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The Most Popular Superhero Casino Games That You Can Not Miss

by Jason Smith

The Most Popular Superhero Casino Games That You Can Not Miss

If you love superheroes and online casino games, this article is the perfect match for you. There are a bunch of great games that combine the two. Here you can read more about the most popular superhero casino games that you simply can’t miss.

Superheroes are an undying theme across all platforms. In the last decade or so, superheroes have had a massive revival. Many big movies, tv-series, and games are being made with both new and classic superheroes. This has also transcended into the online casino world. As online casino games only get more popular, so do the superhero-themed ones. They are a great way to combine the love of superheroes with the fun of online casino games.

The demand for new superhero casino games today is more or less constant, so there are lots to choose from. You can easily find guides to the best casino sites online and enter the casino world. At the best online casinos, there is surely a wide span of games to choose from. No matter which favourite superhero characters you love the most be sure to find something to your likening right here.

Super Heroes

One of the most popular superhero casino games is the Yggdrasil slot machine Super Heroes. Here you’ll find lots of fun in this futuristic and well-developed superhero universe. There are lots of hidden extras and bonus features to discover. If you love slot machines in general, there is a lot of fun in this themed version.

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman is one of the everlasting superheroes that simply never goes out of style. This slot machine is simply named The Dark Knight Rises, so the theme is obvious. This game from Playtech is one of the best online casino games with a Batman theme.


Thor is one of the oldest and most classic superheroes. Since ancient mythology, this figure has been very popular and still is to this date. This slot machine is also from Playtech which has made its take on a slot machine featuring the popular superhero Thor. The game also has several fun extras and bonus games that you can dig into.

Arcane Reel Chaos

In this NetEnt game, you follow four superheroes with each of their special powers while they’re trying to protect the city from an evil villain. Since its release in 2019, this game has been one of the most popular online casino superhero games. It’s a fun game that combines an intriguing superhero universe with the classic elements of the slot machine.

Lightning Roulette

This superhero game is not a slot machine but a roulette. It’s a classic roulette but has the fun twist of lightning bolts appearing at random and with bonuses. It’s not that entirely a superhero game but it does have a strong reference to the superhero Lightning Bolt. If you love roulette, this will definitely be a fun game for you to try out.

The world of online slots keeps on expanding and after the corona-lockdown where more and more people started gambling online, the numbers have only grown. With the demand comes many new slots and games, so why not combine them with your passion for superheroes.

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