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Comic Con Trailer for Fear The Walking Dead

by Dave Elliott


Another nice trailer from Comic Con. This time for the new AMC show Fear The Walking Dead.

What’s interesting is how the tone of the show maybe similar, but the setting and time is very different. Rather than launching full into a zombie apocalypse as we did with the parent show, FtWD lets us see the outbreak start. This season is set in LA, across the country from Rick and the gang, so there’s not much chance of them meeting any time soon.

The show stars Kim Dickens (Deadwood, House of Cards, Treme) as Madison Clark, a high school guidance counsellor, Cliff Curtis (Missing, Trauma) as Travis Manawa, Madison’s fiancée and a divorced teacher, Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) as Cliff’s drug addict son Nick, Alycia Debnam-Carey (The 100) as Cliff’s daughter Alicia who’s pretty much the polar opposite of her brother, and Elizabeth Rodriguez (Orange Is the New Black) as Liza, Travis’s ex-wife.

Fear The Walking Dead will air in the globally on 23rd Aug. Except it won’t in the UK… It will be airing on new channel AMC Global, which is coming exclusively to BT TV’s YouView… But AMC Global isn’t launching in the UK till September. It’s somewhat satisfying to know that BT are as useless internally with their timing as they are when you book what they laughingly call an ‘appointment’ when you need a line fitting… Yes, I know, I hear you… It’s a stupid place to air it, but i’m sure the 3 people in the UK that have BT’s YouView will enjoy it (after the rest of the world)… Let’s hope it gets a re-run on a sensible channel at some point after that…

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