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Ripper Finally Coming To The BBC?

by Dave Elliott

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Could it finally be happening? The long (or should that be looooonnnggg) muted Buffy spin off finally could be on the move? At ComicCon 07 Joss Whedon confirmed that he was in talks with the Beeb about doing a 90 min special about Giles’s life post Sunnydale, living back in England, and confirmed Anthony Stewart Head was on-board to reprise his role. Rumours are now flying that it’s all been green lit and will be filmed next year.

There are a few things about this that i love and makes me want to believe it’s going to happen. I can see the appeal to Joss of being able to tell a story on TV without having a US network breathing down his neck (or at least with the BBC with a buffer between him and the evil Fox empire). The success of the Buffy Season 8 comic book proves there is still a huge interest in the Buffyverse. You’ve also got other Buffy alumni (James Marsters) popping up in Torchwood. The massive success of Doctor Who proving there is a big sci-fi audience out there, and Torchwood proving you can aim sci-fi at adults. Plus the huge hit Heroes has been for BBC2 (despite having run already on Sci-Fi Channel), it wouldn’t surprise me if the Beeb went looking for some more original sci-fi content. I won’t fully believe it till the BBC announce it themselves, but this really seems to be the closest it’s come to Ripper actually getting made.

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