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See Wally West As Kid Flash In The Flash Season 3!

by Dave Elliott

It appears we are going to see Wally West join Barry Allen in the Speed Force on the next season of The Flash, as DC released this pics of Keiynan Lonsdale in full Kid Flash outfit! It’s not entirely clear if this will only be for the duration of the Flashpoint arc, or if Kid Flash is to become a permanent fixture on the show.



Wally was introduced during last season as the brother of Iris, and son of Joe and the late Francine West. We saw the Wally hit by a wave of dark matter energy towards the end of last season, which it was thought could have turned him into a speedster, however he showed no signs of powers when Barry tested him.

So are Wally’s speedster powers just taking time to show? Or is he hiding them? Or is the reason Wally is now in costume something to do with the Flashpoint event, caused by Barry going back in time to save his mother? Also, if it was caused by the dark matter event, are we also going to see Jessie in costume, as she was struck also?

Whatever happens, we should find out when The Flash returns in the Autumn!

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