Jan.

The Cleveland Show, Season 3 – E4 – 3rd January 2012 at 10pm
Seth Macfarlane’s Family Guy spin off – back with a double bill.

Allen Gregory, Season 1 – E4 – 3rd January at 11pm
Animated tv show created by Jonah Hill, Andrew Mogel, and Jarrad Paul about a pretentious seven-year-old being raised by his gay parents.

Rules Of Engagement, Season 5 – E4 – 5th January at 8.30pm
The fifth series of this US comedy comes to E4. 

Body of Proof, Season 2 – Alibi – Thurs 5th January 2012 at 9pm
Confirmed by Alibi, Body of Proof is back in Jan.

New Girl, Season 1 – Channel 4 – 6th January 2012 at 8.30pm
Zooey Deschanel (500) Days of Summer, The Hitchhiker’s Guide, and sister of Bone’s Emily Deschanel) stars in a new comedy about a girl who moves in with 3 guys after breaking up with her model boyfriend. More info on New Girl here.

The Wire, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 6th January 2012 at 9pm
I know this isn’t new, but for those that missed it on the beeb, The Wire is being run from the start on Sky Atlantic next year.

Cloudstreet – Sky Atlantic – 7th January at 9pm
Cloudstreet is a television drama adaptation from award-winning novel by Australian author Tim Winton novel of the same name, following a pair of working class families across two decades.

Desperate Housewives, Season 8 – 8th January 2012, E4 at 10pm & 10th January 2012, Channel 4 at 11.05pm
Aired in the US on the 25th Sept 2011. Listed the E4 and C4 dates for convenience to terrestrial viewers.

Unforgettable, Season 1 – Sky Living – 10th January at 9pm
Cop show set in New York about police detective Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery), who has hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything.

Lost Girl, Season 2 – SyFy – 12th January 2012 at 9pm
Bo, the succubus with a soul, and the rest of the gang will be back in Jan according to SyFy!

The Good Wife, Season 3 – More4 – Thursday 12th January 2012 at 9pm
Back in the US on the 25th Sept 2011, and C4 say it’ll be back ‘in the new year’ in the UK, and confirmed as Jan.

NCIS, Series 9 – FXUK – 13th January 2012 at 9pm
Official work from FXUK is it’s back in Jan.

Hustle, Season  8 – BBC1 – 13th January 2012 at 9pm
The hustlers are back, possibly for the last time, almost definitely for the last time with the current lineup. Moved back a week.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Season 10 (Final Season) – Universal Channel – 15th January 2012 at 10pm
The Major Case Squad are back for a final season.

Harry’s Law, Season 2 – Universal Channel – 16th January 2012 at 10pm
Harriet Korn is back for a 2nd season in this US legal comedy/drama.

Suits, Season 1 – Dave – 17th January 2012 at 9pm
New legal comedy-drama about a college drop-out with a photographic memory.

Sons Of Anarchy, Season 4 – 5USA – 18th January 2012 at 10pm
Jax, Opie and the boys get back on the open road!

Mad Dogs, Season 2 – Sky1 – 19th January 2012 at 9pm
Max Beesley, Philip Glenister, John Simm and Marc Warren return for a second series

The Big C, Season 2 – More4 – 19th January 2012 at 10pm
American drama starring Laura Linney as a wife and mother with terminal cancer, who decides to accept the news as a challenge to live her remaining life to the fullest.

Room 101 with Frank Skinner, Series 1 – BBC 1 – 20th January 2012 at 8.30pm
Room 101 returns, this time with Frank Skinner guarding the entrance and on BBC1.

Seinfeld, From Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 23rd January 2012 at 8pm
I know this isn’t new, but i wanted to highlight it for anyone that has never seen Seinfeld from the start!

Covert Affairs, Season 2 – Really – 23rd January 2012 at 9pm
Piper Perabo returns as spy Annie Walker.

Rizzoli and Isles, Season 2 – Alibi – 26th January 2012 at 10pm
Confirmed by Alibi as back ‘early 2012’.

CSI: New York, Season 8 – Channel 5 – 28th January 2012 at 9pm
The CSI’s are usually back Jan/Feb, so i’d expect the same in 2012.

Gossip Girl, Season 5, part 2 – ITV2 – 30th January 2012 at 8pm
Back in the US Jan 23rd, and ITV have said it’s back at the end of Jan.

John Adams – Sky Atlantic – 30th January 2012 at 9pm
Paul Giamatti stars in title role in HBO’s drama chronicling the personal and political life of President John Adams.

The Lying Game, Season 1 – 5* – 30th January 2012 at 9pm.
American teen drama television series based on a series of novels of the same name by Sara Shepard about a foster child who finds out she has an identical twin sister.

Death Valley, Season 1 – MTV – 30th January 2012 at 10pm
the ‘Undead Task Force’ hunt the vampires, werewolves and zombies that tirelessly roam the streets of San Fernando Valley in MTV’s new horror/comedy – Zombieland meets The Walking Dead.

Spartacus: Vengeance (aka Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Season 2) – Sky1 – 30th January 2012 at 10pm
Airs on 27th Jan 2012 in the US. Due to Andy Whitfield‘s tragic illness and sad passing from cancer, Spartacus will be played by Liam McIntyre in the new season.

February 2012

The Almighty Johnsons, Season 1 – SyFy – 2nd February 2012 at 10pm
New Zealand fantasy comedy/drama about about four brothers who discover they just happen to be descended from Norse Gods…

Criminal Minds, Season 7 (part 2) – Sky Living – 3rd February 2012 at 9pm
Starts back with episode 11.

Psych, Season 5 – Universal – Sunday 5th February 2012 at 7pm
James Roday returns as crime consultant Shawn Spencer.

