Lex Luthor To Arrive In ‘Supergirl’ Season 4

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18 Oct 18
Lex Luthor To Arrive In 'Supergirl' Season 4

Lex Luthor To Arrive In ‘Supergirl’ Season 4

Supergirl is going to be facing one of DC’s biggest villains during her 4th Season run, as it’s announced Lex Luthor will be arriving in National City.

“We’re beyond excited to introduce iconic villain Lex Luthor to Supergirl and to weave him into our story this season,” exec producers Robert L. Rovner and Jessica Queller commented in a statement today. “We’ve talked about having Lex on the show since its inception, and we’re excited to have him finally arrive. We can’t wait for him to shake things up in National City and watch him go toe to toe with not only Supergirl, but his sister, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath).”

Lex is one of DC’s big guns. Extremely wealthy and with a genius-level intellect, not to mention his own high-tech warsuit, he’s not someone you want to mess with. Lex has been mentioned in ‘Supergirl’ previously as being locked up in prison, leaving Lena to run L-Corp (formally known as LexCorp). Now it would seem he is back out in the world. What that will mean for Lena and Supergirl is anyone’s guess, but it’s not likely to be good. In the comic books, Lex has often put on the appearance of turning over a new leaf, but it seldom sticks. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out when he shows up in the upcoming season.

The hunt is now on to find an actor to fill the recurring role of Lex. Previously the part has been played on TV by Scott James Wells, then Sherman Howard, in the ‘Superboy’ series, John Shea in ‘Lois & Clark’, and Michael Rosenbaum in ‘Smallville’. In animation, he’s been voiced by a host of people including Clancy Brown, James Marsters, Powers Boothe, Chris Noth, Jason Isaacs and Rainn Wilson. On film, the role has gone to Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and most recently, Jesse Eisenberg.

Whoever gets the part will join the growing list of ‘Superman’ characters appearing in ‘Supergirl’. Mehcad Brooks has a series regular role in the show as Jimmy/James Olsen. Tyler Hoechlin has been playing Superman/Clark Kent since season 2, and ‘Grimm’s Elizabeth Tulloch will appear in this year’s crossover as reporter Lois Lane.

There have been some rumours recently about The CW considering a ‘Superman’ series. I’d take that with a heavy pinch of salt right now, but it does mean they would already have most of the key parts cast should they decide they do want to spin the big guy off into his own show.

The DC shows all return to the UK in October 2018, beginning with ‘The Flash‘ on Thursday, 18th Oct, followed by ‘Supergirl‘ on Monday (22nd), and ‘Arrow‘ on Tuesday (23rd). ‘Legends Of Tomorrow‘ begins Wednesday, 31st October 2018, all at 8pm on Sky One.