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Torchwood air date ‘later in the summer’ in the UK…

by Dave Elliott

Torchwood NOT airing in July?

UPDATE HERE: Torchwood gets it UK air date!

GeekTown has just read something rather disturbing in a BBC news article…

As we all know Torchwood: Miracle Day is due to be airing soon. We have the US air date – 6th July on the Starz network. We’ve been seeing stories saying Torchwood wouldn’t be airing simultaneously with the US as they did with Doctor Who earlier in the year. So, the assumption was it will air during the week following the US air date. It now seems that is not the case…

In the article it clearly states, ‘The series will air in the US in early July and be shown later in the summer on BBC One.’ So, it looks like Torchwood is not going to be just after the US air date, but rather several weeks behind it! What has prompted this rather odd decision from the Beeb is as yet unknown. I have requested a response from the BBC but so far they are silent on the matter.

Given the heavy amount of promotion and hype Torchwood has been getting online, this seem like a massive misstep by the BBC, and is only likely to eat into the viewing figures as fans find “other ways” of watching the show… Which is a real shame, as lower viewing figures could effect Torchwood’s chance of renewal. *sigh* I am getting rather sick of TV networks shooting themselves in the foot with bizarre scheduling decisions at the moment…

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them below…

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