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Chuck Season 5 Released on Blu-ray Today!

by Dave Elliott
Chuck Season 5

Chuck Season 5

Like many of the Chuck fans out there, i was really disappointed to hear that Sky Living had unceremoniously dumped the final season of Chuck from it’s schedule, leaving fans either without a conclusion, or forcing them to seek *ahem* ‘other methods’… of watching Chuck Season 5

However, for those of you who have not yet turned to the dark side, there is a solution that some people may have overlooked (thank you to Sam in the UK Air Dates community for pointing this out)... Chuck Season 5 has been released today in the US on region-free Blu-ray. Meaning if you buy it from amazon.com, and have it shipped over, it’ll work on your UK Blu-ray player (or i suspect in most cases, PS3). :)

So all you UK blu-ray player owning Chuck fans, click here to order from Amazon US, and have the final season shipped to you in wonderful blu-rayee high-def-ness! :D

(Note: The DVD of Chuck Season 5 is region 1 only, so DON’T go ordering that!)

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