Being Human, Series 4 – BBC3 – 5th February at 9pm
Being Human is back with a bunch of new characters, but still ghosts, vampires, and werewolves!

True Blood, Season 4 – FXUK – Sunday 5th February 2012 at 10pm
Confirmed by FXUK’s facebook.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 2 – Bio – 6th February 2012 at 9pm
Confirmed as starting in Feb. 

Leverage, Season 3 – FXUK  – 7th February 2012 at 10pm
After running seasons 1 & 2 in Nov 2011, Leverage Season 3 is back after being unceremoniously dumped by Sky after the Bravo buyout.

The River, Season 1 – iTunes UK – 8th February 2011
Drama/Horror from the creator of the Paranormal Activity film franchise. Interestingly, it’s premiering the day after the US on iTunes in the UK. £12.99 for a series pass (8 episodes this season). More info on The River here.

Fringe, Season 4, part 2 – Sky1 – 8th February 2012 at 10pm
Will be back in the US with episode 8 on Jan 13th. The UK schedule post Christmas last year took a while to settle, and it looks like it maybe the same this year, as Sky are saying it’s back in Feb.

Friday Night Lights, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 14th February 2012 at 8pm
The American sports drama returns to UK screens thanks to Sky Atlantic.

Blue Bloods, Season 2, part 2 – Sky Atlantic – 14th February 2012 at 10pm
Broke in the US for Thanksgiving, and Sky are bringing it back on Valentines Day.

Grimm, Season 1 – Watch – 13th February 2012 at 9pm
New supernatural drama based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm from David Greenwalt (co-creator of Angel) and Jim Kouf (consulting producer on Angel) – Rather looking forward to this – more info on Grimm here.

The Secret Circle, Season 1, part 2 – Sky Living – Weds 15th February 2012 at 8pm
Was back early Jan in the US on the 5th. Feb in UK. Returns with the episode ‘Darkness’.

Ringer, Season 1, part 2 – Sky Living – Thurs 16th February 2012 at 8pm 
Returns with the episode ‘It Just Got Normal’.

Parenthood, Season 2 – 5* – 16th February at 10pm
Confirmed C5 have the rights to season 2, but can’t air it until at least Jan 2012.

The Mentalist, Season 4 (part 2) – Channel 5 – 17th February 2012 at 9pm
 Patrick Jane is back again for part 2 of season 4.

The Walking Dead, Season 2, part 2 – FXUK – 17th February 2012 at 10pm
Back in the US on the 12th of Feb, and back in the UK on the 17th.

Luck, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 18th February 2012 at 9pm
Drama about horse racing. Directed/produced by Michael Mann, written by David Milch (Deadwood), and starring Dustin Hoffman

Homeland, Season 1 – Channel 4  – 19th February 2012 at 9pm
Drama staring Claire Danes as a CIA officer who believes an American Marine who was held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war was turned by the enemy…

Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2 – BBC1 – 19th February 2012 at 9pm
Confirmed as returning, for those of you that can’t get enough of your period dramas!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 8, part 2 – Sky Living – 22nd February 2012 at 10pm
Returns with Episode 10, ‘Suddenly’.

House, Season 8, part 2 – Sky1 – 23rd February 2012 at 10pm
Back in the US Jan 23rd, so probably won’t make it to the UK till Feb. 

The Middle, Season 3, part 2 – Sky1 –  24th February 2012 – 7:30pm 
Back in the US early Jan, and back in the UK with Year of the Hecks – Series 3, episode 12.

Modern Family, Season 3, part 2 – Sky1 – 24th February 2012 – 8pm 
Back in the US early Jan, and back in the UK with the episode ‘Lifetime Supply’ in Feb.

Two and a Half Men Season 9, part 2  – Comedy Central – 27th February at 9pm
The guys return for the 2nd half of Kutcher’s first season. 

The Vampire Diaries, Series 3, part 2 – ITV2 – Tuesday 28th February at 9pm
TVD is on mid-season break in the US until Jan 5th. ITV say it’s back in Feb. 28th!

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 5 – Alibi – Tuesday 28th February at 9pm
Detective Murdoch and his ‘unusual methods of detection’ are back.

March 2012

Glee, Season 3, part 2 – Sky1 – 1st March 2012 at 9pm
Back in the US 17th January. Sky let Glee until March as people had been complaining about the erratic scheduling. This was caused by airing so close to the US date, so by waiting till March, they can air the second half of the season as a solid block.

One Tree Hill, Season 9 – E4 – 5th March 2012 at 9pm
Returning for it’s final season.

Dirk Gently, Season 2 – BBC 4 – on the 5th March at 9pm
Stephen Mangan, who plays Douglas Adams’ holistic detective Dirk Gently.

Castle, Season 4 – Alibi – 7th March at 9pm
Rick is confirmed as back in March for season 4.

Cougar Town, Season 3 – Sky Living – 9th March 2012 at 8.30pm
Was held back until mid-season in the US.

House of Anubis, Season 2 – Nickelodeon – 12th March
Drama mystery about a group of teenagers who live together in Anubis boarding house, that investigate the disappearance of a popular student. 

Alcatraz, Season 1 – Watch – 13th March 2012 at 9pm
J.J. Abrams supernatural/scifi drama about prisoners who vanished from Alcatraz in the 1960’s who are now showing up in the present day. More info here. Airs in Jan 2012 in the US.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 12 – Channel 5 – 13th March 2012 at 9pm
The CSI’s are usually back Jan/Feb, but it’s March this year for the CSI daddy.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU), Season 13 – Universal – 11th March 2012 at 8pm
Confirmed as back.

