How Mobile Internet Has Improved Entertainment

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14 Jan 21

How Mobile Internet Has Improved Entertainment

In recent years, technology has evolved massively, and nowadays, almost the entirety of human knowledge and history is accessible within seconds through a mobile phone. This has completely changed how entertainment is accessed, viewed and enjoyed across the world, and for the better.

The following is a list of ways that mobile internet has improved entertainment and helped it evolve to what it has become today.

Development of entertainment

Music/podcast apps

One area that has seen an almost indescribable increase in quality as mobile phones have improved is music and podcasts. The first considerable leap came when the cassette transformed into CDs, and then CDs became Walkmans, iPods and MP3 players.

While those were all big advances, there is no comparison to streaming music. While even up to ten years ago, you could compile around a hundred songs to listen to, nowadays some people have thousands of songs in their library. It would take at the very least days to listen to all the songs in the average individual’s song collection.

Not only has the content massively increased, the way we find new music has also transformed. Individualised recommendations are built into apps like Spotify. The algorithm of these apps records what songs you like to listen to and recommend hundreds of songs that are similar.

In fact, every week Spotify makes a thirty song playlist called “Discover”. These contains songs from different genres that you almost definitely will not have heard before but that you are likely to enjoy. In the past, you would need to hunt down new music to listen to. Today, it is spoon-fed to you.

On top of that, podcasts have become very relevant in the mainstream. Almost everyone will have heard of the Joe Rogan podcast. Rogan keeps his audience thanks to his personality and his quality as an interviewer, and the guests that he has on are genuinely fascinating. It would be borderline impossible to not find a Joe Rogan podcast that you are interested in.

This increase in podcasts is thanks to mobile technology, as you can now listen to these podcasts on the go, which massively increases demand for the podcasts, which in turn increases supply. On top of that, it is now easy to record on mobile devices, and it is likely to continue becoming easy.

Online casino games

Thanks to developments made in smartphone technology, online casino games are now far better. Few things are more frustrating than waiting for something to buffer, and because of how they were designed this would happen pretty often with online casino games.

However, now that phones perform far better and the fact that 4G is commonplace and 5G is starting to be more common too, loading times are becoming rare with online casino games and companies like BetVictor are investing in more immersive  and detailed games. This also eradicates the risk of the game crashing if a big win comes in. This would sometimes happen before because the servers would get overloaded and it was quite an issue for some players, but now that phone technology has improved, it is unlikely to happen again.

Mobile games

Similarly to online casino games, connected mobile games have massively developed in the last few years, and some can now compete with console games in terms of playability. It used to be very difficult for game developers to create lobbies for smartphones for multiplayer games, but this is no longer the case.

There are now games that take a couple of seconds to load and to connect with your friends and provide an experience that is comparable to what a gamer would experience on a game. There are of course limitations linked to the small screen and lack of buttons, but developers have, for the most part, skilfully bypassed these limitations.

Sport apps

Nowadays, there is constantly news in the sports realm. Injuries at training sessions, the very latest transfer rumours and things like team sheets are demanded to be known instantly by fans and reporters. Thanks to the newest sports apps, this is now possible, with several articles and alerts every day.

As smartphone capacity has grown, sports apps have similarly grown. Whilst the earliest version of these apps tended to be either just opinion based articles and punditry or line-ups, scores and statistics, the most modern sports apps do all of this and more. We live in a time when keeping up with everything your team is doing is not only easy, it can be done passively thanks to notifications to your phone!