‘Code 404’: Season 2 Gets Trailer & Sept UK Premiere Date On Sky Comedy/NOW

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04 Aug 21

‘Code 404’: Season 2 Gets Trailer & Sept UK Premiere Date On Sky Comedy/NOW

The crime-fighting duo of the future, DI Carver (Stephen Graham) and his AI-driven partner DI Major (Daniel Mays) are back, as Sky releases a trailer and September premiere date for Season 2 of Code 404‘.

The series follows DI John Major and DI Roy Carver, the top crime-fighting duo in the Unit. But when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Major is gunned down on the job and killed… However, John gets a reboot… Chosen by the police as the prototype for a new A.I. driven initiative, he is brought back from the dead, but something isn’t quite right…

As we head into season two, unfortunately, there are still a few bugs to patch out. Having cracked The Juggler case with his long-suffering partner, the resurrected DI Major has finally reached his potential as the top cop in the SIU. But it came at a price. At last, realising that his best friend had shacked up with his wife Kelly (Anna Maxwell Martin) while he was “away” (and a bit before), their partnership is over, and the pair go their own ways. But when a 20-year old cold case is reopened, the pair find themselves back together and thrown into the action. With an impending divorce, the return of his long-time absentee dad, and danger around every corner, the pressure seems to be getting to Major and he starts exhibiting strange behavioural glitches. However, much to Carver’s concern, the problems are more serious than a typical reboot can solve, and our cyborg hero may be looking at terminal failure.

‘Code 404’ Series 2 features brand new cast members Meera Syal (Elizabeth Churchland) and Clive Russell (Clifford Major) who will be joining the cast. Alongside Stephen Graham, Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin, returning cast includes Michelle Greenidge (Not Judy), Rosie Cavaliero (Dennett), Richard Gadd (Cleasby) and Amanda Payton (Parfit).

The comedy is co-produced by Kudos, part of Banijay UK, and Water & Power Productions and is executive produced by Phil Temple, Tom Miller and Sam Myer. The series was commissioned by Jon Mountague, Director of Comedy at Sky Studios and Zai Bennett, MD of Content at Sky UK & Ireland and was co-funded by Sky Studios.

Code 404‘ Season 2 premieres Wednesday 1st September 2021, with all episodes available on Sky Comedy and NOW.