Archer, season 3 – 5* – 14th March 2012 at 10pm
Starts with double bill!

Eastbound & Down, Season 3 – FXUK – Thursday 15th March
Back for it’s final season.

Flashpoint, Season 1 – FXUK – Thursday 19th March at 8pm
Now on Universal after ITV dropped it.

Touch, Season 1 – Sky 1 – 20th March 2012 at 8pm
Kiefer Sutherland returns to TV as star of Touch, playing a father who discovers his autistic son can predict the future. More info here.

The Office, Season 7 –  Comedy Central – 20th March at 10pm
US version of The Office returns! 

Napoleon Dynamite, Season 1 – E4 – 20th March at 10:30pm
TV series based on the popular 2004 movie.

Big Bang Theory, Season 5, part 2 – E4 – 29th March 2012 at 8pm
Current rerunning the first half of the season will have caught up with where we left of, and returns with the episode – The Shiny Trinket Maneuver.

Senna – Sky Atlantic – 22nd March 2012 at 9pm
BAFTA winning and critically acclaimed documentary on the Formula 1 racing legend Ayrton Senna.

South Park, Season 16 – Comedy Central –  23rd March at 10:30 pm.
The foul mouthed children of South Park return.

The Voice UK, Season 1 – BBC1 – 24th March 2012 at 7:15pm
UK version of the popular US singing show.

Mike & Molly, Season 2 – Comedy Central – 27th March 2012 at 9pm
The US sitcom returns for it’s 2nd season.

Mad Men, Season 5 – Sky Atlantic – 27th March 2012 at 9pm
The fifth season of the award-winning series has been bumped in the US to 2012.

I Just Want My Pants Back, Season 1 – MTV UK – 27th March 2012 at 10pm
Comedy following a group of twenty-somethings as they try to get through life as best they can in Brooklyn.

Justified, Season 3 – 5USA – 28th March at 9pm
Channel 5 confirmed they have the rights to season 3 and it’s airing in March!

Dexter, Season 6 – FXUK – 30th March 2012 at 10pm
Our favourite serial killer is back!

30 Rock, Season 6 – Comedy Central – 30th March 2012 at 10.30pm
The return of Liz Lemon and gang! Season was held back due to Tina Fey’s pregnancy.

April 2012

Breaking Bad, Season 3 – Netflix – 1st April 2012
Well, it might not technically be a TV channel, but the multi Emmy award winning Breaking Bad finally has a UK home on Netflix, and I think that’s the best you’re going to get for now. And at £5.99 a month, plus a month free trial, there’s really no excuse not to see it. Season 3 DVD is released on 14th May 2012.

Once Upon A Time, Season 1 – Channel 5 – 1st April 2012 at 8pm
2nd of 2 shows this season based around fairy tales. More info here.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 – Cartoon Network – 2nd April 2012 at 10:00am
Dropped by Sky (boooo), but picked up on Cartoon Network (YAY), The Clone Wars are back in the UK in April!

Game of Thrones, Season 2 – Sky Atlantic – 2nd April 2012 at 9pm
Game of Thrones season 2 only started shooting mid June 2011, and is back on Sky Atlantic, right next to the US air date. Read our Game of Thrones season 1 review!

Morgan Spurlock’s New Britannia, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 2nd April 2012 at 10.10pm
The US documentary maker of ‘Super Size Me’ takes a cheeky swipe at traditionalist Britain in a new ‘irreverent’ series.

Jersey Shore, Season 5 – MTV UK – 3rd April 2012 at 9pm
Back again. 

Sanctuary, Series 4 – Watch – 6th April 2012 at 9pm
As suspected, Sanctuary is back in March for it’s 4th (and possibly final) season…

The Wire, Season 2 – Sky Atlantic – 6th April 2012 at 10pm
The Wire continues it’s run on Sky Atlantic.

Community, Season 2 – Sony Entertainment Television (Sky 157/Virgin 193) – Tuesday 10th April at 10.30pm.
Dan Harmon’s critically acclaimed US comedy “Community” comes to the UK for it’s 2nd season. 

Breakout Kings, Season 1 – Universal – 11th April  at 10pm
Drama from the writers of Prison Break. To catch a group of escaped convicts, U.S. Marshals agree a deal with current prisoners to reduce their sentences by 1 month and a move to minimum-security for for each escapee they bring in.

Game Change – Sky Atlantic – 14th April at 9pm
Docudrama retelling of the 2008 US presidential campaign, starring Julianne Moore as vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. For you Buffy fans out there, it’s written by Danny Strong aka Jonathan (of the Warren/Andrew/Jonathan Trio from season 6!)

Bones, Season 7, part 2 – Sky Living – 18th April 2012 at 9pm
Due to Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, Bones is a bit all over the place this season (so it’s not Sky Livings’s fault). 6 episodes have aired here and the US (with the US airing a 7th in Jan). It’s then on hiatus till April. It’s a shortened run of 13 episodes this season. Fox have ordered an additional 4 episodes which are to be tagged onto season 8. 

2 Broke Girls, Series 1 – E4 – 19th April 2012 at 9pm
Another new US comedy to fill the scheduling hole left after E4 finally decided to stop re-running Friends. More info on 2 Broke Girls here.

Smash, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 21st April 2012 at 9pm
Billed as ‘Glee for adults’, Smash is a drama which follows the lives of a group trying to launch a Broadway musical. More info here.

Rules of Engagement, Season 6 – E4 – 26th April at 10pm
Couples comedy returns for it’s 6th outing. 

Hart of Dixie, Season 1 – Really – 30th April 2012 at 8pm
New medical drama starring Rachel Bilson.

