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Review: The Paddy Lincoln Gang

by Guest Writer

The Paddy Lincoln Gang

When the film started I wasn’t sure whether I was watching Trainspotting or The Commitments. Turns out it was a bit of both.

The Paddy Lincoln Gang is a band of guys who live in LA and want to make their dreams come true. Rob, the troubled yet brilliant frontman; Tom, the quiet, upstanding dude who just wants to make good music; and Rick & Eddie, the ones who want to live the rockstar life without doing any of the work. The group are on the way to the top and Rob has it all – a new record deal, a beautiful girlfriend in the form of Tom’s sister Leyla – so why isn’t he happy? As his mind plays tricks and hallucinations start to plague him, the fractures in the band become more apparent. Will they be able to pull it together before it’s too late? And what price must they pay to keep their music alive?

A twisted tale that only gets darker as the story progresses, The Paddy Lincoln Gang is an excellent, gritty film about people struggling with their own demons. The soundtrack, produced by Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2), makes the movie as much fun to listen to as it is to watch. Or perhaps ‘fun’ isn’t quite the right word. It’s a painful tale of a person’s world collapsing around them, and a reminder of the terrible things that can happen to someone who lets their demons win.

8/10 – A dark and gritty story with a bitter, twisted ending

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