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First Trailer for Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch

by Dave Elliott


It’s a little late to the new season party, but that hasn’t stopped Touch, the new show from Heroes creator Tim Kring, starring Kiefer Sutherland, being one of the most eagerly anticipated shows this year.

Touch stars Kiefer as Martin Bohm, a former journalist who is a single parent raising his mute,  autistic son Jake (David Mazouz). Jake has 2 main obsessions – numbers and climbing. Specifically, climbing a local telecoms tower, each time being recorded by a surveillance camera at 3:18 precisely. 3:18 is also the time Jake has been obsessively reseting the clocks their the house to. Is Jake trying to communicate?

After Jake is seen climbing the tower a 3rd time, social services decide to intervene, threatening to remove him from his father before he harms himself, or anyone else. With the aid of a sympathetic social worker, Clea Hopkins (Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Doctor Who, Undercovers), Martin manages to hold onto his son. Still desperate to find the boy some help, Martin seeks out Professor Arthur DeWitt (Danny Glover), who explains that there are some children in the world who see things very differently to the rest of us. To them, life is just an equation. An equation that can lead them to have an extraordinary insight into possible future events.

Touch will air on Fox in the US mid-season (Spring 2012), so there’s no UK air date for it yet. I’m pretty sure it won’t stay that way for long though, and give this is Kiefer’s first TV role since 24 there should be a heck of a lot of interest… If i were a gambling man,  money would be on it appearing on Sky 1 in the new year. ;)

Keep track of Touch and all other UK premiere dates for US and cult shows on our UK air dates page.

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