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Unveiling Final Fantasy XIV Official Xbox Release Date with a Hint of Noir

by Arham Akhtar


The gaming community is buzzing with excitement this year, as the long-awaited Xbox for Final Fantasy X1V release date is coming soon. Several fans have been waiting for it for quite a time to enjoy the enchanting world of Eorzea on their new Xbox consoles.

However, what truly ignites fans’ interest is that this release will also include a “Noir Hat” item, which will complete the ultimate “Noir Attire” that players so want to get their hands on.

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Let’s explore the significance of this official Xbox release date for fans and the intriguing addition of the Noir Hat.

The Journey Towards the Xbox

The release date has been confirmed not only by Final Fantasy XIV’s official site but by the Xbox has confirmed as well. Several tweets on X show proof that it will soon come. Moreover, players can now access and play FFXIV on Microsoft console through their open beta, which in turn is building up excitement for the release of the full version.

Although the details regarding inclusion in Game Pass of Xbox were not given before, it is now out in the open. The revelation transpired during an event where Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, alongside Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, unveiled that the full release is scheduled for March 21st.

Upon release, Final Fantasy XIV will be accessible on Xbox Series X|S, with 4K support exclusively on Series X. Notably, there will be no version for Xbox One, and the game will be digital-only on Xbox Series X|S, promising quick load timing.

FFXIV: Xbox Release Date

Excitingly, a newbie edition of FFXIV will be offered as part of the Game Pass because of its Ultimate perks, available for alleging from March 21st to April 19th. It’s essential to note that the complete version of the game will require Xbox users to subscribe to Game Pass Core or Ultimate, unlike PlayStation, where a PS Plus account isn’t mandatory.

The Xbox inauguration was initially revealed during the Fan Fest event in Las Vegas, where Phil Spencer shared the stage. This launch precedes the arrival of the next expansion, Dawntrail, slated for summertime.

Along with these announcements, Square Enix has spoiled some information about the expansion in Dawntrail, Final Fantasy XIV to be launched during the summer of this year.

Moreover, some announcements have been made about the partnership between Final Fantasy and Fall Guys, which will head to featuring rare Warrior of Light Costumes on 22nd August 2024. But, this time, players will see an addition of a mini-game addition in Final Fantasy because of the collaboration.

In summary, the Final Fantasy XIV launch of the Xbox release date is upon us, but let’s not forget that this marks a vital milestone in the world of gaming, especially for players. Furthermore, with the inclusion of Noir Hat completing the Noir Attire, players will have a touch of sophistication and excitement while playing, as it will be their first time embarking on this captivating journey in the immersive world of Eorzea on the Xbox.

Noir Hat: Introducing the Elegance

With the coming of the 6.25 Patch of FFXIV, there is an abundance of content that will be gracing the game, starting from mounts to cells and even weaponry that will help players acquire fresh skills.

While navigating the avenues to procure these fresh armaments and embellishments may seem daunting, fear not, for we are here to illuminate the path. Delve into the depths of Final Fantasy XIV and discover how to attain the enigmatic Noir attire.

Unlocking Noir Hat and Attire: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Noir attire stands as a novel addition to Final Fantasy XIV’s sartorial offerings, boasting a striking ensemble comprising a lengthy ebony trenchcoat, sleek slacks, polished boots, and a distinguished detective’s hat. Yet, the query remains—in what way can one acquire such fashionable garb?

The reply awaits within the depths of the recently unveiled Variant Dungeon, Sil’dihn Subterrane. This labyrinthine expanse, replete with branching pathways, promises adventure aplenty, rewarding intrepid explorers with Sil’dihn Postherds, a unique currency. These coveted tokens can be garnered upon completing ventures within the confines of Sil’dihn Subterrane, and subsequently redeemed at the esteemed vendor nestled within the historic precincts of Old Sharlayan.

Venture forth to rendezvous with Trisassant, an esteemed purveyor established amidst the Guildship Exchange, precisely located at (X: 12.0, Y: 13.3). Herein lies the key to adorning oneself in the Noir attire, each piece accompanied by a modest price tag:

  • The Noir Hat: 15 Postherds in Final Fantasy
  • The Noir Longcoat: Just 27 Postherds
  • The Noir Leather Gloves: 9 Postherds to pay
  • The Noir Slacks: 12 Postherds in FFXIV

Indeed, the road to acquiring all facets of this resplendent costume may prove arduous. However, fear not, for Sil’dihn Potsherds can be amassed without constraint, devoid of any weekly limitations. Thus, embark upon the journey to conquer the Variant Dungeon, inching closer towards the coveted Noir attire with each triumphant foray.

In conclusion, armed with this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped to navigate the intricacies of procuring the Noir attire in Final Fantasy XIV. For further insights into the intricacies of patch 6.25 and beyond, we stand ready to offer our expertise and assistance.

At last, you can be assured that the allure of Noir attire will transcend beyond the aesthetics of FFXIV, and embody spherical players who have never seen before. In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, players will start fresh quests that pipe their interest and bring out loot with valuable pieces each time.


With the impending launching of Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox, the date will become of importance in the history of the game. The fans have not only been waiting with curiosity, but they are going to jump right into the mystical landscape of Eorzea with their Xbox consoles, as the official release date is just a gateway for players to experience an immersive adventure.

Players have yet to remember that amidst this thrilling information, the inclusion of the long-awaited Noir Hat will add a new layer to the costume, which in turn makes the experience of players heightened.

As the voyage to Xbox is finally unfolding, players can start their adventures, embrace mysteries, solve them, and make ties with new allies. All they have to do is wait for a few days, and then, step into the world of Final Fantasy XIV through Xbox.

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