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Is the upcoming Netflix Tour de France: Unchained (Season 2) a real representation of the race?

by Jason Smith

The Tour de France is the most famous cycling race in the world and fans are more excited than ever to watch competitors take on the gruelling race. Luckily for those that cannot be on the sidelines to root for their favourite competitors, there is Tour de France: Unchained. This documentary series is set to air its second season and is a great opportunity for new and old fans alike to take a peek behind the curtain of one of the hardest cycling races in the world.

The show includes both real footage and interviews with those in the know and competitors. Unlike some series that call themselves reality TV but are totally scripted, fans are treated to what it is really like for eight teams competing in the race.

Each episode of Tour de France: Unchained focuses on the experience of one team and highlights one competitor so that viewers can gain additional insight into specific riders. With thoughtful interviews and commentary, it is no wonder why fans are excited to watch the second season, featuring the 2023 Tour de France. This show offers fans all the excitement and nitty gritty involved in this gruelling race for cycling greatness. If you enjoy getting a real view of things rather than the polished version you often see, then this is the documentary for you.

No doubt Netflix will continue this series as it has very high ratings and viewership that shows no signs of declining.

Tour de France: Unchained highlights motivation teams require

The sheer level of physical fitness and endurance it takes to compete in the Tour de France is staggering no matter where a team places. The intense training and dedication required of teams is highlighted in the documentary series. Seeing the triumphs and frustrations of teams and their support staff really shows what is involved with the race beyond seeing someone gliding on a bicycle like they were made for it.

Cyclists in the show are mostly happy with portrayal

Like any documentary it is impossible to capture everything. While producers have done an excellent job highlighting specific teams and cyclists, there have been some minor instances where cyclists are not entirely happy with how they are portrayed. For example, the two friends, Van Aert and Jonas Vingegaard were portrayed as being rivals on some level. Like any team, there are times when there are disagreements and since series need some drama to keep viewer attention, it may sometimes appear that not agreeing or slight frustration after a long day is more serious than it really is.

The 111th Tour de France starts 29 June 2024

This historic event will start in Florence, Italy and finish in Nice, France. This year marks a significant change because it will not end in Paris due to the preparations for the Olympics in 2024. This is the first time in the race’s history that fans have not been at the famous finish line in the French capital. Let’s hope Netflix chooses to document this race in the same exciting manner that is sure to get racing fans watching yet again.

Cycling fans hope season 2 will be more detailed

Fans are hoping for details on the rivalry of twin brothers Adam and Simon Yates who battled it out during the first stage of the Tour.

Another key moment that lives in infamy is when on the gruelling slog up the Col de la Loze, Tadej Pogacar declared: “I’m gone. I’m dead.” This moment was so uncharacteristic of the cyclist that it shocked and worried fans.

Sports documentaries take reality TV to a different level

In a world of entertainment where so much that is portrayed as real is proven not to be, it is refreshing to have a brutally honest and exciting sports documentary. With Tour de France: Unchained, Netflix is setting a high standard for the future of reality-based shows that appeal to the masses.

Tour de France: Unchained is an excellent show for anyone that enjoys cycling or that wants to show others that cycling is truly exciting and the level of dedication it requires to become a champion.

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