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Review: Kick-Ass

by sam

GeekTown got the opportunity to see a very early preview screening of Matthew Vaughn’s new film Kick-Ass and we have been dying to talk about it but promised to keep schtum til now…

Kick-Ass Review



Firstly don’t get put off by what you might read in the papers about offensive language and inappropriate values or by the questionable strap line – Shut up. Kick ass. This film is awesome! And I don’t use that word lightly (because I’m English and it sounds stupid when I say it…)

Based on Mark Millar’s violent comic book story of everyday heroes, the film follows Dave, an inconspicuous school nerd who questions why no-one has ever tried to become a superhero in real life. Armed with only a baseball bat, a death wish and a green wetsuit Dave, played by Aaron Johnson, embarks on a misguided pursuit to fight crime on the streets of America, naming himself Kick-Ass. Without giving too much of the story away, his alter ego gets wrapped up in an old vendetta between a prevalent drug baron and an ex cop turned lethal vigilante and his equally lethal 12 year old child. As Kick-Ass gets way out of Dave’s control, as does his personal life, the story unveils scene after scene of incredibly choreographed action. There are hardly any special effects so the battles are raw, exciting and diverse. Matrix style shoot outs, brawls, knives, bombs, martial arts, it’s got it all. Matthew Vaughn shot this film on a small budget and independently to keep it as loyal to the book as possible, so you know the intensity and energy comes simply from good filming and acting.

Hit Girl

Some of the best bone crunching action is delivered, no holds barred, by Chloe Moretz’s character Hit Girl/Mandy Macready. She is, dare I say it, iconic. Moretz’s performance as the foul mouthed cold blooded but tiny teeny assassin is outstanding without a hint of twee. Her doting father aka Big Daddy is Nicolas Cage’s best role in years. In fact the father/daughter combo bring with them, not only no morals violence, but comedy and a touching relationship that at times is quite sad, which comes as a surprise sandwiched between the slaughters.

The really refreshing thing about Kick-Ass is that at no point does the vulnerable hero eat, fall into or step on anything radioactive which means him gaining a real super power, in his attempts at crime fighting he really does kick some ass and it is all the more enjoyable. The Nowhere Boy actor Johnson is a natural lead in the film and hides his British roots astonishingly. In fact all the performances are great, even Dave’s stereotypical school mates made me laugh. Mark Strong in particular plays another superb bad guy as drug lord Frank D’Amico, which brings me onto the final hero wannabe. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Role Models) plays Chris D’Amico who, desperate to be included in his father’s underhand dealings, joins forces with Kick-Ass as the flash Red Mist. He is not as cool, equally useless, definitely more recognisable and for me the weakest character but I guess that is the intention.


Based in a world where people don’t seem to bat an eyelid if you commit multiple murders in a wig I found the film staggeringly credible and real.  Prepare yourself not ask questions like ‘wouldn’t they get into trouble for that?’, or ‘where has that guy’s wife gone?’, and just get totally sucked into the story.  One word of warning, if you don’t get a chance to see the red band trailer, boy, it is violent… Jaw dropping is an understatement. But alongside brutal it is also original, funny and tender (and slightly controversial).

If you enjoy wincing your way through a seriously good action comedy, go and see this movie!


9/10 – Kick-Ass, kicks ass!

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