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Glee Dances From E4 To Sky!

by Dave Elliott

Glee moves from E4 to Sky

I feel there maybe a few rants coming in the comments of this post from angry Freeview customers…

Sky have acquired the 3rd season of hit musical/comedy drama Glee

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said, “By not renewing the Glee deal, we are freeing up huge amounts of budget to invest in home-grown programming, British talent and of course continuing to discover and showcase what the US has to offer.  “We are particularly thrilled to have recently acquired The Killing.”

Now before you all go off on a Murdoch hating rampage, Channel 4 were in negotiations to buy the series, but it was them that walked away accusing Glee’s production company of trying to charge “over the odds” for the show, so it’s not really Sky’s fault for pickin–… Wait, what’s that you say?..
Who is Glee’s production company?…
Well, let me check, it’s erm…
20th Century Fox Television…
As you were… Let the anti-Murdoch ranting start in 3… 2… 1…

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