Introducing Netflix Roulette – The New Way to Decide What to Watch

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03 Aug 20

Introducing Netflix Roulette – The New Way to Decide What to Watch

Anyone who’s ever headed into a nice, relaxed evening of Netflix without actually deciding what to watch beforehand knows how stressful it can be to actually find something.

With a range of different streaming sites and apps all boasting an extensive library of movies and TV shows, it can often be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to spend your precious time watching.

Enter Netflix Roulette, a simple, efficient web tool used to help you decide what movie or TV show you’ll be spending that time on.

Time saver

Like the classic roulette you’re used to at casinos, Netflix Roulette is partly down to luck and chance. But it’s also an ingenious way to find the perfect bit of entertainment quickly and easily.

With Netflix Roulette, created by Reelgood, you can avoid wasting a ridiculous amount of time scrolling through the available options by having an automated system tell you what to watch in seconds.

Reelgood has been running Netflix Roulette after acquiring the rights to the service from 18-year-old Andrew Sampson in 2017, who initially built the basic application and shared it on Reddit, where it became extremely popular.

Since then, viewers have been inputting what genre they want and whether they want to only see movies or TV shows in the results. Netflix Roulette then suggests a single piece of media for you to watch. Don’t fancy the suggestion? Click to spin again and get another result instantly.

Skip to the good stuff

Netflix has built itself up as not only a user-friendly, convenient streaming service for paying customers but has, in recent years, begun to fund and produce high-quality shows and movies, some of which are unmissable.

Unfortunately, Netflix also has a complex personalised algorithm that means some viewers can miss out on these and other highly regarded pieces because the site shows them otherwise.

Netflix Roulette comes to the rescue with this too, as you can filter out any movie or show that’s below a certain IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes score, the two most popular review and score aggregators on the web.

This way, you know you’re not going to end up with a movie or show that will become a waste of your time. You’ll always find something that’s somewhat tailored to whatever you’re in the mood for.

Merge your services

For those that own multiple accounts across different streaming services for whatever reason, Netflix Roulette caters to you by allowing you to merge all of your digital streaming services to make sure all of the options are included in the spin.

Streaming services like Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu all have shown and movies exclusive to their sites that you won’t want to miss out on. Merging them together gives you a bigger chance of finding the perfect piece to entertain you. By directly tying your streaming accounts to Reelgood, you can instantly be taken to your result with the click of a button.

Netflix Roulette is a revelation for those that spend far too much time browsing instead of watching – making the whole process as simple as it should have always been.