Dollhouse Season 2 UK Airdate on Sci-Fi!

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18 Aug 09
Dollhouse Season 2 UK Air Date

Dollhouse Season 2 UK Air Date

After a superb ending to Dollhouse‘s first season, it’s looking like Sci-Fi Channel UK is keen to keep the momentum going on Joss Whedon‘s latest tv series!

Dollhouse Season 2 will premiere in the UK at 10pm on Tuesday, 20th October 2009 on the Sci-Fi Channel – Sky 129 (or +1 is on Sky 205). So a slight move in time slot by and hour and only 3 weeks behind the US airing! Nice work SciFi! If only all channels (looking at no one in particular… *coughE4cough*) could schedule there imports so closely to their American air date! 😉