Geektown Radio : Episode 24 – Interview with Dexter & Dishonored Composer Dan Licht, plus TV News, UK TV Updates & Air Date Info!

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30 Jun 15
Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

Dan Licht

Dan Licht

It’s a beautiful day outside, but we still decided to come in and record another show just for you! So here we are with episode 24, and a great 2 part interview with Dan Licht, the man behind the music for the brilliant Dexter, Jason Momoa’s The Red Road, and the superb Dishonored and recently announced Dishonored 2 video games!

Dan is one of the most prolific and eclectic musicians in the film, television, video game and advertising industry. His first major feature film, Columbia Pictures’ “Children of the Night,” was subsequently followed by a series of dark films, including Dimension Films first ever feature film, “Children of the Corn II.” Notably, Dan was chosen for Clive Barker’s third “Hellraiser” installment, Miramax and Dimension Films’ “Hellraiser: Bloodline.”

In this weeks show:

  • We take a look at the tv shows & games which have been taking up our time over the last week, including Batman: Arkham KnightNo Offence, & Humans.
  • The latest TV News, with lots of comic book stuff this week, including an update on Gotham and Agents of SHIELD.
  • An interview with composer Dan Licht, the man behind the music for Dexter, The Red Road and the Dishonored game franchise.
  • As usual, all the latest air date updates, and a look forward to tv in the next 7 days.

Geektown Radio : Episode 24

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