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ARROW/FLASH news roundup + Season 3 Trailer with Ra’s al Ghul!

by Dave Elliott

Ra's from the Arkham Games

Ra’s from the Arkham Games

Having been mentioned a few times on the show in the past, it seems this season’s ‘big bad’ is one of the oldest, biggest, and baddest… Ra’s al Ghul.

So far the only al Ghul we’ve met in the show is Ra’s daughter (and half sister of Talia), Nyssa, but Arrow Season 3 is promising the main man himself is going to make a very large appearance. Liam Neeson played him in the recent Batman trilogy, but there’s no news on who’s playing him in Arrow yet. The producers are saying this will be a ‘Arrow-ified’ version, and very different to the film, and I suspect the comics. Nyssa (Katrina Law – Spartacus) will also be back.

As we mentioned a few days ago, Roy is now in full Arsenal mode, and Sara Lance will be back as Canary. A few more DC characters popping in to help (or maybe hinder) Olly this season, include Ted Grant (aka Wildcat), and Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) as played by ex-Superman and Chuck villain, Brandon Routh.

It’s also confirmed that episode 8 of Arrow and the freshman Flash show will be a 2hr crossover event. Additionally, the 4th episode of Flash will see Arrow’s Felicity make the trip to Central City to visit Barry, in an episode which will see Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller appear as Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold).

A member of the Amell clan has managed to worm his way into Flash too… Arrow’s Stephen Amell little cousin Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) will be playing Ronnie Raymond, who (for those that don’t know) is one half of the fire-headed hero ‘Firestorm‘.

What with all this going on, plus Constantine & Gotham on both debuting this season, it’s going to be a busy few months over at DC HQ!

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