May 2012

The Killing US, Season 2 – Channel 4 – 2nd May 2012 at 10pm
The US version of the Killing was renewed for a 2nd season in June 2011, but doesn’t have a US air date yet. Confirmed as picked up by Channel 4. 

Awake, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic –  Friday 4th May at 10pm
Stars (hello to) Jason Isaacs, as a man who’s life is torn between 2 realities. More info here.

Episodes, Series 2 – BBC2 – 11th May 2012 at 10pm
Brilliant comedy about a successful British sitcom writing couple who are persuaded to move to Hollywood and remake their series for an American audience… It’s a joint effort between Showtime in the US, and the BBC, but we get it first! 😀

The Walking Dead, Season 2 (terrestrial premiere) – Channel 5 – 14th May 2012 at 10pm 
Channel 5 have got the rights to season 2, but they don’t allow them to air it before April.  Season 1 rerun ends on the 8th May, so that should mean season 2 starts on the 15th May.

A Town Called Eureka, Season 5 – SyFy UK – 16th May 2012 at 9pm
The people from the little town of Eureka are back! 

How I Met Your Mother, Season 7, part 2 – E4 – 17th May 2012 at 8.30pm
Was rerunning of the first half of the season and now taking a 2 week break, but should only be 2 weeks away from new eps at that point… So, I think that means HIMYM Season 7 should return with the episode – ‘Tailgate’ on the 17th of May…

Hell On Wheels, Season 1 – TCM – 20th May 2012 at 9pm
TCM have picked up this show set at the end of the United States Civil War, where a former Confederate soldier, who is determined to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who murdered his wife, ends up in a lawless Nebraskan town.

Family Guy, Season 10 – BBC Three – 20th May 2012 at 10pm
Peter, Stewie and the rest of the gang are back for season 10, starting with the episode Lottery Fever.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Season 1 – E4 – 24th May 2012 at 9.30pm
Sitcom about a girl who moves to New York for her dream job… only to find it no longer exists, so ends up moving in with a con-artist.

Revenge, Season 1 – E4 – 28th May 2012 at 9pm
Loosely based on ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, Renvenge is about a woman who move to the Hamptons to seek out the people who destroyed her family. Finally picked up by E4 in March to air ‘Later in the year’, Sky Random Punt says May (so take it with a pinch of salt…)

Leverage, Season 4 – FXUK –  Friday 29th May at 10pm
Those crafty Leverage con-artists with a heart of gold are back again. 

King, Season 2 – Universal Channel  –  31th May at 10pm
Canadian police drama staring Amy Price-Francis as Jessica King.

June 2012

Make It Or Break It, Season 3 – E4 – 2nd June 2012 at 7.10am
Gymnast drama returns for it’s final season.

Bedlam, Season 2 – Sky Living – 6th June 2012 at 10pm
Charlotte Salt and Theo James will be back. Will Young won’t. They’ll be joined by a new cast including Lacey Turner (EastEnders), Gemma Chan (Secret Diary of a Call Girl),  Jack Roth (The Café) and Nikesh Patel.

Royal Pains, Season 3 – Universal Channel – 10th June 2012 at 7pm
Mark Feuerstein is back as Hank Lawson, who finds himself sent to ‘The Hamptons’ after losing a patient in an NYC ER. 

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Sky Atlantic – 11th June 2012 at 9pm
Morgan Spurlock’s documentary exploring the world of advertising, marketing and product placement, in a completely advertising funded film. 

Parenthood, Season 2 – 5* – 18th June 2012 at 2pm
Last ditch attempt by 5 to find a channel & time slot that will work for Parenthood! I wouldn’t expect 5 to be picking up future seasons…

Punk’d, Season 9 – MTV UK – 11th June 2012 at 9pm
So my first thought was ‘they still make that show?…’ Anyway, Punk’d returns for it’s 9th season with a raft of celebrity guest hosts replacing Ashton Kutcher.

Republic Of Doyle, Season 3 – Alibi – 12th June 2012 at 9pm
Canadian comedy/drama about the father and son private investigators returns. 

The Closer, Season 7 – More4 – 14th June 2012 at 10pm
Back for it’s final season.

Primeval, Series 5 (terrestrial) – ITV – 16th June 2012 at 6pm
A year after it aired on Watch, ITV are finally airing the 5th, and what I suspect is the last, UK series of Primeval. 

Missing (aka 1-800-Missing), Season 1 – Alibi – 18th June 2012 at 6pm
Canadian-American crime drama based on Meg Cabot’s 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU books, about a women who receives psychic abilities after being hit by lightning, and ends up helping the FBI. 

Prime Suspect US, Season 1 – Universal – 18th June 2012 at 10pm
The 1 and only season of NBC’s US remake of Prime Suspect arrives in the UK.

Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life – Sky Atlantic – 25th June 2012 at 9pm
Special one-off documentary, Alan treats viewers to a guided tour of his beloved Norwich

Veep, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 25th June 2012 at 10pm
Armando Iannucci and Simon Blackwell (The Thick Of It, In The Loop) turn their attention to the inner workings of American politics…

Top Gear USA, Season 3 – BBC Three – 29th June 2012 at 7.45pm
The US version of Top Gear returns with season 3, episode 1 – ‘Big Rigs’.

The Wire, Season 3 – Sky Atlantic – 29th June 2012 at 11pm
Dominic West returns in season 3 of HBO’s epic crime saga.

