Geek’s Bucket List If You Have £100, £10,000 or £1,000,000

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30 Mar 20

Geek’s Bucket List If You Have £100, £10,000 or £1,000,000

The term “geek” has had many meanings over the years. We’re using it in its current iteration; a slang term in a broad context covering the eccentric and non-mainstream weirdos (I use that term lovingly) who are experts or enthusiasts in their chosen hobby. The word “obsessed” comes to mind…

Geekdom comes in many flavours. Maybe you’re a movie geek, a tv geek, a comic book geek, gamer geek, a cosplayer, or a techie geek — you’re all part of the geek community and can probably talk for hours on end about your chosen pursuit. (I know I can.)

Everyone has a bucket list. You know, the running list in the back of your mind of awesome things you plan to do before you die. So today we’ve made that list a reality and compiled a bucket list for geeks of all persuasions.

Geeks on a Budget (£100 or less)

It’s no fun being a geek on a budget, but that’s the story for many of us. The good news is, there are still plenty of things to check off your bucket list, even without a million credits in the bank.

From a Star Wars movie marathon with your friends to building a 1000+ piece Lego set, playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons to learning to code, reading a complete fantasy series or catching every single Pokemon, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Go to Comic-Con (when the world re-opens…)

So, we’re all stuck indoors at the moment, but when the world reopens there will be geek culture convention all over the place. Trust me, the experience is worth the lines you’ll have to deal with when you get there. Not for the faint of heart, geek conventions are an unforgettable way to spend a weekend and an experience you’re not likely to ever forget.

You may spend more than £100 on a ticket (depends on the size of the con and the deals) but between getting to meet the heroes of your favourite fandom and all of the freebies they give away at the merch booths – you may end up breaking even, but if not, you’ll have some great memories.

Make your own Butterbeer

At least this one you can do at home, and is a must for fans of the teen wizard. There are recipes abound online. Finding the perfect one is a bucket list item in and of itself. For true Harry Potter fans, this is basically a right of passage.

Play Some Geeky Slots 

If you have a shoe-string budget, then free geek-styled slot games are your best bet. And hey, if you end up winning big, you could move on to bigger and better geeky bucket list items. This lucky guy won over £13 million in the largest ever online slot payout that got him into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Get a Geeky Tattoo (real or fake)

A real tattoo, depending on the size, might set you back a bit more than $100 but as a geek tattoo connoisseur and veteran, it’s a super fun way to let your geek flag fly.

Geeks of Means (£10,000 or less)

For the slightly more affluent geek, your options are far more varied. With this chunk of change, you can visit nearly any site where your favourite movie or tv series was filmed like Middle Earth (New Zealand) or Westeros (Croatia, Iceland & Northern Ireland).

Search for the Holy Grail in Petra, Jordan or celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge in the UK. Browse eBay for a classic arcade machine for your very own home, find a purveyor of jetpacks and sample their wares or take a flight on a Boeing 727 vomit comet to experience zero-gravity while still in Earth’s atmosphere — the world is your £10,000 oyster.

Build Your Own Personal Geek Cave

What good is having a collection of awesome tech if you don’t show it off? With £10k you can take a spare room in your house and respectably kit it out with double (or triple) monitors, a killer sound system, and all your favourite gadgets. Then, of course, pretend to be a hacker.

Visit Area 51

UFO and space geeks unite! There’s no Mecca for out-of-this-world exploration like the mysterious site of Area 51. It doesn’t cost £10,000 to get there, but maybe for some extra “tips”, the locals might show you the good stuff!

Geeks That are Rollin’ In It (£1,000,000 or less)

With $1 million, you can pretty much get VIP passes to anything your geeky little heart desires. Meet your favourite stars, writers, or band members backstage with a discrete wave of your wad of dough. Buy a lifesize version of anything, take any life-changing trip, or kit out your house with a full-home VR set. Better yet, build a new house modelled after your geekdom of choice.

Go To Outer Space

Yes, you heard me correctly. Join the growing trend of space tourism where humans go into space for recreational (rather than scientific) purposes. Look at the Earth from a distance, explore the wild blue yonder, and experience the true weightlessness of the Final Frontier. Buy a ticket for a commercial space flight and then proceed to act out every sci-fi space trope you can think of.

Of course, space tourism is still a few years away, but if you wanted to try weightlessness right now, you could always book a ride on the “vomit comet”… These converted aircraft perform fifteen parabolas, with each parabolic flight producing the same weightlessness as astronauts experience in space.

Time travel…

So… actual time travel might be tricky, even with £1 million dollars, but you could make something happen… You might not be able to actually go back in time, but you could pay a bunch of people to dress up in period costume and call you sir or ma’am. Personal choice though… Buy a DeLorean and pimp it out to be like the one from ‘Back To The Future’. All the fun of time travel without having to worry about poking holes in the fabric of time or becoming my own grandfather.

You only live once so make sure you get cracking on your own personal geek bucket list. Hopefully, our ideas give you a great starting point to have some incredible geeky experiences that you’ll never forget.