The Arrowverse Add Batwoman In Next Season’s Crossover!

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17 May 18
The Arrowverse Finally Adds A Bat-Family Member - Batwoman!

The Arrowverse Finally Adds A Bat-Family Member – Batwoman!

Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse is bringing a Bat-family member to screen for the first time… Batwoman! Not only will this be the first time Batwoman has appeared in live-action on a screen anywhere, they will also be finally introducing Gotham City to the locations in next season’s CW/DC shows.

For those of you not up on your Bat-lore, Batwoman is a character who has been around in the comic books since 1956. The “Silver Age” version of the Bat-family member was Kathy Kane, however, I suspect the version we are more likely to see on tv is the 2006 Kate Kane who first popped up in the brilliant ’52’ run. Kate Kane comes from the other wealthiest family dynasty in Gotham. Kate is openly lesbian, and her former lovers include former Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya (who goes on to become superhero The Question). Inspired by the caped crusader, she fights crime using gear which she stole from her father’s military base.

The other big news revealed at The CW’s Upfront this afternoon is that it sounds like we may actually be travelling to Gotham in this season’s crossover. Whilst I think it’s unlikely we’ll see the Dark Knight himself, it does make me wonder if they could sneak in an appearance by Brenton Thwaites as Robin before he lands on his own ‘Titans’ series.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens when ‘Arrow’, ‘Flash’, ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ & ‘Supergirl’ return to Sky One in the Autumn.