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What interesting aspects of Final Fantasy 14 might appeal to players

by Jason Smith

FF 14 appeared on the MMO RPG games market for a reason, and the creators of the entire series, which is known more by console players, decided to accomplish two tasks at once – to expand the number of players due to the online component and to compete with World of Warcraft in the MMO games.

It’s worth noting right away that Final Fantasy inherits, or rather copies, the paid subscription system from World of Warcraft, but unlike the project from Blizzard, you can still play for free, but your maximum level will be limited. However, if you top up your account, the feature will be added, and you can easily achieve the required levels using the ff14 boosting service.


Players who choose ff14 boost may miss an interesting storyline in which you not only choose your character, but also see him in all key cutscenes and negotiations, which will lead to a more obvious presence effect for you and your character.

According to the developers from Squire Enix, at least 100 hours of real time await you to complete the entire storyline in which you will find yourself, including meeting with key characters and past parts known to console players. Some characters will even receive the ending of their stories, which stretch back to the first parts of the Final Fantasy series of games.

Choose the ffxiv boost service if you are stuck on a certain type of content and want to move forward.


This is a spontaneous format that appears randomly in the world and helps players quickly gain a lot of experience in a short time, and replaces the ffxiv boosting service.

At a random moment in time and in a random territory, special mobs will appear and those who want to gain more experience must urgently go to the specified location and start beating the monsters.

You will not be alone, and you need to act quickly. Fortunately, experience is distributed according to the degree of damage done, and even if you only manage to hit each monster a few times and not kill it, you will already receive part of the experience. When all the monsters are destroyed, the event will be over, and you can return to your business.


Final Fantasy places a special emphasis on dungeons and their clearing.

Temporary zones with three bosses await you, which you need to clear in order to speed up your leveling and get the opportunity to get rare equipment.

The only analogue of this format is ff14 carry – help from a professional service in leveling up and completing raids, where all experience and rewards are not divided among all players, but are transferred entirely to your hero.

Depending on the selected raid difficulty, the same monsters will be available to you, but with different parameters and a set of capabilities.

There will be three bosses and in order to gain the right to fight the next one you need to defeat the previous chapter of the dungeon.

Bosses differ in their skills, but the principle is approximately the same:

  • They will use melee attacks and kill everyone who did not have time to run back to a safe distance.
  • Ranged attacks that can only be saved by getting close to the enemy.
  • Special skills that are very different and can destroy players up to the entire group per cast.

There are three raid difficulties in total, depending on which the quality and level of the final reward increases, but the difficulty will also become noticeably higher. Bosses will use skills more often and will give much less telltale signs about it, increasing the likelihood of failure and penalties for mistakes.

Raids have their own minimum level, which they require to allow players to enter the dungeon, and if you do not want to level up to the required stage, then you can buy ffxiv boosting.

Military service

FF 14 has an interesting mechanic, which is the possibility of enlisting in military service.

You can join the cavalry, naval forces, or partisan movement.

Each faction has its own pros and cons and tasks that need to be completed to increase the level of loyalty.

You have to storm enemies, help military ships operate, or go through missions with sabotage and other tasks of the patris in enemy territory.

Like many other faction content, it is initially unavailable and to activate it faster you need ffxiv character boost.

Entertainment system

Final Fantasy has its own areas for the entertainment of players, where nothing happens except games, events and mahjong. It resembles a kind of amusement park, with its own currency, which can be exchanged for gil and earned money there.

You don’t need ffxiv boosting services to get there, but it’s a great place to earn gil and just have fun.

Visit a fashion show, play various board games, and just relax before new raids and leveling zones.

Quests from different guilds

In the FF you will have the opportunity to gain membership not only in military structures, but also in individual communities, with their own territory, conditions and type of activity.

For example, the hunters’ guild will give you tasks to find and kill special animals and reward you with gil and experience, as well as loyalty points, which will allow you to trade profitably with their settlement.

Flight system

If World of Warcraft only recently added a free flight system instead of scripted movements, that is, observing the character’s flight without the ability to influence this process in any way, now it is a full-fledged free choice of where to fly and in what way.

In Final Fantasy, such functionality is available initially and opens after completing the task of the same name – the first flight.

To get to it faster, you can use ffxiv services, but in general this is fairly quickly unlocked content that is accessible to everyone and opens up new opportunities to simply fly around locations, without much connection to tasks and other activities for your own pleasure.

Professions and their mechanics

Final Fantasy 14 has a similar system of professions, familiar to many after World of Warcraft, but with a number of differences.

Firstly, the process of collecting any resources takes place in the format of a mini-game. This is done so that the process is not monotonous in itself and adds an element of challenge to gain the necessary skills.

Secondly, each hero can study all the specializations on his own without having to choose specific professions and paths, or can simply choose what he likes and pay attention to this particular content and provide himself with the opportunity to fully equip his hero with weapons and equipment.

The same principle applies to auxiliary potions for healing and other options such as removing poisons and minor negative effects and jewelry to protect against magical attacks and reduce the likelihood of negative effects.

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