July 2012

Blackout (previously called The Fuse), Season 1 – BBC1 – 2nd July 2012 at 9pm
Christopher Eccleston, Dervla Kirwan, and Ewen Bremner star in a new original four-part drama. Eccleston plays Daniel, a man who’s life is spiraling out of control, who wakes from an alcohol-fuelled stupor realising that he might be responsible for a murder…

Brand X With Russell Brand, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 2nd July 2012 at 11.05pm
Acclaimed actor and comedian Russell Brand comes to Sky Atlantic HD with this new topical series, airing just days after its US broadcast.

Falling Skies, Season 2 – FXUK – 3rd  July 2012 at 9pm
Doesn’t air in the US till Summer 2012, and confirmed as airing in July over here.

Whitney, Season 1 – Comedy Central – 3rd July 2012 at 9pm
Whitney Cummings portrays a fictionalized version of herself as she uses some rather unconventional methods to keep the romantic flames alive with her live-in boyfriend.

True Justice, Season 2 – 5USA – 4th July at 9pm
Steven Seagal is back as Elijah Kane with his SIU team.

Parents, Season 1 – Sky 1 – 6th July 2012 at 8.30pm
Whip-smart family comedy about fortysomething Jenny Pope (Sally Phillips – Miranda, Smack the Pony) who is forced tomove back in with father Len (Tom Conti) and mother Alma (Susie Blake).

Nikita, Season 2 – Sky Living – 6th July 2012 at 9pm 
Was ‘confirmed’ as back in June by Sky, but they’ve bumped it to July.

Fairly Legal, Season 2 – Universal – 8th July 2012 at 8pm
Second season of the legal drama starring Sarah Shahi & Michael Trucco hits the UK.

The Simpsons, Season 23 – Sky1 – 8th July 2012 at 6pm
23rd season… 23RD! Guests include Gordon Ramsay, Andy Garcia and Joan Rivers this season.

Sinbad, Season 1 – Sky1 – 8th July 2012 at 7pm
Original commission, interestingly shared between Sky1 and BBC Worldwide. Made by Impossible Pictures (Primeval), the 13-part series follows Sinbad’s sea-bound journey after he is forced to flee from his home town of Basra, under a curse.

New Girl, Season 1 (cont.) – E4 (note the channel change) – 10th July 2012 at 9pm
New Girl returns to UK TV with a double bill! Starts with episode 12′
 ‘The Landlord’.

The Newsroom, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 10th July 2012 at 10pm
New show from the genius of Arron Sorkin about a TV news room – starring Jeff Daniels. It’s been picked up for 10 episodes by HBO, and airs June 24th in the US. 

Hot in Cleveland, Season 2 (cont.) – Sky Living – 11th July 2012 at 8pm
Comedy about 3 past-their-prime entertainment industry veterans returns for the rest of season 2 (episodes 11 & 12 back to back).

The Finder, Season 1 – Universal – 11th July 2012 at 10pm
Spin-off from the brilliant Bones, it stars Geoff Stults as a man who can find anything! Aired in the US January 12, 2012. One season only! More info here.

Teen Wolf, Season 2 – Sky Living – 12th July 2012 at 8pm
Airs in the US on June 3rd, and it’s looking like the UK won’t be far behind.

Raising Hope, Season 2  – Sky1 –  15th July 2012 at 6.30pm
Season 2 of Raising Hope is back in the US on the 20th Sept 2011.

Burn Notice, Season 5 – FXUK – 16th July 2012 at 9pm
Jeffrey Donovan returns as ‘Burned’ CIA operative Michael Westen, who is back for a 5th outing!

Suburgatory, Season 1 – E4 – 17th July 2012 at 9.30pm
Story of single father who moves from New York City to the suburbs after he finds an unopened box of condoms in his daughter drawer.

The Borgias, Season 2 – Sky Atlantic – 21st July 2012 at 9pm
The original crime family returns.

CSI:Miami, Season 10 – Channel 5 – 21st July at 10:10pm
Back for one final season… 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Comedy Central Extra – 23rd July 2012 
Returns to the UK! Finally! New on Comedy Central Extra (Sky 128). 

August 2012

Supernatural, Season 7 – Sky Living – 1st August 2012 at 10pm
Why Sky Living can manage to get Teen Wolf aired weeks after the US, but hold onto Supernatural for 10 months is completely beyond me… Was on the schedule for the 18th July… now isn’t… and now looks to be bumped to Aug…

Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, Season 2 – SyFy UK – 16th August 2012 at 11pm
Todd and his demonic book return.

A Gifted Man, Season 1 – Watch –  7th August 2012 at 9pm
1 and only season of this series starring Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) as a brilliant surgeon who is forced to re-examine his self absorbed life after being visited by the spirit of his ex-wife…

Franklin & Bash, Season 2 – E4 –  9th August at 10:30pm
Airs in the US Summer 2012, and we’re not far behind here!

Gates, Season 1 – Sky Living – 14th August 2012 at 8.30pm
Sky Living HD’s first home-grown comedy parks up among the chaos outside the school gates. Tom Ellis (Miranda), Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey) and Sue Johnston (The Royle Family) star with a team of writers who have contributed to My Family, Green Wing and Not Going Out.

Person of Interest, Season 1 – Channel 5 –  14th August at 10pm 
Scifi/crime drama from J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan starring Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel. More info here.

Wilfred, Season 2 – BBC3 – 16th August 10pm
Elijah Wood returns as Ryan, and his best friend… His neighbour’s weed smoking, beer drinking, and generally manipulative dog Wilfred (Jason Gann).

X-Factor, Series 9 – ITV1 – 18th August 2012
Gary, Louis and Tulisa are joined by Nicole Scherzinger to laugh people who can’t sing (at least in the first few shows… and lets be honest, thats what sucks you in).

Mount Pleasant, Season 2 – Sky Living – 22nd August 2012 at 9pm
Mount Pleasant jumps from Sky 1 to Living for its 2nd series.

