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‘Stranded: Alien Dawn’ Releases Free ‘Jungle Update’ This June

Update brings a stunning new region, new features, mechanics, resources, a new survivor, and much more

by Dave Elliott

Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments plc, and developer Haemimont Games, have announced a major new free update for planet survival sim Stranded: Alien Dawn. The “Jungle Update” introduces a wealth of new features to all players on Thursday 29th June.

If you’ve yet to try Stranded: Alien Dawn, it is a planet survival sim where the fate of a small group hinges on your every choice. Make vital decisions to protect survivors from starvation, disease, extreme weather and more. From basic camps to fortified bases, create a stronghold to defend against hostile alien wildlife that roam an expansive 3D landscape. Devise innovative solutions to problems and manage multiple unforeseen crises at the same time, ensure the survivors live to see another sunrise while on this epic and unpredictable journey.

The new “Jungle Update” allows aspiring survivalists and seasoned experts alike to explore the new area of Saltu, a vibrant region with an array of native flora, fauna, and resources which can be used to establish a thriving base. As survivors find themselves marooned in a hot and humid jungle, populated by dense foliage, swamps, and rivers, players must manage the group carefully to help them overcome life-threatening challenges.

From violent thunderstorms to living mists, survivors will grapple with harsh conditions. Humidity and warm weather will reduce the shelf life of resources, while running fridges and fans to keep cool will sap precious electricity and cause devices to deteriorate faster. Xenoflora blight can also bring further adversity – the airborne disease will spread quickly and kill healthy plans if not kept under control.

As players devise innovative strategies to secure the group’s survival, a new Work Area feature allows them to optimise their camps better than ever before. Placing Area Flags will designate areas where survivors can be allocated to live and work within. Survivors will then execute activities in this area only, providing players with greater control over the organisation and productivity of their group. Additional relaxation and leisure items can also be constructed for enhanced wellbeing, including an arcade machine, and bench press.

Across all regions and scenarios in Stranded: Alien Dawn, preparing the group for their fight for survival will now be easier than ever. Each survivor’s inventory is bolstered with a new dedicated slot that can be equipped with one of several new tools, including survival kits, respirator masks, night goggles, and grenades.

Also introduced with the update is new survivor and revered natural healer Melody Adeyemi. Melody’s knowledge of herbal medicine and keen intellect bring solace to those she tends to, making her an ideal team member for treating new diseases including swarm fever, gut worms, and blood infections.

In addition, the Jungle Update introduces a vivid selection of never-before-seen plants, recipes, and resources, while eagle-eyed survivors will encounter two new species of alien wildlife. The Noth, a bulky yet gentle herbivore, can be tamed and will provide ample meat, while the omnivorous Shogu, with its spiky horns, may be more volatile if provoked.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for a suggested retail price of £29.99/$34.99/€34.99.

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