Lost Girl finds her way to SyFy UK!

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03 Aug 11
Anna Silk as Bo in Lost Girl

Anna Silk as Bo in Lost Girl

I started to see a some buzz building around Canadian supernatural crime drama Lost Girl recently over on the Uk Air Dates page, with a quite a few people asking whether it had found a UK channel yet. Well, i’m pleased to announce it has – Lost Girl comes exclusively to Syfy on Thursday 1st September at 10pm.

For those of you that haven’t heard about Lost Girl, it follows the story of Bo (Anna Silk) who has the unfortunate habit of waking up next to dead lovers… No, she’s not some homicidal maniac, but in fact Bo is a Succubus, who can seduce people into doing anything just by simply touching them. Bo drains humans of their sexual energy through kissing and then leaves them for dead – not your usual start for the heroine of a tv show!

In episode one, Bo discovers who and what she really is after pouncing on an unwilling victim in an elevator, who moments before was spiking an innocent girl’s drink. Bo drains him of his life and then flees the scene with the drugged girl.

Zoie Palmer as Lauren & Anna Silk as Bo

Zoie Palmer as Lauren & Anna Silk as Bo

After leaving her victim out in the open, Bo is contacted by the group called The Fae, who reveal the roots behind her unusual behaviour. They give her an option – to align herself to one of two tribes, either the Light or the Dark. She refuses and chooses the side of humanity instead. In awe of Bo, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) who she had rescued from the elevator becomes her confidante and the two become partners in the quest to discover Bo’s true mysterious past.

The show co-stars Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson, a shape-shifting Fae, homicide detective and Bo’s love interest; Zoie Palmer as Lauren, a human doctor who competes for Bo’s heart; Rick Howland as Trick, the mysterious owner and bartender at The Dal Riata tavern, with a secretive past that is yet to be unlocked; and K.C. Collins as Hale, a handsome male “Siren” who is the eternal bachelor, ultimate wing-man and Dyson’s partner on the force.

It’s all sounding like a great basis for a series, and has gone down well enough over the pond to be picked up for a 2nd Season. Lost Girl will definitely be one to tune in for!

Lost Girl comes exclusively to Syfy on Thursday 1st September at 10pm.