Superheroes – Sky Atlantic – 23rd August 9pm
HBO takes look inside the zany world of real life superheroes!

A Touch of Cloth, Series 1 – Sky 1 – 26th August 2012 9pm.
Charlie Brooker spoofing crime dramas. Starring John Hannah and Suranne Jones. 

New Tricks, Series 9 – BBC One – 27th August 2012 9pm. 
Return to UCOS

Hunderby, Series 1 – Sky Atlantic – 27th August 10pm
Critically-acclaimed writer and performer Julia Davis (Nighty Night) turns her dark humoured attention to the 19th century in a macabre homage to Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca.

Good Cop – BBC One – 30th August at 9pm
Four part police drama set in Liverpool

Trollied, Season 2 –  Sky 1 – 31st August 2012 9pm.
Stephanie Beacham joins the cast as new store manager. Starts with a double bill.

September 2012

Doctor Who, Series 7 (part 1) – BBC 1 – 1st September 2012 at 7:20pm
We know it’s 14 episodes split over 2012/13, and the new companion appears in the 6th episode which will be during Christmas 2012. Finally a confirmation! The Doctor is back Sept 1st 2012!

Breaking Bad, Season 4 – Netflix – available from 1st September 2012
Bypassing traditional broadcasting entirely, Walt’s life continues to spiral out of control courtesy of the streaming service. For those without Netflix, it is released on DVD on 1st October.

Rookie Blue, Season 3 – Universal – 2nd September at 9pm
Canadian police drama returns for its 3rd season.

Strike Back: Vengeance, (aka Season 3) – Sky1 – 2nd September 2012 at 10pm
Season 3 confirmed as being early Sept.

Ross Kemp:Extreme World, Season 2 – Sky1 – 3rd September 2012 at 9pm
The BAFTA winning Ross Kemp explores more of the world’s dangerous locations.

A Mother’s Son – ITV 1- 3rd September 2012 at 9pm 
New drama exploring the difficulties facing Martin Clunes and Hermione Norris when they suspect their son of murder

Underbelly – CBS Action- 3rd September 2012 at 10pm 
Sometimes dubbed Australia’s Sopranos, this 13-part crime drama from 2008 airs nightly

Awkward, Season 2 – MTV – 5th September 2012 at 9pm
American teen drama starring Ashley Rickards should be back in the Autumn.

Dallas, Season 1 – Channel 5 – 5th September at 9pm
For the love of all things holy… why…

Mrs Biggs – ITV1- 5th September at 9pm
Drama focussing on the effect of Ronnie Biggs’ (Daniel Mays) lifestyle on his wife (Sheridan Smith)

The Lying Game, Season 1 (part 2) – 5* – 6th September 2012 at 8pm
 American teen drama television series based on a series of novels of the same name by Sara Shepard about a foster child who finds out she has an identical twin sister. Was rumoured to be back in July, but not confirmed by 5… Now it’s been confirmed for September…

Warehouse 13, Season 4 – SyFy UK – 6th September 2012 at 9pm
W13 has been renewed for a 4th season, and it usually runs Aug/Sept over here (July in the US).

Ice Road Truckers, Season 6 – History- 6th September 2012 at 9pm
Hardy, rugged lorry drivers drive up and down the M6 some of North America’s most unforgiving roads

Mock The Week, Season 11 (part 2) – BBC Two – 6th September 2012 at 10pm
Dara and chums back to pock more fun at things from the news. Mr Assange, surely a prime target

The Bletchley Circle – ITV1 – 6th September 2012 at 9pm
A slight pun on Milton Keynes’ numerous roundabouts, surely, this is a new drama about a group of women using their WWII code-cracking skills to solve a murder

The British, Series 1 – Sky Atlantic – 6th September 2012 at 9pm
Bold and gripping documentary series telling the the history of Britain from the Roman invasion to the Coronation of Elizabeth II and the birth of TV.

The Thick Of It, Series 4 – BBC Two / BBC HD – Sat 8th September 2012 at 9:45pm
Modern-day Yes Minister returns this time to poke fun at coalition politics

The Glades, Season 1 – Ailbi – Tue 11th September at 9pm
Chicago detective takes a job with the Florida Police after being falsely accused of sleeping with his captain’s wife, but things aren’t as quiet as he assumed it would be…

Lilyhammer, Season 1 – BBC Four – Tue 11th September at 10pm
Norwegian comedy/drama about a New York mobster (Steven Van Zandt, Silvio in The Sopranos) who moves to the small Norwegian town of Lilyhammer after entering the witness protection programme.

Anger Management, Season 1 – Comedy Central UK – Wed 12th September 2012 at 9pm
No great shock that Comedy Central have picked up Charlie Sheen’s new show. Will run in the Autumn.

Hot in Cleveland, Season 3 – NOTE: Sony Entertainment Television – Fri 14th September 2012 at 8.30pm
Comedy about 3 past-their-prime entertainment industry veterans returns for the rest of season 2 (episodes 11 & 12 back to back).

Moone Boy, Series 1 – Sky1 – Fri 14th September at 9:30pm
Semi-autobiographical homegrown comedy depicting Chris O’Dowd’s youth in Ireland.

QI, Series J (10) – BBC Two / BBC HD- Fri 14th September at 10pm
Stephen, Alan and guests return with some “Jargon”

Strictly Come Dancing – BBC One – Sat 15th September at 6.30pm
Join Tess, Bruce and co back in the ballroom

Downton Abbey, Series 3 – ITV1 – Sun 16th September at 9pm
The Earl and Countess of Grantham return for a 3rd season, this time with an American in tow.

