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This week’s poll – theme tunes

by Andrew
Vikings wins vote

Vikings wins vote

Thank you to everybody who took the time to vote in last week’s poll. 244 of you, at the time of this writing.

It seems that Vikings is the most anticipated programme yet to be bought for the UK market. British channels – please take note!

Vikings stars Razzie-award winner Johnny “Drama” Chase as Tarvold, who shouts “Victory!” a lot.

Oh wait, no it isn’t. It is a new historical drama series from History, about the Norsemen who raided Britain and France. It began in March 2013 and has since been renewed for a second season.



Best TV Theme?

Now, onto this week. If, like me, you often watch your television programmes on PVR, you might find yourself inclined to fast-forward through the uninspiring titles sequence. However, there are some programmes where the tune is just so catchy that the fast-forward button must be left untouched. But which is the best?
Remember – this isn’t a reflection of views on the programmes themselves, just the theme tune.



And the winner is…

Game of Thrones (closely followed by Hawaii 5-0).

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