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How Virtual Horse Racing is Making Strides in Popular Gaming

by Dave Elliott

How Virtual Horse Racing is Making Strides in Popular Gaming

Some sports just lend themselves to gaming by the very nature of their DNA. When betters gather in their thousands to go to the Grand National in April, it is an easy ‘win’ for atmosphere, fun, and a great day out, no matter what the odds or payout. Horse racing brings crowds, speed and the thrill of the chase into one complete package. It is an entertainment experience that transcends just the main event. It is perfect material for an interactive, computerised version.

Translating that sense of excitement from the turf and the community of the racing world into a compelling casino game is already a reality. In fact, the incorporation of horse racing into iGaming is becoming more popular with some top jockeys putting their names to the games. Spinning reels can replicate thundering hooves when it comes to the excitement of watching symbols cross over the finish line. Slots and games can translate the adrenaline of a day out at Aintree without lifting more than a finger.

Virtual Horse Racing ‘Saved’ the Grand National

Virtual horse racing is also a growing trend. To recreate the atmosphere of a real event, it is visually simulated with excellent graphics and live commentary. A perfect example was the very popular ‘live’ version of the 2020 Grand National which took place on a screen rather than at the famous Liverpool racing course. The 40 horses who were most likely to run – if the actual physical race had taken place – took part with a form guide and jockeys listed. The course layout was designed specifically to ensure that there was a high degree of reality. There was even a race of champions simulator after the main event when previous winners at Aintree came together for a legends battle.

The work and detail that goes into one of these simulations is admirable and draws in spectators who love all the fun of the fair. Horse racing has always traditionally been a good day out with a chance to revel in the atmosphere.

Horse Racing Simulations Suit Fast Pace of Life

Virtual horse races are a fun alternative when there is a gap in the real race market calendar.  People can play regularly rather than needing to wait weeks or months for the next big event. With the wide accessibility of WiFi and smartphones, virtual race bets can be placed at any time and from anywhere. This means that there can be multiple races in a short space of time which can suit the fast lives of people.

The rise of esports has given a real boost to the interactive and visceral sense of the real thing. There is great potential for the game to become even more popular by giving control to the actual players although there is also something rather joyous and unpredictable about selecting a horse and hoping for the best. Life is a game of chance.

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