True Blood, Season 5– FXUK – Mon 17th September 2012 at 10pm
Seems FXUK have done a deal on Season 5 to move the UK closer to the US air date, so True Blood will be back in the Autumn. 

The Almighty Johnsons, Series 2 – Syfy – Mon 17th September 2012 at 10pm 
Comedy/drama about Norse Gods reincarnated as a New Zealand family returns.

Covert Affairs, Season 3 – Really – Wed 19th September at 9pm
UKTV have confirmed it’ll be back in the Autumn.

Andrew Marr’s History of the World – BBC One- Sun 23rd September at 9pm
Following on from his acclaimed two series History of Britain, Marr turns his attention to the whole globe

Alphas, Season 2 – 5* – Tue 25th September 2012 at 10pm
Back in the Summer in the US. 5 have season 2 rights, and have confirmed the slightly earlier date of 25 September this time round

The X Factor USA, Season 2 – ITV2 – Thu 27th September 2012 at 8pm
Well, SOME people like this sort of thing 😉

Continuum, Season 1 – Syfy –  Thu 27th September 2012 at 10pm
Time travelling sci-fi drama from Canada

South Park, Season 16 – Comedy Central – Fri 28th September at 10pm
America’s favourite potty-mouthed kids are back

Boardwalk Empire, Season 3 – Sky Atlantic – Sat 29th September at 9pm
Usually airs in Sept, and should air on Sky Atlantic around the same time. Boardwalk airs the 16th Sept in the US.

October 2012

Air Crash Investigation, Season 12 – National Geographic
1 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Real life CSI of aeroplanes. Not for those with a fear of flying! This series includes the infamous Air France crash.

1 October 2012 at 9:00pm

James Nesbit returns as the quirky neurosurgeon.

1 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Being paired to air with Sheen’s new show ‘Anger Management’. 2 1/2 Men airs in the US Sept 27th.

Haven, Season 3 – Syfy UK
2 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Now confirmed by Syfy as 2 Oct, which is very close to the US date

House of Lies, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic
2 October 2012 at 10:00pm

New comedy television starring Don Cheadle & Kristen Bell based on the book ‘House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time.’ Was supposed to air in July, then got bumped to October.

2 October 2012 at 6:00pm

New Tim Allen sitcom.

3 October 2012 at 9:00pm

The FBI enlists the help of a specialist neuroscientist to help solve cases.

3 October 2012 at 8:00pm

The Glee Project returns with a casting special showing the selection process of the second season.

Hunted, Season 1 – BBC One
4 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Sam (Melissa George) is a elite operative for a private intelligence firm who survives an attempt on her life that may have been orchestrated by members of her own team. Once she returns to the firm, she performs her secretive duties without knowing who to trust and who wants her dead… From writer Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files, Strike Back) and produced by Kudos (Spooks, Life On Mars).

4 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Confirmed to take place after “Back to Earth” which is now canonically labelled as Series 9.

5 October 2012 at 8:00pm

America’s biggest comedy returns.

5 October 2012 at 7:30pm

Award winning comedy returns for a 4th season.

Merlin, Season 5 – BBC One
6 October 2012 at 7:45pm

13 episodes this season, leading up to a couple of days before Christmas.

7 October 2012 at 10:00pm

Back to the table with the Goodmans.

Homeland, Season 2 – Channel 4
7 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Claire Danes and Damien Lewis return as CIA operative Danes and suspect Brody in this stunning drama. Airs on Showtime in the US in Sept, and C4 are airing it in Oct here.

Nurse Jackie, Season 4 – Sky Atlantic
9 October 2012 at 10:35pm

The Golden Globe-nominated dark comedy starring Emmy-winner Edie Falco as a drug-addicted nurse returns. Was supposed to air in July, then got bumped, and is due back in the Autumn.

9 October 2012 at 10:00pm

Technically not a premiere as it has already been available on iTunes, but a first run for traditional means.

Mike & Molly, Season 3 – Comedy Central
10 October 2012 at 9:30pm

The Chicago-based weight-loss sitcom returns to Wednesday nights.

12 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Paul and Ian are back with ten more episodes of the popular comedy panel show.

12 October 2012 at 9:30pm

New BBC comedy starring Sarah Alexander.

Chuck, Season 5 (Final Season) – DVD Region 2 UK
15 October 2012 at

Having been dropped by Sky Living and not being broadcast by anybody else, the distributor has gone straight to DVD. Ok, it’s not an air-date per se, but a lot of people ask for this one and not everybody will have bought it on Region 1 disc.

15 October 2012 at 10:00pm

4 young women living in London happen to be witches.

15 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Airing very close to the US premiere on 11th October.

16 October 2012 at 10:00pm

Dropped by Sky Living (who surely should be called Sky Killing by now for the number of shows it tries to kill off…) White Collar has finally been picked up again, this time by the lovely people at UKTV station Alibi.

17 October 2012 at 7:00pm

Usually airs in Oct here, but it’s starting a few weeks later this season in the US, so that may push it into Nov.

17 October 2012 at 10:00pm

US version of The Office returns.

Hebburn, Season 1 – BBC Two
18 October 2012 at 10:00pm

New comedy based on comedian Jason Cook’s Tyneside upbringing. Also starring Vic Reeves.

Spy, Season 2 – Sky1
19 October 2012 at 8:30am

Robert Lindsay and Darren Boyd return in Sky’s award winning Spy comedy.

19 October 2012 at 10:00pm

FXUK are again airing Walking Dead close to US air date (Sun Oct 14th). We will get it on the following Friday.

22 October 2012 at 8:00pm

New take on Green Arrow, bought by Sky and should air close to the US air date. More info here.

