E4 Sets September UK Premiere Date For ‘The 100’ Season 6

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21 Aug 19
E4 Sets September UK Premiere Date For 'The 100' Season 6

E4 Sets September UK Premiere Date For ‘The 100’ Season 6

E4 has set a September UK premiere date for The 100‘ Season 6 it has been announced today.

The series began following a group of young post-apocalyptic survivors as they return to Earth after their orbiting space ark begins to fail… only to discover that the human race had never truly left. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) found herself forced to lead a band of disposable juvenile delinquents as they faced death at every turn: from a world transformed by radiation, from the fierce Grounders who somehow managed to survive in it, and, perhaps worst of all, from themselves.

In the previous 5 Seasons, things have only got crazier and crazier for the group. Dealing with Grounders customs, the mysterious Mount Weather, radiation death waves caused by decaying nuclear reactions, and the arrival of a prison colony ship have all added to their woes. At the end of Season 5 a group including Clarke, Abby, Marcus, Madi, Octavia, Bellamy, Raven, Echo, John, Monty and Harper escaped Earth on the prison ship when the valley (the only survivable place on Earth) is destroyed. Due to limited supplies, the group decide to go into cryosleep for 10 years to give the Earth time to recover.

As Season 6 begins, Clarke and Bellamy are awoken from cryo-sleep by a young man who introduces himself as Jordan Green, the son of Monty and Harper, who had decided against joining the group in the pods. He reveals they’ve overslept… by quite a bit… It’s been 125 years since they entered the pods. A series of videos show Monty and Harper explaining that the Earth wasn’t going to recover. They had found a new planet in the ship’s files… but it would take 75yrs to reach it, hence the delay in waking them. Still reeling after receiving the message, a small group goes down to explore the mysterious new planet. Back on the Mothership, several members of Wonkru face the consequences of their decisions.

The 100‘ Season 6 premieres Wednesday, 4th September 2019 at 9pm on E4. The CW recently announced the drama would conclude with a 7th Season in 2020.