Girls, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic
22 October 2012 at 10:00pm

Comedy staring Lena Dunham following a group of friends in their 20s as they navigate life in New York City. Already commissioned for a 2nd season. Judd Apatow serving as an exec producer.

Grimm, Season 2 – Watch
22 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Cop drama with fairy tales returns.

Elementary, Season 1 – Sky Living
23 October 2012 at 9:00pm

The USA’s take on Sherlock Holmes (and not at all inspired by Moffat & Gatiss’s Sherlock…) More info here.

23 October 2012 at 10:00pm

It’s still running. Fourteenth year begins mid October.

Chicago Fire, Season 1 – Sky Living
24 October 2012 at 9:00pm

The firefighters and medics of Engine 51 are here in the UK to Rescue Me, courtesy of Sky…

24 October 2012 at 10:00pm

Fox have decided to give Fringe a decent send off, giving it a shortened 13 episode final season to tie up stories. Fringe usually airs close to the US air date, and it airs in the US – 28th Sept. We’re a few weeks behind this time BUT it’ll air in an unbroken run. :D

24 October 2012 at 8:00pm

Final season of the reality show, now that the stars are in their twenties.

25 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Mini series telling the story of the now legendary Hatfield–McCoy feud in 18th Century West Virginia–Kentucky. Stars Kevin Costner & Bill Paxton.

25 October 2012 at 9:00pm

New American political thriller recently bought by Channel 4 in the UK.

28 October 2012 at 10:00pm

Back with a shuffled cast, as Kelly, Simon & Alisha all leave. That leaves Curtis & Rudy to meet Jess – a kind of female Larry David (Karla Crome), Finn – a childlike naive optimist (Nathan McMullen) and the sexy, but suspiciously stand-offish Alex (Matt Stokoe).

29 October 2012 at 9:00pm

Single season of this Criminal Minds spin-off, starring Forest Whitaker.

29 October 2012 at 10:00pm

Single season police drama about a divorced single mother solving LAPD’s crimes while raising twins.

30 October 2012 at 10:00pm

A new season sees us back with Jessica Lange, this time in The Asylum.

30 October 2012 at 8:00pm

New television series from the brilliant Shawn Ryan (The Shield), which sees the crew of a US nuclear submarine become enemies of the state. It begins on 27th September in America.

November 2012

1 November 2012 at 12:00am

Third season in a year! As ever, not strictly an airdate, but Walt and co will be back with us, with season 5 available to view FROM the 1st of November on streaming service Netflix.

2 November 2012 at 21:00

Patrick and the team return. Will they ever get close to Red John?

4 November 2012 at 11:05pm

Season 2 ran in the US from January to April 2012 but has yet to be announced in the UK.

6 November 2012 at 8:00pm

Texas sports drama jumped to Sky Atlantic, who’ve aired 2 season.

7 November 2012 at 22:00

Sky “confirmed” season 9 in early Nov, and subsequently listed 7th November (which is about the third change).

7 November 2012 at 10:00pm

Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects)stars in this new British conspiracy thriller.

9 November 2012 at 12:00am

Sequel to Syfy’s re imagined series, launches first online (YouTube) then all episodes will be put together for a two hour broadcast on Syfy next year.

11 November 2012 at 9:00pm

PJ and Duncan rekindle some careers in the insect-laden rainforest again,

12 November 2012 at 23:00

What would YOU do to get what you want?

The Hour, Season 2 – BBC Two
14 November 2012 at 9:00pm

Second series set one year on in 1957.

15 November 2012 at 8:30pm

4 will bring Max and Caroline back into our lives before the end of the year.

15 November 2012 at 8:00pm

Confirmed as back in November.

15 November 2012 at 9:00pm

Original UK drama commission based on Robert Wilson’s bestselling novels, Falcón: The Blind Man of Seville.

15 November 2012 at 10:00pm

Looks like we will be back to the mean streets of LA earlier than initially thought.

Damages, Season 4 – Netflix
17 November 2012 at 12:00am

Dropped by the BBC and hasn’t resurfaced anywhere else on normal broadcast TV, although it is now on Netflix, and you can order Damages Season 4 on DVD here.

17 November 2012 at 21:00

Sarah Lund and her jumper return for a third and final outing.

18 November 2012 at 6:20am

E4 have confirmed they have season 4 for 2012… and appear to be broadcasting in a PVR-friendly slot

18 November 2012 at 9:00pm

Haunted house drama starring Suranne Jones and Douglas Henshall (again). The adaptation of James Herbert’s novel will be split in 3 hour-long parts.

Peep Show, Season 8 – Channel 4
25 November 2012 at 10:00pm

Mark and Jeremy come back for some more close-up musings on life.

30 November 2012 at 9:00pm

Karl and Warwick Davies take a trip together… Confirmed by Sky1 as returning late November.

December 2012

5 December 2012 at 10:00pm

Another programme with the remake “US” suffix, this time of the acclaimed teen sitcom.

6 December 2012 at

New comedy drama set during the Russian revolution. Miniseries starring Mad Man John Hamm and Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe.

Flashpoint, Season 5 – Universal Channel
6 December 2012 at 6:00pm

Returns for the fifth and final season.  (Incorrectly labelled season 4 in the uk)

Blue Bloods, Season 3 – Sky Atlantic
13 December 2012 at 10:00pm

The man with the best moustache in showbiz (Tom Selleck), and the rest of the cast are back in this family cop drama on Sky Atlantic. Sky currently saying, back in Dec.

Miranda, Season 3 – BBC One
26 December 2012 at 9:00pm

Miranda Hart’s sitcom returns for a second time

30 December 2012 at 9:00pm

Exciting new period crime drama set over 8 episodes.